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  1. Kenneth didn’t even need an Asian model for the hot mess he sent down the runway. It would’ve looked just as tragic if he’d kept the white guy. I wish he’d been aufed.
  2. The house Kathy was building is finished and for sale. It’s featured on this Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/celebrityhomeshopping/
  3. I thought she’d said on the show that he wouldn’t let her touch anything. She should never have opened that can of worms. Every time she gives a different or embellished story which is usually a sign that someone isn’t being truthful.
  4. To state that the Ghiradi's lifestyle was soley funded by money stolen from widows and orphans would suggest that particular case was Tom's only source of income. Maybe he's been skimming for years, but that case is the one everyone's focusing on. Lots of wealthy husbands invest in the wive's vanity project - often as a tax write-off. My mother worked in a boutique that was established for the sole purpose of doing that. When it started turning a profit despite all efforts to spend frivolously, the husband made his wife close the store. Do I believe Tom was controlling? Yes. He wou
  5. Feline Goddess


    I'm only halfway through season 2. I've been a fan of Sam Neill's since 1980. He still looks good. I loved his relationship with Caroline. And it was nice to see him co-starring with Anna Paquin again. I think the stepson has unrequited love for Caroline. I don't like Eve with Gabriel and glad she walked out of dinner ... with the steak and bottle of wine.
  6. It was Josh and Shonnie (Team Homeless Guy) who installed the trough. It was right in front of the movie screen made of curtain panels.
  7. There would also have to be actual plumbing with pipes leading to a drain, not just a hole in the bottom of the trough, because that would dump the dirty water onto the sand below the deck. The entire concept was flawed. The shower on the steps (that was moved from the deck to a more practical spot) was much better.
  8. Did the trough on the deck have a drain? If not, how is it supposed to be emptied? The outdoor movie theater was a miss for all the reasons already stated. There was quite a disparity in appraisal value between the top two houses and Team Homeless Guy’s place. As it should be.
  9. Kyle: "Kathy, you don't even know what a broom is." Kathy: "Sure I do .. I ride one."
  10. I thought Leah's brother looked a little bit like freddy Mercury circa Live Aid 1985. Did Sonja say the $2,000 was so pitiful that she threw the check away? Who believes the woman who shoves food in her handbag would toss money away? Did she pay Dylan for services apparently not rendered? As the cast keeps changing, Lu shouldn't have bothered asking her current work friends to be in the video because it will make it look dated instead of timeless. Ramona treating Billy Stritch like a member of the catering staff was laughable but not surprising. Eboni's DNA/possible siste
  11. Either LuAnn had her Chanel earrings reversed or there's a new name brand ... NEL-CHA. Super tacky regardless.
  12. That could be true, but neither of them used that as an excuse or made any attempt to be with their family after receiving the news. Who carries on with their day and doesn't even mention something so momentous? Apparently the answer is Leah and Eboni. Then (fake) acting hysterically was too-little/too-late. If Leah hadn't caused a scene would Eboni have ever said anything? Our 16 year-old dog died on Wednesday and I let our friends & family know right away. I didn't wait until people realized she wasn't around anymore. Their behavior regarding grandmothers who supposedly were their whole
  13. Eboni and Leah have both stated they were very close to their grandmothers. Apparently except for at the end of their lives, if they can't even make the time to be there. Dementia is not an excuse not to bother. When my grandmother was lingering in March of 2006 and my dad in October of 2013, we camped out at the hospital. It wouldn't have occured to me to be anywhere else. Sometimes you should put your own life on hold when someone you love is at the end of theirs.
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