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  1. Shawn selling these Homewell Infrared Digital thermometers: "These are going to ship the 10th day of December...that's within the first week, tomorrow is December 1st, " I rewound the dvr just to be sure that that's exactly what she said. What a clueless bonehead with her newly lightened hair!
  2. I just want to say---I guess it's my Dare To Share warts and all moment: I am SO thankful and find it so therapeutic having this group where I can come and anonymously rag on a bimbo like Shawn! I actually haven't checked in on her much lately...seems she's not on Thurs nights anymore?
  3. I agree about the bidding process and personally, I could do without all the smack talk and posturing that the celebs get so overly dramatic about. They try quite ridiculously to make it personal. Occasionally it seems as though the celebrities get so emotionally invested in winning the bid that they aren't really assessing themselves on their ability to enlighten their team. It's like macho chest beating. And they're putting the contestants' money where their mouth is. I find it laughable whenever someone folds with 15 or more words. Last night I was watching an old Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour from 1983 or thereabouts and their consolation prize was $300, so that really put 25 Words in perspective!
  4. Darn it! I was going to say---Bets on how long Dad's ring lasts. I get the sentiment but let's face it, it's big and clunky on her hand, always off kilter and just steals the focus AND NOW tonight she isn't wearing it!!! Hmmm. I wonder if the producers said something to her about it?
  5. Hi Try checking your On Demand for NBC / Saturday Night Live. It was Kristen Wiig hosting the season finale At Home version maybe about a month or 6 weeks ago?
  6. I still maintain that this Kristen Wiig SNL character from a few weeks ago was based on our Skunkie! (with better hair)
  7. Who snags her dress with the product she's demonstrating! Bonefrickin idiot!
  8. Oh my goodness...on tonight's season finale of Saturday Night Live, host Kristen Wiig does a skit as PJ Sharnt with big hair...it just felt so much like Shawn!!! The show airs again later on the West Coast. Maybe later I can find a link or a photo of her.
  9. To learn how NOT to touch her face! Fingers crossed...wishing you the best, take care of yourself.
  10. I'm sorry, I do NOT call a reduction from $36.50 to $24.96 on the One Day Only Raglan Tee a RADICALLY reduced price (which still doesn't include shipping and tax). there's another one for her list: I'm not really a math person Mega Ass strikes again tonight! She was so pissy when Jacqui shared her sketch.
  11. I wish there was an applause icon. If you're at all a Golden Girls fan, and I'm Rose and you're Dorothy, I'd say, "wow Dorothy that was a real tour de France!" Probably how Shawn would say that phrase, too. 😉
  12. I didn't know the technical definition of "biomech" but I can deconstruct a word with the best of 'em, and bio (life) + mech (mechanical) caused me to expect something in the manner of a Borg character like Hugh (Three of Five), or the Bionic Woman, or the Terminator where you can see flesh fused with mechanical engineering. Not that which Dani did with her tattoo...it had me wondering, Is biomech a representation of anatomy from the inside out? Her skills were solid but the image was nonsensical. I thought Laura's design looked way stronger on paper, those disks stood out more boldly in the background, than her actual execution of the tat on the canvas. I agree that Jason's was the most legible/readable of the three. My main complaint--mind you, I watched IM perhaps in seasons 2 and 3, not sure--Tatu Baby was in one of them and WTF did Dave bang her or not? excuse me--and then just happened to find a hole in my TV lineup that IM filled with this season. And after 13 seasons, they STILL give this hasty, rushed don't-look-too-close-now presentation of the season finale tats.
  13. If Shawn's disclaimer list was "keepin' it real" it would read something like this: I'm not really a book person [what a novel concept] I'm not really a solar system person [what kind of body is a moon?] I'm not really a day/date person ["so today is July 6th" spoken on July 8th] I'm not really a prepared/informed host [Free shipping! where's my prompt cards?] I'm not really a person I'm really a knot person Feel free to add on
  14. Been away, gals (and guys)... I missed out on Sk and Bobby Flay??? What? oh no, no...does she ever look ridiculous wearing two colors of boots? And the just shown Elista and the camel colored fuzzy inners dont-know-the-name but in both cases the shoes were plainly too large for her feet..she is swimming in them. Great demo! She looks as though the cracks in her armor are wearing thin.
  15. It was obvious none of the judges were going to shit on these inspirational and personally chosen canvas "murals" and thereby make the recipients feel that they'd gotten the shaft or subpar work. I agree with the person here who said Pon's artwork was jacked. I thought Cam's was the least impressive, but it did suit his client. It just looked pretty simplistic at this point in the game. Dani's design was jacked--those little hooks and the squareness of the eagle's wings along with the head turned sideways, made it look like the eagle as rendered --I say this matter of factly-- in some Nazi imagery. If i could provide an example without googling "nazi eagle" I would. But some of you get what I'm talking about, i imagine. I would not have been pleased to get that, if I'd asked for an eagle.
  16. Whoa...they just did a zoom in on Skanky during this ankle boot presentation. Her hair is as groady (sp?) as I have ever seen it. And that's sayin' somethin'. Y'all have commented on it..."could it get any worse?" Her braid and her uncombed, unkempt shag look like the dredlocks of a homeless person (no offense to homeless people). She bends her ankles and hyperprances in the most unnatural display as though she has restless foot syndrome. I know the leg version is real. Whatever Shawn has, it isn't.
  17. Last night, when she was with Lori, presenting that paint splash relaxed cowl neck top, her fidgety, aloof demeanor, markedly restrained input (for her!) and goofy dancing was yet again oozing an indifference and disdain toward the very items she's wearing. She gushes on when she loves an Isaac piece! And what's with her facial makeup lately--summer is actually not yet over. She's going goth using too much white blush powder. She looks puffy and distracted/ absent more than usual.
  18. That is a culture (yes, taco culture) she had better start embracing for her own familial reasons, which I am not allowed to elaborate on in this forum. Y'all are a bright bunch---I'm sure you read me.
  19. Right--I believe she also said that night, "I'm not really a pant person." Then just the other night during the Perricone 40 or Perricone MD--that green drink she swears by--she says, I don't really like water. The product lady says, It even goes great with vodka! And Shawn threw in a big She's totally right! Whatever it is she's hawking, she's gotta peddle the notion that she doesn't really like X, but this one being sold is the exception which you should buy.
  20. I had to investigate this incident on YouTube, since it came long before I began watching Q or SK. This comment on the "episode" is brilliant. Competence not found he nailed it. I myself am not much a fan of IM. Perhaps I'm too old fashioned where mens fashions are concerned--he looks like a big frumpy cow in his mostly all-black sockless outfits. I find nothing stylish or elegant about him. Some of his clothes are passable but I question whether he really has talent. He gushes over prints and colors and yet he himself never dresses that way. He loves to name drop Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Ingrid Bergman. [I've noticed lately, Q seems to be pushing the whole celebrity worship free association bit... not only on SK's time...but the other night was...the dress {Laurie Felt} that Sk and Laurie said had a Stevie Nicks vibe. Sorry, I digress. Like the moon out of orbit lol] He (Isaac) ALWAYS pushes the viewer to buy TWO of whatever. He is the embodiment of Niles Crane's statement, "popularity is the hallmark of mediocrity." i think I loathe him as much as Taffy Apple (?) loathes Shawn.
  21. Her hair looks sooooo bad recently. Brittle, over-processed, and ... seriously? The middle pic: "straighten and shine" is definitely NOT what is being shown! Q should cringe at this "endorsement" of the product. Caption ideas for the pic on right? The look says it all.
  22. What's this!? Laurie Felt just plugged Shawn's "new instagram" Shawn Says Go. And Shawn mentions something about recommending hotels... So the Glenmere Mansion WAS a comp trip, and not through Joe. This seemingly is her 2nd runner up booby prize pacifier assignment for not getting the talk show gig? 😉
  23. Ohh! They just got underway...presenting some striped and gingham l/s blouse and Lori says, "Shawn's gonna tie it in a knot, I'm sure" and SK fires back, "actually, I wasn't tonight but whatever..." They kinda had a mumble grumble for a minute...I didn't catch the rest but Shawn seemed chastised and yet playing it like she wouldn't have done a knot. Yeah right!
  24. Even her fans (and I think the first is meaning "I am NO podiatrist") have taken note:
  25. Agreed, I used the wrong word. Should've said superfluous or hollow interjections.
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