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  1. FYI: From WXYZ (ABC) Detroit: https://www.wxyz.com/news/2-men-who-moved-to-detroit-to-transform-dilapidated-homes-get-hgtv-show
  2. I worked for a hospital that is affiliated with a medical school and the hospital offers a wide variety support programs that are either free or low cost to both employees and patients. I would think that since Leneatha was an employee at the hospital and a diabetic that she could have at least had a consultation visit with the hospital dietitian/nutritionist even it was on a one time basis. Or when she was first diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure that the doctor or nurse would have given her advice on how to make healthy eating choices for both herself and daughter, but you are
  3. I really don’t understand Leneatha’s situation. She works in a hospital and there had to be a nutritionist on staff that could have given Leneatha tips on how to plan healthy meals for herself and daughter, how to make healthy choices.
  4. I love the fountain that Ben and Erin put in the backyard!
  5. Ashley T. looks like the Mucinex germ
  6. I can't understand a word Ashley is saying
  7. Pass the gasoline and lit match when you finished with them. I thought the same thing!
  8. “PrincessPurrsALot: From what we were shown, she didn't wash below the equator.” I was thinking the same thing. I also wonder how much the meal at the diner set Beth back. It could not have been cheap.
  9. “Carolina Girl: That scene in the beginning where Beth, who had worked all day, was ordered to pick up food for the human mountain range (and apparently also the boyfriend that showed up conveniently at dinner time) and wanted to just come home and cook really pissed me off. Snotted at by Gina when she asked if the lazy mound of fat could call ahead. NO YOU CALL! Because apparently dialing the number would take too much out of that sow. And then her mother saying "you shouldn't be treated that way." What the ever loving FUCK?? I turned it off at that point. I knew it was going
  10. I liked House Hunters better when Suzanne Whang was the host. RIP Suzanne
  11. I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but what is up with Steven’s feet and legs? One of his feet looks like a horse’s hoof. Does he ever wear shoes?
  12. “Kellyee: Selfish people never die.” Truth! “vintagesac: This Jabba The Hut took the cake (and ate it)” I could not stop laughing when I read this!
  13. "Mothra: I fully expected to see the "In Memory Of" screen at the end" Me too
  14. “AVM: Its a well known fact, some animals will chew off their own limb to escape a trap...” Good point
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