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  1. aakira

    Last Man Standing

    I missed the show when it was on ABC so only now trying to see the first seasons - but both WGN and CMT keep running the same reruns so it's basically the same few episodes. What I've seen of this "new" season has really disappointed me. The actor changes can't be helped because of the time lag between cancellation and new network but this new exchange student makes me want to change channels - she's irritating and unpleasant to watch - not funny at all and it's bringing the show down. The new Mandy is not funny - she does not have the sense of timing and "cluelessness" that Molly had - sorry. Now this business with Ed marrying Vanessa's mom? It's beyond weird! It was silly and unbelievable enough that two of the daughters had to get married and mostly end up living in the parents house for too long - now we have what I term a "quasi-incestuous" type of joining that's got me wanting to not watch anymore even though I LOVE Tim Allen. Wish the writers would pay attention to some of their fan mail -- or maybe this is their way of bringing the ratings down on purpose so the show doesn't just change days but gets yanked again, this time for good?