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  1. To be honest, I don't remember the other encounter, but the first one she was just responding to DaVonne, who was thanking God all over the place. Julie (at least that time, my memory is gone) didn't start it or push anything. Mentioning the name of God isn't "burbling". She isn't preaching or pushing. She mentioned the name of God. Shoot her now. 😉 Carry on, I won't keep belaboring the issue 😄
  2. There are plenty of sporting events where the platform may be during the event both individually and as a team/league. It can be in the form of attire/patches, etc., - in the NFL it can be written on the field. None of which (no matter the cause, I'm not pointing at any one thing) have anything to do with football, baseball, etc. But that's ok - I just wish everyone could give a little leeway, that's all. I hope you have a good day and thank you for the kind exchange of thoughts/ideals 🙂
  3. Just like celebrities and athletes speaking about issues that have nothing to do with their job. I suppose what's good for one should be good for all, at least that's what I keep hearing, right? Tolerance, etc... There's too much animosity in this world 🙂 I suppose they have the choice of not bringing anything if they don't want to.
  4. I had no idea mentioning God a couple of times was so offensive. Well. Yes, I did. Just kinda sad that it's such an issue. You can see bibles by the beds of some of the houseguests, even see them reading one from time to time. I'm thinking people might not dislike it so much.
  5. I've only heard her say God twice, hardly preaching 🙂 Everyone's offended by something these days, I'm trying not to be.
  6. It's interesting to see everyone's perspective. Some come from the perspective of color - he didn't choose anyone of color to be in his alliance. I haven't seen every season of BB but he was on so long ago, maybe he's going with who he knows, and he doesn't know David, Da Vonne or Bayleigh. And he voted off the one person he WAS on BB with and apparently was well-liked - Keesha. Here, it's "the nerds." He doesn't really know David or Nicole A, and he's said several times he's after Ian to "avenge" Dan. So, maybe not because he considered them "nerds" but because of something totally different.
  7. That's my thought, too. The only thing I've read is that the season is on, but will be later than usual. Hoping they can do it and be safe. Otherwise will just miss it til (hopefully) next year.
  8. Any word on ANW airing this summer? I've looked but don't see anything definite so wondered....
  9. The judges even called her on that, that her cake wasn't even really a "fault line" cake. I think when they don't meet the parameters of the challenge, they should go. This has happened more than once on these shows. Really, why bother with a theme if the end result isn't even within that theme? My rant 🙂
  10. So, 2 questions I guess, about the new Vineyard mystery... 1 - Realizing a lot of leeway needs to be given here, but how plausible is it that a Boston (or any other) cop wouldn't recognize stun gun marks? 🤔 2 - And this is the first time anyone's told him what calibre of bullet is in his spine? There were xrays; the doctors who originally treated him wouldn't have said here's what's in your spine....? Those 2 things stood out to me.
  11. So, Christmas Town....thoughts? To me it's almost like someone threw this together on lunch break or something. Lauren sees a picture of her dad holding the angel she's looking for, shows the diner owner the pic and shortly after diner owner sees said angel and trashes it. Unless I missed something, isn't that fairly unlikely? A stranger looking for a specific angel that YOU told her to look next door for - you soon see the actual angel and act like you've never heard of it, call it broken and trash it? I won't even go into approving an adoption in a matter of days or the teacher going into "early retirement" after 30 years because she was waiting for 'someone she trusted' to take over her class? 😕 Someone is trying wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hard to throw together a story. I get that these are stories, not documentaries or anywhere close to real life, but sometimes I think with even a minimal amount of effort they could do so much better.
  12. Did I miss where anyone explained the difference between Reloaded and Return and is Reloaded returning? 😄 <if so, sorry!>
  13. Thank you! Are the GR Pay Dirt episodes the same as just plain Gold Rush? I don't know why it has to be complicated lol - but it's probably just me!
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