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  1. I never heard of this company, but I bet they did something on that order, rather than actually climbing. Well, we shall see. Re: Sam Stein: I don't mind some joking either, but this went on much too long, and had a bit of a nasty tinge to it. The only time Sam actually laughed was when Willie made the "I was the aging teen sensation too", or something like that. Then, and only then, was Sam amused.
  2. I just watched the episode with the young couple from Vancouver who were moving to Fiji. I taped this a while back, and I'm wondering if there were any comments about it. I've looked but can't find any references to the episode. Maybe no one commented, or I've missed the posts. Can anyone tell me if there are any posts about this particular show? Thanks!
  3. I thought the whole "funny" bit about Sam was over the top, and actually, quite rude. I also saw that pissed look, more than once. I'm surprised he didn't get up and leave the set! Meeks is getting too giddy, and it's hard to take her comments seriously. Perhaps her idea of "climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro" is taking a helicopter view of the mountain? Those pics will be interesting.
  4. Oakville, your sense of humor and "snark ability" are unparalleled on this board!!!😁
  5. Joe quotes the beatitudes and bible a lot now. Yet he supports a guy like Sanford? Joe's credibility is equal to his hypocrisy. Nice show today.....could Willie and Katty be auditioning for this program???Just a thought.
  6. Yes, exactly, and that's my point. In the history of this country, FDR and his fireside chats were a recent "comforting" of the nation. Goodwin had said that even during the aftermath of the 1903 earthquake, the then president didn't go to the city to express empathy to the victims, or see the damage done, as most modern presidents do.Not all. but most.
  7. I know not everyone enjoys seeing Doris Goodman, but she revealed something that I never knew: Presidents weren't always expected to comfort the country when disasters of any kind occurred, it's actually a more recent function of the POTUS. Yasmin is great as a replacement for Meeks, but I was surprised to learn how young her children were!
  8. I was surprised they showed the pic of Joe and Gillibrand together with her thanking him for his support on some issue. I would like to see that oped because, according to the panelists, what Gillibrand claimed was absolutely not true, and she neglected to read the whole thing. How, I wonder, was she able to pull out that oped so quickly? Are the candidates given the topics to be discussed prior to the debate? Did anyone else notice this???
  9. I was not happy, either, after the attacks on Biden......and Obama!! Rev Al had a very good observation this morning: The candidates showed desperation on the Obama attacks, and how many Republican commercials were they were setting themselves up for? I thought Biden held up pretty well even though the attacks came from all sides, and were pretty harsh. Bernie was much calmer when Joe interviewed him this morning compared to his debated performance.
  10. Thanks, Gemma Violet, for posting this clip. I love this movie....great to watch when you're having a "down" day! I watched The View when Sally was a guest, and I was surprised when neither Whoopi nor Sally mentioned having made this comedy together.
  11. I am older than Whoopi so, yes, I have MANY of those forgetful moments. That's why I was wondering if she is having neurological problems. I hope not. For those of you who are big fans of Whoopi, I highly recommend renting the movie "Soapdish". Whoopi and Sally Field are hilarious in this spoof of soap operas. I mean, it's sooooooo funny, and Whoopi is terrific, as is the whole cast. Really, if you need a good laugh, rent this film....especially if you are, or ever have, been a soap opera fan.
  12. I agree! Sometimes I've seen Whoopi make a lot of sense during different topic discussions. Today, though, she seemed to be struggling with her words and responses. MM needs to go. There is nothing, I mean nothing, about her that is courteous, intelligent, or willing to listen to another's point of view. If she's still on in the new season, they should rename the show "Meghan McCain's View" and forget about having any other ladies at the table.
  13. I caught a small portion of today's show, when they were discussing the missing young lady from Baltimore. Whoopi's whole demeanor and her difficulty trying to find the correct words during the conversation has me wondering....does she have pre-dementia or just sever memory loss? Either one, this is a shame, for Whoopi was once such a vibrant, talented artist. Or maybe she's so sick and tired of doing The View (she said that in the NY times recently) that she just doesn't care anymore.
  14. Okay, thanks for the quick response!
  15. I'm new to this board, so perhaps you "oldtimers" (not referring to you ages!) could answer this question: During the election primaries, candidates interviews, etc. do the Mods allow another thread to be created, even if the subjects are not necessarily on MJ? Like a Pre-election topic board? I wasn't here for the last election.....was there one created until the election was over? Thanks for any info. I hope this is the right place to ask this!
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