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  1. Either LuAnn had her Chanel earrings reversed or there's a new name brand ... NEL-CHA. Super tacky regardless.
  2. That could be true, but neither of them used that as an excuse or made any attempt to be with their family after receiving the news. Who carries on with their day and doesn't even mention something so momentous? Apparently the answer is Leah and Eboni. Then (fake) acting hysterically was too-little/too-late. If Leah hadn't caused a scene would Eboni have ever said anything? Our 16 year-old dog died on Wednesday and I let our friends & family know right away. I didn't wait until people realized she wasn't around anymore. Their behavior regarding grandmothers who supposedly were their whole
  3. Eboni and Leah have both stated they were very close to their grandmothers. Apparently except for at the end of their lives, if they can't even make the time to be there. Dementia is not an excuse not to bother. When my grandmother was lingering in March of 2006 and my dad in October of 2013, we camped out at the hospital. It wouldn't have occured to me to be anywhere else. Sometimes you should put your own life on hold when someone you love is at the end of theirs.
  4. Why didn't Eboni leave after finding out her grandmother had died? Even production wouldn't be cruel enough to expect her to fulfill her filming obligation. Leah needs a refund on her acting lessons. Just saying. I did get a chuckle out of Leah not realizing she was on speakerphone when she was badmouthing Ramona to Sonja - and Ramona yelling, "I'm right here, bitch." Kinda takes the wind out of Leah being upset that someone else was talking smack behind her back about her. What does she think she was doing? Or technically, trying to do, as she got busted. Ramona and her Tour de
  5. Greta is passionate and doesn't tolerate any nonsense, but I never got the impression she was an outright bitch - so their version of her didn't work for me. Why couldn't Miriam Shor be on set? I miss Diana. I like Lauren morphing into Diana via statement necklaces, but I also don't understand why she'd be given the job - even temporarily. It's the same silly plotpoint as Jane on The Bold Type being offered editor-in-chief. Except for the purple dress at Diana's wedding, I do like Liza's clothes - especially the black & white long dress. Kelsey's wardrobe on the other han
  6. I thought she'd be a snobby bitch, but so far I'm finding Kathy surprisingly refreshing. She doesn't mind looking a hot mess on camera ... wild hair, stains on her top, etc and eating snacks in bed. I think she wandered onto the wrong show.
  7. Garth is only a few years younger than Lu. She's 56 and he's going to be 50. So it's not like she was cradle robbing. Sonja's jealousy is palpable. And enough about Tom being her guy. He's no prize, so why is she still fighting over him? Regardless of how short the marriage was, LuAnn still got him down the aisle which is something nobody else had been able to do. Sonja needs to take a seat. I'm surprised she dismissed the musician because of his career choice. Since when is she so picky? Was the pirate secretly a hedge fund executive? She might as well wear a sign that says: 'Will only bang
  8. Dominique Jackson is on House Hunters tonight. It’s episode 8 of season 201. TV star Dominique Jackson and her fiancé have worked hard to save up to buy their first home in New York; while one’s looking for a full-on glam house with a pool, the other is pushing for a lot of land to raise farm animals.
  9. Luis has watched every episode of the show and apparently nobody seems to think he targeted Tre?
  10. I was shocked Leah allowed herself to be filmed bare-faced. She looked beautiful while facetiming with her dad on Yom Kippur. I laughed at her dad saying the dog is Catholic because she's a Chihuahua and therefore Mexican.
  11. Why is Blanca still living in that dump when Angel & Papi are in an obviously expensive place?
  12. Kara's new baby has been born. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/rhocs-kara-keough-gives-birth-to-baby-1-year-after-son-mccoys-death/
  13. Also, whoever said the cake looked like the Taj Mahal needs to do some Googling. Wrong color scheme and it's in India, not Morocco. That party was not a good advertisement for Party with Lushra. How come Kary rates a never-ending birthday celebration but Tiffany gets that cheap-looking mess? Kary is lucky that Tiffany's never had a birthday party and therefore any effort was better than nothing. Tiffany's parents sound worse and worse with each story. Didn't she buy them a house? If so, why? They're the kind of family you slowly (or even quickly) distance yourself from at the first opportunity
  14. Positive Beverage has fired her. https://people.com/tv/kelly-dodd-positive-beverage-controversial-covid-comments/
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