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  1. Why not? They are allowed to have those feelings. The problem isn't that they have them it's that they expect there are no consequences for them, which in this instance the consequences are Brandon and Teresa limiting contact. I just view it as sort of a power move. "If you don't act this way then we won't allow you to see your daughter." I don't necessarily consider that the best decision for Carly either. B&T knew these kids were going through a rough time when they adopted her. Is limiting their contact with Carly really for her benefit or are they just pissed C&T aren't behaving how they would like? Which is more selfish? B&T are wholeheartedly allowed to let them know they aren't happy with the discussions about them on camera or social media. That's fine. No issues there. But I think holding Carly over their heads as a punishment when that happens is also a little selfish and immature. If you have that much of an issue with what is going on with C&T online or on the show then close the adoption. I don't agree with ignoring text messages (a personal pet peeve of mine) or saying they can see her and then changing their minds later and nixing it. It's cruel. Closing the adoption would result in an eruption from C&T for sure, but at least then there's no question. Carly is young and I understand their concern with allowing her contact with C&T while they're on camera, but much like Chelsea is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Adam and Gary is when it comes to Amber, is it right to make the decision for her? Leah and Aubree are seeing the problems with their parents, I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing. At least then they can't look at Gary and Chelsea and accuse them of getting in the way in the future.
  2. I never understand why people have to add the passive aggressiveness after something like Ana did with Aesha. Just end it at "I'm busy." No need to add, "What I'm doing requires brain power unlike vacuuming." It was an unnecessary jab that, had it been directed at anyone else, would've started an argument. Aesha has never been anything but nice to her, just tell her you're stressed out and not in the mood. That being said, Aesha bugs me to no end. It is very obvious her "i'm so vulgar and comfortable with my sexuality" is a cover for her rape. Which is sad but also exhausting. Because while Joao's comment to her was gross, Travis and Jack egging her on to act that way in public is grosser (I know that's not a word) IMO. It's clear Jack is turned on by her antics because he's stupid enough to believe when he finally sleeps with her she's gonna be swinging from a chandelier but I doubt that will be the case. And the fact that she went out there and lied to Travis about how the conversation with Joao ended just pissed me off. I don't consider myself a prude by any means but I'm certainly not going to rub on someone's genitals in public or flash my twat on a dancefloor. I don't think that makes me uncomfortable with my sexuality. I don't understand why Hannah is even bothering with Travis. Getting drunk the night of our date would've ended it for me. June is gonna push the radio thing until she can't explain it anymore. Does she not understand that Sandy can hear Hannah constantly calling her with no response? In the end, that's what's gonna piss Sandy off, the fact that she told June to do something and it didn't happen.
  3. I just want to say that while I feel for Brandon and Teresa, they are somewhat culpable here. They went into an open adoption with kids. Two kids who they knew didn't have the best lives growing up and would probably experience some issues later on down the line. How could they not have known Cate and Tyler would become a little intense when it comes to Carly? I mean, they do have to knock it off with social media but Tyler wasn't wrong. They are allowed to have emotions surrounding her adoption and they are allowed to express those emotions. Sure, social media isn't the place for that but it's what they know having grown up in an age when social media is where you get your therapy. I guess I just feel bad that neither of them have ever had a stable adult in their lives to show them how to deal with trauma in a healthy way so they are left to stumble through it on their own. Amber...I just can't with her. She gives people with mental health issues a bad name because of her insistence that when she's having a bad day the rest of the world needs to take heed. Rather than reacting to Andrew's attempts to make her laugh or attempt to see the intention behind what he was doing, she immediately gets insulting and rude. I can't deal with people like her. Sweets, we all have shit going on in our lives but the difference here is I don't expect the people around me to alter their behavior because I might lose my shit if they don't. She is the epitome of a person who has no interest in making herself better because then she might actually have to take responsibility for her life. It's much easier to sit on a couch and scream "I'M HAVING A BAD DAY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!?!??!" then it is to get up and participate in life. This way no one expects anything out of her because she's a trainwreck. And she likes it that way. Not even her daughter bothers anymore. She's exhausting.
  4. I just watched the rerun of the episode where they redid the house and her younger sister bought it. The staging? OMG I was dying. So ugly. And way too much crap for a house that was already low on space. Sometimes I wonder what they think when they stage.
  5. I just wanted to let you know that Rihanna selling Avon made me cry laughing. I could not agree more with the entire paragraph about her and Beyonce though. I am so over Rihanna's "bad girl" image I can't even tell you. She was much more fun when she was sweet and kind. The fact she cops an attitude whenever someone dares ask her a stupid question now is tiring. And while Beyonce is a decent human being the fact that she won't rein in her big mouthed fans is off putting. They are well known for attacking and destroying people when they feel someone gets near Beyonce's popularity or career and her not telling them to back the fuck off makes me wonder if she really is as nice a person as I think she is. I agree about Lizzo. From your lips to Gods ears about Ms. Swift. I am so done with the headlines she makes whenever she breathes. Gaga took a hit for me when she refused to take part in the R. Kelly documentary. Out of every artist he worked with, she had the loudest voice to say something and she stayed quiet. Then she responds with her excuse that at the time she worked with him she wasn't in a good place. Well...ok? For all her squawking about sexual abuse she missed a big opportunity there. Since then I haven't really wanted to listen to anything she has to say. Ariana took a dive for me when she licked the donuts. For a girl with a lot of young fans that was irresponsible on another level. She also cops an attitude whenever anyone asks a question she deems unworthy of her attention and I'm over it. I've never thought her music or voice were that great anyway.
  6. Did you watch the show or did someone say that? Because framing her character like this is kind of...rude? She seemed to me to be portraying a woman who was having a sort of mid-life crisis in realizing she wasn't the young cutie who had men clamoring after her anymore and was instead now a has-been thrice divorced. She sat in a pool and flirted a little. I don't know if she did anything I'd consider slutty. If it's the fact she "slept" with JP...I don't see anyone in here calling him derogatory names and out of the two of them HE was married. I also didn't see her as a rage monster. Just a woman who isn't down with the images some of her co-stars wanted to portray when she knew otherwise. And tbh it was refreshing given the fact that it's well known JP was a partier yet very much portrayed a different public face to the world.
  7. You are to me. Anyone who watched the last season of this show knows that it was seriously done when it ended. The storylines were...meh. The actors they brought in to - hopefully - replace JP never really panned out and even Dylan returning for his happily ever after with Kelly was....um ok. They had come to the point where they weren't kids anymore and the storylines were starting to get redundant. It was definitely time to move on. I don't think the show would've been popular if they had rebooted it to be "where are they now?" about the characters. When the earlier reboot was on, Kelly, Brenda and Donna were on and they were quickly written off because no one was interested.
  8. Hahahahhaha I didn't hear that but the way he delivered the line about not being able to find his wallet had me rolling. A friend of mine hated it and I was discussing it with her. She was a diehard original recipe 90210 fan and for her, the fact that it was funny just wasn't her thing. 90210 was dramatic and while some moments were funny, most of the cast spent a lot of their scenes crying, emoting or being super angsty. She wasn't vibing with the fact that suddenly it was a comedy. I get that. When you grew up with a show as important as this one was, to have it totally do a 180 and become completely different can be rough. I asked her if she was going to give it a try past the first episode and she said no, though I suspect she will. I don't think anyone who's as diehard as she is would pass up watching her faves on TV again every week...even if she did hate it. And whoever said the first episode of original recipe 90210 wasn't that great was SPOT ON. It was bad. Hilariously so. JP and Shannen were laughable. The way he used to end every single sentence during a conversation with Jim with a sneering "DAD" was irritating as hell. In fact, I don't think JP really hit his stride with the show until early in the second season. None of them did, really. Luke was nothing to write home about either in his first few appearances. I watched up until season 4 over this summer and I laughed to myself when I thought about how Dylan was the epitome of a bad boy for me growing up. Uh...not so much. I think the real spark of the show was when they put Brenda and Dylan together and suddenly decided to approach the "teen sex" storylines that were so taboo. I mean, Brenda and Dylan sleeping together at prom was a HUGE deal when it aired. I remember the uproar afterwards as well. That was when the show really started to get buzz about how it was pushing the envelope. JG does very well with comedy. I watched What I Like About You and after that I always thought she did better with comedy then she did with drama. Either way...like it or not...I give everyone credit for trying to do something so completely different from what the show was before. That takes guts. And hey...these people haven't really led me astray with anything they've done before, I can't imagine this will be any different.
  9. I haven’t laughed out loud at a show in a long time and Brian whining about how he couldn’t find his wallet while JP looked legit scared and Tori and JG are losing it about her dress in the glass case made me die. So funny. The scene on the plane afterwards was also funny. I’m totally in. I never thought Ian was all that great of an actor but he held his own. It was nice to see how close Brian and Tori are. Shannen has been quoted as saying the only thing that spurred her return was Luke’s death and he and JP were very very very good friends. So I’m pretty sure he’ll be well mentioned in as many episodes as possible. And he was universally loved by all of them. I doubt he’ll be an after thought.
  10. Every time I watch these types of documentaries that I know are going to show me the blatant misconduct of law enforcement I always think it won't upset me and I won't see anything new because I know it happens and nothing could piss me off more than the West Memphis 3 case. And then I watch and I find myself wanting to scream while I'm at work because I was stupid enough to watch it there and I am infuriated. I about came up out of my damn chair when they showed the video of him being questioned. How he didn't get fucking crazy pissed off is a mystery to me and indicative of law enforcement overreach on an epic level. I've seen videos time and time again of POC's asking why they've been arrested or detained and law enforcement refusing to answer and then when the POC gets shitty or frustrated it becomes a "OH! Now you're resisting arrest. We'll add that too." and it DRIVES me insane. I was amazed at Nick's complete calm through the entire thing. Mary Rain should be in jail for the shit she pulled. Along with the bitch from the Central Park Five case. And I'm sorry but any sympathy I had for Tandy was out the window when she sat in that interrogation room holding hands with John Jones knowing full well she'd written a letter saying he was scaring the shit out of her and still supports the bullshit story that Hillary did it. Even when she's presented with the facts that there is no trace of him at that scene but doesn't believe Jones might've had something to do with it. Whatever, lady.
  11. June has Sandy’s radio now. This is not going to end well because if June tries to say it’s her radio Sandy will lose her shit. She better start answering. Johnny Damon’s wife was classy drunk (/sarcasm) and put her finger in that guys face when he said he wanted Johnny to come back to his boat and she didn’t want him to go. Then everyone lost their minds when he touched her finger. Over reaction much? She was definitely showing how classy us Americans are by screaming “I RUN THIS SHIT” off the side while docked in France. Thumbs up, lady. I actually thought they did deserve kudos for parking in the tight space. It’s not like parking a car. Asphalt isn’t moving nor are the other cars.
  12. There's a lot in here that is an assumption of my character based on a single post but I'm gonna breeze right past that to say... She's not being asked to solve nuclear fission or build a rocket. She's being asked to perform a simple...in fact the simplest...of tasks. Clean, carry a plate, do the laundry. Should I have patience for someone who should very well know what involves turning a room down, was offered a checklist she said she didn't need, and then still couldn't do it right? Nope. I didn't say Millennials don't deserve understanding. But there is a line and June has crossed it. Hannah didn't get condescending with her until June showed her complete lack of a grasp of basic common sense when it comes to her duties. Hannah has done her part. She has checklists for everything which June does not only not utilize but says she doesn't need. She's asked her to keep her radio in her ear. She's broken down to the most minute detail ("When I ask you to turn down a room and I come in here and they aren't turned down, that annoys me") what gets on her nerves. At a certain point, when are you kind and when are you a pushover? Guess I'm just that asshole supervisor who expects her employees to know their job. Because if one of the guests complains to Sandy, she doesn't go to June, she goes to Hannah to ask why it didn't get done. And if I was Hannah and that happened? So help me God if she thought I was a condescending bitch before. Signed, Your Asshole Millennial Hating Impatient June Exasperated Poster
  13. Honestly...and I know I'll get yelled at for this but I have to say it... This is such a Millenial excuse for why she can't think for herself and I find it exhausting. "Sure, I didn't pack eating utensils for a mountaintop picnic but no one specifically told me to!" "I know I didn't turn the beds down but all Hannah said was turn the ROOM down. How was I supposed to know? What'd you say? There's a checklist? I don't need that. It's easier for me if you just come in the room and tell me what I didn't do later. K Thxbyeeee." June's complete lack of initiative to do something without being told exactly what to do might be excused if she didn't argue with Hannah about how she knows what she's doing every single time Hannah asks her why something didn't get done. Hannah has her issues as a boss, but June is the one at fault when it comes to June IMO. And no boss in the real world would put up with it. She's lucky she's on a reality show where the drama is the fact that she's too much of a moron to figure things out without a blinking sign. And honestly, she's at an age where she shouldn't need shit spelled out for her. She's on her own in a foreign country working on a mega yacht. She's not 16 and on her first day on the job at Dairy Queen. I'd have more sympathy for her if her response last episode to YET AGAIN not doing something she was told to do is to whine about how she's "doing them a favor" and "they needed her".
  14. Yes because if there is an appropriate place to flirt...it's at work. WTF is happening in this thread?
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