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  1. Mustangman7691

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I have seen both Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss along with all the other shows these two have been judges on. I have to an I was surprised by the way Buddy acted. Stomping off after and whining to the producers. What a baby. Just because it's bigger doesn't mean it's better. Duff has always acted like a professional and even after losing he took his lumps unlike Buddy the baby. I would love to see just Duff and Buddy go head to head because there is no way Buddy could hold a candle to Duff in decorating anything. Buddy has everyone else do the difficult tasks where Duff goes after it himself. Duff be proud of how you acted and treated others in this show cause you out classed Buddy by a mile. Buddy is a sore loser who will whine and cry you when he doesn't win. Hennessey I think Food Network should take a long look at Buddy's actions and cancel his show as ll as ban him from judging anything,being a ostmoe or guest on any of their shows bad attitude and negative reflection on Food Network.