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  1. So, I got some interesting tea today. We are on vacation with my family, and my cousin's husband is a lawyer in Louisville. We were talking about 90 Day Fiance, and he said, "I have never even seen the show but I got a phone call from that guy from Louisville who was married to the woman from Brazil." He confirmed that it was Paul, and that he was asking him to represent him with the child abuse case that stemmed from stuff that happened on the show. He claimed that the show producers forced them to do things because they had to keep up the façade that they were dumb, THEN, he had the bra
  2. Can someone please PLEASE-- 1. Tell Libby to stop spackling on the eye shadow. And he doesn't have to be with Libby's family 24/7. Does anyone else think that this was for show drama? 2. Tell Jovi and Yara that newborns do well with being swaddled to make them feel more secure and even though Yara is breastfeeding, and CAN pump and dump, it's painful to watch that liquid gold be dumped out. AND YES, dumbass, she can breastfeed in public. And if he calls her crazy one more time...^&%$#!!! 3. Smack that jerk Mike?? He is just a sheer, arrogant ass. Demanding an apology
  3. It's true, though. It happened to my husband and me. His father was kind enough to get us a hotel room at the Hampton Inn in his hometown, and even though the last names were the same, the woman couldn't let us have the room because we didn't have the cc with his dad's name on it. Fortunately, my FIL was not too far away, and was able to come over later and get it straightened out. UGH.
  4. My husband said, 'Dang...she sounds like someone's mom. Not a girlfriend." Pretty much. If she was so worried about his plastic bag, she probably could have taken him to the resort gift shop. You know they would have had something three times the regular cost, but it would have worked.
  5. I hated Rebecca's best friend. So it kills me to hear her give good advice! She's right, though. Rebecca needs to quit bitching and either choose to enjoy this or choose it end it.
  6. for me, that's Tarzel and Amira and Andrew. I have zero investment in their stories, except for feeling for Tarik's autistic daughter. She does not need any complications or unexpected events in her life.
  7. Ok, Amira and Andrew. These two are killing me. We hear Amira's side of the story, but we NEVER hear Andrew saying all this shit. Is there a disconnect in the communication? I don't even like the two. At all.
  8. Target does have decent pants for men but I love Rebecca's response to the Target cast member telling her that she can't try stuff on. "But I am trying to get married in two days!" Sorry Rebecca. All places closed their dressing rooms. You don't get to be exempt for Covid policies. Entitled much?
  9. Thanks...they used to post it on the apps too, but I have not seen it this week.
  10. Yes, I have it on. I kept looking for the 30 minute preview all week, but I never found it.
  11. OK, where are you guys seeing the preview? I kept looking on TLC's app, and on Discovery Plus, but I couldn't find it.
  12. No arguments there. She made the choice to be manipulated by TLC, and to carry on the way she did. I definitely feel for her if he did rape her, obviously. No one deserves that.
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