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  1. Jenny K

    S01.E09: School Mom

    Yesterday I was folding laundry and suddenly thought about how great Kim's recap of the Sylvia episode(s) will be, and I got all giddy.
  2. Jenny K

    S01.E09: School Mom

    Hitchcock! OMG, I'm dying.
  3. Jenny K

    S01.E01: So Then a Bat or a Monkey

    Olyphant? Interested. Olyphant AND Fillion? Must-see TV.
  4. Funny! Our late-night talk show hosts should do a drunk show every once in a while. I would have barfed at that Walking Dead drink. The Big Bang Theory drink was pretty ingenious. "My wife just died." LOL
  5. Jenny K

    EHG 141: Making Deductions About Sherlock

    However many days later, the more I think about that Sherlock finale, the madder I get at it. Nick's point about the drone grenade was spot on. And also, what was Eurus's purpose in leaving the prison periodically to (a) be Watson's bus lady and (b) be Watson's therapist? She took some long trips away from the prison in order to do those things! And then she'd just go back and pretend to be incarcerated some more? Why? Ugh!
  6. I guess they're going to pretend the finale never happened. But I think it would be cool if these new episodes picked up where the finale left off, and they were all the old versions of their characters.
  7. Jenny K

    EHG Mini: Alan In All Da Shows

    This got me thinking: How would we get Hawkeye Pierce back on TV today? If it's been 30-something years since M*A*S*H signed off, then it's been 30-something years since the end of the Korean War in Hawkeye Time. Which means it's somewhere in the 1980s. Which means.... he could be on This Is Us, in one of the Pearson family flashbacks! Maybe the family goes to Maine on a vacation, ends up in Crab Apple Cove (Hawkeye's hometown), and Jack takes ill in a bit of foreshadowing to his eventual demise that we know won't actually happen until at least the 90s. So they go to the doctor, the only doc in town, Dr. Ben "Hawkeye" Pierce, a kindly old man, the kind who should be retired but he's still going strong. He's delivered all the babies in town over the years. He tells corny jokes with a twinkle in his eye. He doesn't like to talk about the war... except that he always does, especially when he's teaching someone a lesson about life. Which is what he does, of course, for the visiting Pearson family.
  8. I know Ted Danson has been a TV star for a long time, but it wasn't until Season 2 of Fargo and now this show that I really realized just how great he is at what he does.
  9. You're not wrong. But this episode has one of my favorite exchanges in it: Dan Castelaneta as the zoo guy saying with derision, "The zoo! Do you believe everything the zoo tells you?" and Ross stammering in reply, "I don't know. The zoo's never told me anything before."
  10. Jenny K


    I think the only thing I'm liking this season is Charles Grodin.
  11. Jenny K


    Louis CK said something on Fallon the other night about a six-episode arc about this woman Louie meets. But I don't know which episode he was talking about. Is it going to be Vanessa from this episode, or the foreign-language-speaking niece from the Elevator episode? (Please Vanessa, please please....)