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  1. I can't get passed scallops and cooked cabbage paired together. Did Eric replace duck with scallops? Did he explain the thinking process there? Every time they came up on the screen, I involuntarily went ewww.
  2. Ben served more food at that lunch than Anastasia had at any of her meals. I really felt sorry for those big beefy guys who got served a salad and two artfully rolled squash pasta pieces. His food looked really delicious - as did hers but in miniature.
  3. I think they had a criticism for everything she served them where before it was just like " could you cook my steak a little more?" Anastasia felt the pressure of constantly being judged.
  4. Or if Sandy points out to him that he would be leaving Joao alone with two useless assholes to run the deck - Joao might lose his mind in that situation.
  5. Perhaps but Lu didn't know that it was later than expected - she didn't know what time it was. She could have given Ramona a few minutes to go through her story. She didn't because she wasn't even listening to Ramona. Or any of the others. Luann was only listening for her name to pop up and if it appears that a segment is not going to be about her, her mind wanders off to other things related to herself. I bet she was picturing herself up on stage, singing and tap dancing on the set of Chicago ...
  6. My first thought on this is that Sonja has been talking a lot (or prattling on) around the women about her daughter's college search, her hopes and dreams and her eventual acceptance at Penn, etc... I thought the women were aghast because it became obvious to them at the reunion how much Luann just tunes them out when the conversation is not about Luann. Just like she tuned out a teary-eyed Ramona to ask Andy what time it was.
  7. Three quick thoughts on the reunion (because I just can't get too invested with the endless wrangling): I thought Beth was making fun of Tinsley because she called 911 for a dog with terminal cancer and not because she lost a beloved pet. The pile on on Tinsley's money just seems ought of left field. It leads me to believe that the women know something but can't break the 4th wall to reveal it so they are dancing all around something. It reminds me of the early years of Beverly Hills when everyone thought that Kim was drinking but no one wanted to come out and say it. What we
  8. Over the years I have worked with many people with the same work ethic as Jack. You know the ones who get a 1-2 hour task to do and decide that they are going to spend their entire day on it, the ones who drift off and are never where they are supposed to be, the ones who feign ignorance to avoid work when they know perfectly well how to do a task, etc... But I don't recall ever seeing someone be so honest about their desire to be paid to do as little as possible. He even seems proud of his ability to dodge his responsibilities. Who will hire him after this? I watch him and sit there
  9. YES - and how many times has she served hamburgers? I gave her choices the benefit of the doubt because she had to work with Mila's provisions (and then only what she could find in that mess). Now with new provisioning, it is all on Anastasia. I do like that she calls her mum though. You got a resource - use it. I hope they have good internet service for the rest of the charters.
  10. I was thinking about Below Deck when Kate had charge of interior and exterior for the evening and told that Ice Cream Eating Dick to put the leftovers into tupperware for the crew (and he threw them out!). Dick. I hate waste and I think the Bravo elves have been hinting that Mila has been wasting a lot of food due to the many shots of crates of fresh fruits and veggies piled up in an alcove. In such a small space, I doubt that Anastasia can know what is truly there until she has time to go through every nook and cranny. I have no doubt that she will be throwing out a lot more bags of ro
  11. Was anyone waiting for Capt Sandy to say "Mila please pack your knives and go."? And risotto followed by gnocchi? Yikes - These people are going to sink to the bottom of the ocean on that.
  12. I know I am in the minority here but I see Bethenny grieving after losing a true friend (does she have a lot of those?). She may not have been able to decide if he was her fiance/former-fiance/ex-boyfriend, friend but he truly was one of those old friends that just "gets" her. I don't think she realized how much she was bringing up Dennis and had an "a-ha!" moment in the car. Sometimes you have to wait for things to bubble up to the surface before you are truly aware of them. Once you are aware, you can move on so hopefully she will be able to do that now. Also, I always thought t
  13. I agree that Tinsley's finances are none of their business but I do have a question about them myself. When Tinsley first came, she stayed with Sonja for almost the entire season. I thought it was because she was in some financial difficulty, had moved to NYC and needed some time to get her monies straightened out. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  14. I didn't even like her community service segment. I got a vibe that went deep down to my core that Lu did not respect the workers there, the people being served and her reason for being there. She was utterly obnoxious when she drank the soup from either the cup of ladle that she then used again - utter disrespect to the people that soup was going to. I remember thinking I hope that happens to her when she next goes out for a meal. The soup kitchen service ranks up there with young Noel begging her to stay home with him and her children bursting into tears when they thought that the n
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