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  1. She was definitely more connected to reality than most of them. People should take note how Dr. Now didn't get on Bianca for her lack of progress after her breakup. Everyone is going to have some slip ups and bad months, but that shouldn't be used as an excuse to stop trying like a lot of them do (which is why the doctor wants them to go to therapy, but that's a different discussion).
  2. NBC has the Super Bowl this year too. Both Today's and GMA's Halloween shows have turned into giant commercials for whatever crap their parent companies are hawking. I still like Today's Halloween, though.
  3. When did GMA stop dressing up? I know George stopped dressing up years ago but I didn't know the show quit the costumes altogether.
  4. Wait a second. They're really doing a Budweiser Wassup parody in 2021? lol So the costumes this year: Hoda - Carrie Underwood Carson & Willie - Rob Gronkowski & Tom Brady Craig - Patrick Mahomes Al - (Ladies and Gentlemen) The Weeknd Sheinelle - Bruno Mars Savannah & Jenna - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Kristin Welker & Peter Alexander - Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott Doritos commercial
  5. How annoyed were Donny Osmond and Amber Riley at Jeff Garlin?
  6. The show, and a lot of other sob story shows, are just modern day versions of Queen For a Day. This is the wrong show for anyone looking for actual strategy from the teams.
  7. I saw the new promos and thought god, that's an ugly wig. I know she has better wigs than that, don't know why they went with that style.
  8. Richards burned bridges so bad I wonder if he wasn't really well-liked at all.
  9. He was done once people believed he manipulated the process to make himself host. He was exec producer and one of the decision makers, that tainted him as much as that Randumb podcast. It's just too bad Richards let his ego (and possible jealousy if he really sabotaged Ken) get the best of him. I think Ken could have weathered the controversy about his Tweets and former podcast co-host if they would have stuck with him. All of that would have been forgotten by now, but there's increased scrutiny of any potential hosts' pasts now so who knows. Edit: It must have been really tense
  10. CBS This Morning is going to be rebranded "CBS Mornings" The new changes don't sound too bad, but it's just CBS News copying something more popular - CBS Sunday Morning - yet again. The new format also sounds like what they've been doing on Saturday, but who watches that besides me?
  11. The job was probably always Ken's to lose until Richards inserted himself as a potential replacement. And unlike MR, Ken's a known factor beloved by Jeopardy fans and in the trivia community, his past comments and his podcast won't hurt him that much. It's a funny thing about Ken, I didn't think he was all that good until about his third week, but there's little lecturing about how he shouldn't host unlike other guest hosts. Weird how that works.
  12. From what's trickling out about the behind the scenes, it sounds like Richards has lost the confidence of the staff. I can't see him being able to hang on to the EP job if that's true. Edit: I don't know why he didn't disclose that podcast. They might have been able to control the narrative like they tried to do with the TPiR lawsuits. I guess Mike got too confident.
  13. That just makes me sad because I think Gwen Ifill may have been a good choice to guest host. :(
  14. The executive producer hiring himself was always going to be a distraction.
  15. My main problem with Richards was how shady it was how he got the job. People were always going to side-eye Richards being elevated to host when he was just OK compared to Buzzy, the CNBC guy, Miyam Bialik and, even, Joe Buck imo. I don't mind any of the favorites. LeVar probably can improve, he's a professional with 40 plus years of onscreen experience. Ken has said some dumb shit, but he is well liked by a good portion of the Jeopardy fan base. While they're figuring things out, they should go ahead and give Laura Coates an opportunity to guest host if she's up to it. I'm no
  16. Anthony Mason is being replaced I've read that CBS News in general is kind of a mess, the morning show, the evening news... They've been number three at both for years, this new guy, or any changes at night, won't change that.
  17. Maybe, but they knew people thought the guest hosts were auditioning and Jeopardy wasn't going to correct the record because hype.
  18. Beyond Richards' past or my preferences, it's so unsavory to me that they chose their failed game show host executive producer as the next host. It wouldn't come as a shock to me if it turned out there was an informal deal that Richards would get the gig whenever Alex left.
  19. What was up with Sara calling James "High Roller"? Annoying.
  20. I doubt the celebrity versions of any of these game shows are under or follow the strict rules non-celeb game shows have to follow. This mess is for charity, I don't really care.
  21. I wonder if they always planned on the Beast being part of the cast but those plans were hindered by COVID travel restrictions.
  22. Their beards are pretty well groomed, it's not like they have some bushy, Dave Letterman-esque beards. How can anyone tell when the contestants are more hyper than normal? They've been acting that way for 25 years. I can't wait until the audience comes back, I'm tired of the social media influences and actors.
  23. Sara is such a slow reader it's almost painful. I guess ABC was wanted a host that was already on their payroll, but god do I wish they looked for a better host. I'm only on the first episode, so maybe she gets better.
  24. She's probably one of the few people who has interest in this with enough connections, influence and pull to get an AMC reboot (continuation?) off the ground. I can see TPTB bringing it to Freeform with the characters re-imagined as teens or young adults. I can't see any network, ABC, Lifetime, streaming or Freeform, greenlighting a show with a 74 year old woman as the lead unless they do something like the new Dallas did.
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