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  1. MoldySpiceGirl


    The first rule of Hoard Club is we don't talk about Hoard Club.
  2. MoldySpiceGirl


    As excited as I am to see Paxton, I'm baffled at A&E's choice to make a whopping four episodes for a full season. Are we running out of hoarders to film or something?
  3. MoldySpiceGirl


    Yeah, it happens. Especially in old houses. Some tree saplings send up what look like vines that will find any window or crack in the foundation or, in a friend of mine's case, the hole left when they took cable TV out, and will grow right inside. And they literally grow like a foot a day sometimes. It doesn't surprise me they were in Linda's place, what with the cracks and all that tasty tasty nitrogen in the carpet. (gack.)
  4. MoldySpiceGirl


    Watching this episode made my skin crawl and my blood boil. Animal cruelty's a crime; she's a repeat offender. Why aren't they tossing this nasty, demented, gaslighting abuser in the klink for that, at least? And how much are they paying the 800JUNK guys? I can't imagine it's enough.