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  1. I agree. My problem is how appallingly shallow and simplistic Mika is. She lacks the ability to analyze with any depth or address competing considerations. She just blurts crap out. It is appalling when you consider her family background and educational opportunities.
  2. Exactly, Neona. It doesn't help his credibility at all. He sits on TV talking about this terrible crisis but has something more important to do on Fridays. I do find it curious that Mika is such an addled mess when Joe is there and is so much more focused when she is hosting alone.
  3. Mika called on Trump to resign. She blames Trump for the decisions of state officials. Hi Mika, ever heard of states rights? The president cannot force a state to implement a federal program. He can take away federal funding if the refuse to do something but he cannot force state officials to do federal action. This has been litigated over and over. She is such a simplistic dumbass. In fairness Willie pointed out to Mika that there is an issue of states rights involved.
  4. Mika asked The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg about the timeline for a vaccine. How the hell would he know? He is a journalist, not a researcher. Willie asked John Meacham how coronavirus is impacting Tennessee. Meacham said people are taking it seriously because Dolly Parton and Tim McGraw told them to.
  5. Mika is hosting by herself today. Joe is probably still asleep. It's been a hard week for Joe sitting in front of the camera and yelling. The White House is expected to recommend masks for people who live in coronavirus hot spots. Dr. Birx said the most important thing is social distancing. The Washington Post doubts the models of coronavirus deaths. Mika seems more with it today. Yesterday she was totally out of it and now she is doing a capable job of reading stories and teeing up the questions the producer gave her.
  6. Mika said DeSantis is weak and feckless but Gov Cuomo is strong. Jonathan showed a tweet of DiBlasio's, dated in March, where he encouraged people to go to restaurants. Mika is staring off on the side. She seems out of it today. She is reacting to everything about a minute too late.
  7. Mike Pence was interviewed yesterday on CNN and said that models show that the US coronavirus trajectory could be similar to Italy's. Joe said that the lockdown in Washington State made a difference. Joe said that the President called Gov. Ron DeSantis after Joe said he should call. Now Florida is on lockdown. Joe is basically taking credit for lockdown measures in Florida. He is suggesting there is a cause and effect relationship between what Joe said and what DeSantis did. It is odd that Joe inserts himself in the story as if he is a change maker. Also, they showed video of DeSantis saying that he made the decision after the president extended the guidelines through April. So it was not based on what you said on the show, Joe.
  8. I was wondering about this because I noticed that her hair was way shorter on Monday than on Friday. I don't believe that she cut her hair by herself because it looks professional. I am a woman with mid length hair so I notice this crap. She just doesn't want to admit that she got one of the makeup people to do it for her. Um, because her priority is crusading for testing.
  9. Joe is pissed that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is not closing restaurants. Joe is going to try to make Florida the epicenter of the crisis so he can feel like he's in the middle of everything. Because it is all about Joe. For the record, Florida is currently fifth in infections according to the graphic. Florida has around 5,000. The NYC area leads by a massive margin with around 80,000. Mika bitched more about testing.
  10. Joe says doctors have begged the president to admit that hundreds of thousands of Americans could die. Now the president had a briefing and admitted 200,000 could die. Joe is pissed that it took the president two weeks to say this. They showed Trump saying that the next two weeks will be painful Joe attempted to riff on what the president has said in the past about coronavirus. Joe said he saw this coming in January. Joe is such a massive bullshitter. Joe didn't see anything coming except sitting on his ass in Palm Beach. He never talked about coronavirus in January at all. He has a horrible habit of pretending to know things after the fact.
  11. Mika is pissed that My Pillow guy talked at the White House press conference yesterday. Shannon Pettypiece of NBC said she asked the president about ordering shelter in place for the whole nation. She sees people out in Maryland. Maybe they fancy themselves as essential, like you seem to think you are Shannon. We are staying home here in Wash DC. Shannon Pettypiece seems desperate for Mika and Joe's approval.
  12. This show has a messed up obsession with comparing coronavirus deaths to 9/11 and various wars. Hey Joe, coronavirus is it's own war! Joe says Trump supporters are still downplaying the virus as the flu. Joe how about reporting that DC, Maryland, and Virginia all issued stay at home orders yesterday? Joe asked Mika about being in NYC on 9/11. This has nothing to do with anything. It is just useless navel gazing from Mika so she can pump herself up. Joe seems very out of touch with the situation that currently exists.
  13. John King was on the air on CNN on the night that Osama Bin Laden was killed. He was slurring his words and seemed a little tipsy. The killing of Bin Laden occurred on the same day as the White House Correspondents Dinner. It is interesting watching Dana and John on election night. Even when they are on the set at the same time, they never talk to each other during the broadcast.
  14. Joe says the president was sending a signal to the markets when he talked about opening things by Easter. It was a political message. Joe has learned that you have to separate the ground noise from the signal. Joe is an expert in politics because he was in Congress.
  15. The top story is that the the United States has more than 140,000 cases of coronavirus. The president extended social distancing guidelines to April 30. Joe compared the deaths to September 11 and the Vietnam War. Mika said it is hitting close to home for Trump because Boris Johnson has Covid-19. Edward Luce said Britain is paying a price for not observing social distancing. David Ignatius said the increase in cases in Florida is worrying.
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