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  1. And I guess this is the point to mention the definitive history of the A bomb, Richard Rhodes' "Making of the Atomic Bomb." Long, dense, but very informative if you're interested in this history. (He wrote one on the H bomb, too.)
  2. So if the colonel is done with Frank, why doesn't he just ship him out? Isn't it within his power to get rid of anyone he wants?
  3. Saw a trailer at the theatre today for the football move that Caveziel will be in; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2247476/ Lots of sniffling over a lost game, it looked like... But the JC fans may like it. http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/whenthegamestandstall/
  4. Toby Zeigler! So what kind of drug was that (the bribe that the babysitter took)?
  5. My local tv guide isn't listing this at all tonight; I note that the WGN airing will be at 10 pm.
  6. It was good; hopefully it won't get too soapy. Oh, oops--I watched the WGN airing; I'm not jumping the gun, am I?
  7. Finally watched it all-- -sniffle sniffle- But Artie's rant at the warehouse?? PURE awesome. Saul totally rocks. (And I guess the apple was just an apple?) (ETA: apple = acceptance: ah, had not thought of that. Sounds right to me.) Agreed-- the warehouse being, say, on the moon would have been very cool.
  8. So did one of you sharp-eyed folks (or someone who DVR-ed it and has a pause button :-) catch what everyone's new names are? And I think Bear should have gotten a new identity too.
  9. -clutching head- Don't watch POI in the middle of, and channel hopping to, a documentary on Echelon. You can't tell which is fiction and which isn't. Aw poor Harold. But, go Bear.
  10. Wasn't Stormare supposed to be one of the guards? The misapprehension of who cut his hand off left them thinking that he was cuffed to a prisoner, and the prisoner cut the "guard"'s hand off.
  11. Tom: will not miss ( if he's really dead) Meera: will miss. Poo. Peter Stormare: Yay! Spader: fabulous as always. Boone: someone shoot me now, please.
  12. Spent the entire two hours rolling my eyes. May not bother with the second half; I think it would have been better as a two hour one-shot. That's just about the most talkative cat I have ever seen, though. :)
  13. Root is sounding more and more like a Magic 8 Ball. But in a good way.
  14. Love Nicole; can't stand Megan. I'm down to watching BL when nothing else is on, and then only for Spader. (--who was great, last night.) Parminder should have been cast as the lead.
  15. Aww poor Finch. :( But i suspect the Machine will figure out a way to save its daddy. It better. And i *knew* Root wouldn't be able to resist stealing some of the equipment. Heh.
  16. Yeah, ok, didn't see that coming (little Gerry). I expect Huck's family will not live long, now...
  17. I [heart] Finch. Damn but Emerson's good. Spent the first half trying to figure out where some of the scenes were shot--was that UVA? Looked like the back of the Willard; those were real shots of the Capitol and West Wing of the NGA, but I'm pretty sure that Bosch painting isn't in it.... And then it went and got serious. Argh. We have to wait two weeks?! Anyone know how many more episodes there are this season?
  18. Yes, gawd yes. Ick. And upon further reflection, the thought occurs that maybe Olivia wanted to see if Dominic was her father; I think the lab guy told Abby it wasn't a match. Although I agree it seems like they wanted other DNA for the pat test. Glad to see I wasn't the only one wondering how these people could be running around in Ohio in November with no coats, and the leaves on the trees, etc etc. I kind of want them to blow up the church with everyone in it. Does that make me evil? -innocently bats eyelashes- I have a feeling, however, that they will manage to evac the church just
  19. OK, wait--I thought Mellie knew who little Jerry's father was? And what did Abby do with Dominic's hair?
  20. It sounded like "Maria Wallace" was some kind of big name in the terrorism business back in the day... But I would have thought Claire was too young to have known about all that. Olivia and Fitz lecturing Mellie and the VP candidate about their affair just leaves me rolling around on the floor. Pot, meet Kettle. Oh, and Kettle, this is Pot, in case you two haven't met. I agree that there isn't a single rootable character on this show anymore; I'm just sort of watching it for the unfolding of the trainwreck. Kind of the way you watch the Fast & Furious movies; not for the characters or
  21. For the Shakespeare fans: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-26680729 (Hamlet)
  22. The episdoes have been dragging for me a bit, lately; this one could have been tighter. I find the class reunion trope to be a little overused, but I agree that watching Shaw grind her teeth through this one was kind of fun. Of course, just about everything they said about OPM was wrong, but I'll grant them a little literary license. But I'm in it for the Machine, so as long she keeps running things, I'll watch it. And allow me to second the thanks for Bear's tweets; they're a riot. (And I think I was janeta on TWOP too; haven't logged in over there in years.)
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