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  1. I can’t help but feel a little bad for Auj. Imagine being in a relationship with Mariah? You could never have your feelings validated or possibly even acknowledged. If it’s true what she’s said about being depressed, she is on that island alone! Mariah is so busy being in love with herself and her victimhood that Auj isn’t event a blip on her radar.
  2. Where are these people getting approved for loans like this? We just bought a house (small and old) in the SF Bay Area and it took years of saving and two gainfully employed adults! WHERE is the money coming from?????
  3. What a sucker I’ve been! Working and paying my bills on time...I could have simply bought everything I want on credit and then declare bankruptcy! Silly me! I guess this old monogamist just doesn’t understand the financial intricacies of the persecuted polygamists!
  4. I am just dying to see how “woke” Mariah responds to news the owner of her beloved Soul Cycle is throwing a huge Donald Trump fundraiser in the Hamptons and prices are 5,000 up to $250,000 per plate! If Taylor Swift can’t avoid Mariah’s woke wrath, I can only imagine what will happen here! (I’m not really dying to see. For all her alleged social justice wokeness, Mariah at her core is still the most self centered person I’ve seen in a long time! She won’t give up her soul cycle selfies!)
  5. Has anyone heard anything about Robyn? I have nots seen a single acknowledgment or picture of her in months. I really have a hard time believing she stayed home and didn’t go to Disney. No one mentioned her and she wasn’t in any of the pics, even in the background.
  6. Saw them together in one of Meri’s Instagram stories. They were all walking together in a group. Only wife not pictured at all in any social media posts has been Robyn.
  7. Can you imagine...you are at home, pregnant and miserable without all the people (Mindy, Aspyn) who used to be around to help you watch kids, clean your giant house etc. while your husband is out having a fantastic time with his other wives!?!? Ha!
  8. Looks like the family is on a trip to Disney. Saw Kody and the other 3 wives in various photos but nothing with Robyn or even a mention of her. I can’t imagine the entire family all went to Disney and left Robyn at home? At least 1 of her kids was there, Meri showed her in an Instagram video singing as she strolled around.
  9. Mariah posted something on Instagram about loving the cameraman and it was deleted almost immediately. Someone is filming them in Chicago for something.
  10. Did anyone else notice Mariah posted a pic with her and Audrey and a middle aged man slightly in the background? She captioned it with something about loving their cameraman. Just as I was about to take a screenshot to post here, it was deleted. Could this have been a clue that there will be a next season? Wedding special? If it doesn’t have to do with the show, what on earth would they be filming?
  11. For the first time in a long time, Christine annoyed me more than Robyn. Generally I think Christine is the least offensive of these idiots and seems like she cares about all the kids. However, this whole business of acting like their life is so perfect and just so darn fun is infuriating me! Has she been taking lessons from Robyn? Perhaps she’s signed up for robyn’s manipulation 101 class? Things I would like to have heard from Christine: 1. How are her kids settling into flagstaff? Has her youngest made any friends? 2. She seems to be more involved in the other kids lives, has it been hard to be away from them? 3. Does she still have all the kids over for dinners etc.? (All I can think of is poor Savanah stuck with Janelle and missing Christine helping her get ready in the mornings before school). 4. Is she ready to admit that buying a house in Flagstaff wasn’t the best idea? 5. How are they handling Ysabel and her scoliosis?
  12. He is married to Meri’s sister. Kody describes him as his best friend and Meri had to point out that he was her brother in law first! Then he performed the marriage ceremony with Mitch and Aspyn.
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