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  1. I didn't mind the bras, as she asked him to bring them. However, it really did highlight how selfish and immature she was, even at 29. I have lost some more respect for her. As Veronica said in the Pillow Talk piece, "Stop Talking, Ari. Just stop talking!" And the baby comment?? Geesh! The crazy thing about her not wanting to go to Indiana is that there is a huge amount of diversity and things going on at IU Bloomington.
  2. Thanks! My husband is an IU grad and I graduated from Kentucky, and we live about an hour from Bloomington. We were just at IU on Friday and Sunday helping my parents with their art fair booth for the 4th Street Art Fair. Somehow I totally missed her TH about that! The sad thing is that there is so much diversity and so much happening on that campus, but she didn't even give it a shot. I would love to know he story about how she ended up living in Argentina at 19.
  3. Does anyone know anything about Ariela's ex's story? He had a mask with an IU, Indiana University, tag on it. The students and teachers all have these. Someone mentioned him doing his post-doctoral work?
  4. Right?? One wrong move and that was an accident waiting to happen! He needs to take a book from the Asuelu book of fashion and at least wear the whole sarong!
  5. In the preview for next week, we see Kim pulling into Olivia and Ethan's driveway, and Ethan is clearly agitated. That woman's name should be "Kim the Boundary Stomper Plath." What the hell is that woman thinking? Listening to Without a Crystal Ball and Ethan's comments about how his mother only cares about herself and sits on her butt all day are fascinating.
  6. I read somewhere that although the show made it look like Olivia did not get the parents' permission, they actually did. I like Olivia but when I saw that episode, I was taken aback until I read that in a magazine.
  7. I am at the end of season 2, and will start season 3 soon. At the moment in Season 2, she had spoken to another fundie girl who finally went to FSU, despite her mother's disapproval and that gave her hope at going away to school.
  8. It's a book series called "All the _________ you need to know." It's a basic covering of the subject matter but definitely not deep enough in my professional opinion as a teacher. I really detest that her parents have the attitude that "well, we went to college and we don't think you should go."
  9. I loved Molly and Cynthia's comments about how she has no clothing that covers her shoulders.
  10. Jovi needs to be slapped upside the head. Again. I do love that Mama Gwen sees his nonsense. What in the heck is up with Juliana and Natalie?? No female friends are that lovey dovey. That was so creepy and awkward when Juliana was consoling her and was all up in her chest. Mike's mom needs to be slapped right after Jovi. She is such a horrid, toxic woman, although her son isn't a whole lot better. Julia was so rude, although that chick's fauxpology was lame. This will finally be a test of how they handle marriage without the stressors of his parents, but it sounds like
  11. Right??? There is no way that cackling was going to keep you standing tall, if you get my drift.
  12. I think she doesn't get rid of them because they are more stable and reliable than Asuelu, and are her security blanket.
  13. So, I got some interesting tea today. We are on vacation with my family, and my cousin's husband is a lawyer in Louisville. We were talking about 90 Day Fiance, and he said, "I have never even seen the show but I got a phone call from that guy from Louisville who was married to the woman from Brazil." He confirmed that it was Paul, and that he was asking him to represent him with the child abuse case that stemmed from stuff that happened on the show. He claimed that the show producers forced them to do things because they had to keep up the façade that they were dumb, THEN, he had the bra
  14. Can someone please PLEASE-- 1. Tell Libby to stop spackling on the eye shadow. And he doesn't have to be with Libby's family 24/7. Does anyone else think that this was for show drama? 2. Tell Jovi and Yara that newborns do well with being swaddled to make them feel more secure and even though Yara is breastfeeding, and CAN pump and dump, it's painful to watch that liquid gold be dumped out. AND YES, dumbass, she can breastfeed in public. And if he calls her crazy one more time...^&%$#!!! 3. Smack that jerk Mike?? He is just a sheer, arrogant ass. Demanding an apology
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