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  1. We're in luck. It's back with two episodes on 6/26.
  2. Selfish and insane considering the paranoia he showed during the storm. Well, it appears that these 4 episodes are all the History Channel is showing at this time. It's not on the schedule for next week. I have Amazon Prime so I guess I'll watch it there, but I much prefer it on a larger screen.
  3. It could lead to a new theme for a crime series. Murders that occur because someone tires of paying support for eternity.
  4. I loved the comment, "That baby looks like it was just forced to watch all of the Family Chantel, both seasons."
  5. Finally, the History Channel is showing the last season, starting on Saturday 6/5 at 8:00 p.m. EDT. It appears that they will show two episodes every Saturday night.
  6. Glad to hear Hellges that you're able to enjoy some things after your onerous Lenten fast. You reminded me that I had some leftover Red Velvet cake from supper at my sister's on Monday. I have to finish it off so I can return her container tomorrow, don't I? I am missing our Wednesday snarks too. I even thought of returning to 90DF on Sundays, but I can't bear to watch those people. I might just follow the snark.
  7. Good night y'all. I'm going to really miss our snarks.
  8. I had forgotten that they also had a cat. Just noticed it with Tiff and Aaron.
  9. Psychic and psychotic! Oh right, that's a show on the ID channel.
  10. It reminds me of how I like to eat cottage cheese. I sprinkle McCormicks sweet onion with herbs pinch on it.
  11. The tall ones have to wait longer? Justin had to be in the 200s for it.
  12. I can't figure out why Dr. Now insists some people get down to around 200 before skin surgery, and with her he's talking about 350.
  13. I love margaritas! Unfortunately they give me heartburn in my senior years.
  14. I don't think so. She was mobile enough to visit the fridge.
  15. Howdy Pounders! I didn't remember Tiffany so I checked out her previous show. She is the source of the "demon grapes" when she mentioned her eating habit was snacking on grapes, crackers and yogurt through the day, when she actually ate an ice cream cone, two double quarter pounders, large fries, chicken nuggets, milkshake and then was hungry for pizza.
  16. Yes, I looked ahead and it's Cillas and Tiffany next week. I can't recall Tiffany, apparently she has some problems with boyfriend Aaron. Good night all.
  17. He always has appeared to me to want to keep things on a professional basis.
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