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  1. A redemption without going through the process or taking any effort is not redemption at all. In other word, the honor of model citizens has to be earned, just ask Jack. This was why I previously said Xander's "redemption" was poorly executed as Ben and Kristen's. LOL didn't Sarah cheat on Rex with his own brother and almost had sex with Eric when Xander walked in? Wait, maybe you are right, a serial-cheater and con-artist getting together, what a wonderful combination.
  2. TBH, Xander's so-called "redemption" was just as poorly handled as Ben and Kristen's; it was done in a snap of finger. Oh let's not forget how the changed Xander intended to keep Eric from finding out that he had a daughter, and how TPTBs twisted the fact to prop up Xarah. Hmm It's not Rex who doesn't deserve Sarah, it's actually Xander
  3. At least he doesn't attempt any means to commit murder. So this makes him morally superior to Ben, Kristen and Xander.
  4. LG was also a victim of molestation from her stepfather. In addition, a "seemingly-nice" school classmate forced on her but she escaped before things went further.
  5. I used to find Xander alot more likeable when he was grey because PT was great at playing a entertaining villain. Unfortunately, his limited acting range surfaced once Xander was changed into a reformed hero and became Sarah's love interest. I tend to believe that's also part of the reason contributes to "LG's deteriorated acting". Xander and Sarah are okay as comedy duos, because LG and PT are fun persons in real life. However, when they are tasked with playing out actual romance and emotional depth, it just falls flat. It may be for the best if Xander goes back to be a entertaining villain.
  6. LG had shared her personal experiences of mental health issues recently; so this may be temporary leave of absence, and she could come back later.
  7. Call me crazy but I am gonna enjoy the hell out of "Sarah"/Rex's upcoming scenes next week. Not only did the writers completely waste the actors' chemistry but the two were robbed of intimated scenes. As utterly absurd as the idea of LG's playing Kristen/Sarah may seems, this is probably TPTBs' way of compensating for messing up Sarah/Rex in the first place.
  8. Occupational hazard of the acting industry sparks controversy for sure, but this was not my point. One might be under the assumption that he or she is rational in his or her critique of an actor's portrayal/performance/hair etc, but it is difficult to believe this is really the case given the anonymous nature of internet. To be honest, people can say whatever they want without a second thought because they hide behind a computer.
  9. Picking on LG's appearance/hair/voice etc happens a lot in this thread as well, under the guise of "freedom of expression" lol.
  10. If my memory was correct, Cady and Hunt used tongues in their kissing scenes, and they practiced acrobatics together like her jumping in his arms or him lifting her up over his shoulder etc. They were probably already dating by the time the Rosanna/Craig storyline began. By the way, does anyone knows if Cady's exit is permanent or she would come back sometimes later? If Ms. "I wanted to move on and explore other options" VK can return, there's no reason Cady can't. About Mike Manning, I thought he had good coupling chemistry with Isabela Durant.
  11. Just popped in after getting a glimpse of today's epi, did Linsey/Sarah pounced on Paul/Xander?
  12. Well it's great to have Marci Miller back. After I had gone through several of her other films, my realization about her underrated acting ability is reinforced. In certain cases you may need to pay attention to an actress's other projects to see her shine on screen, because today's daytime could hardly provide a platform for younger actors. Cady McClain and Tamara Braun have got what it takes to carry storylines. If you want to overlook the awful writing and cheesy plots from Days, better tune in when those two are on screen. Brandon Barash and Lauren Koslow are fine actors, and R
  13. Actresses of similar age like Gwen's portrayer, Marci and even newbie ID (Claire) are more sophisticated than LG. Maybe the problem is that she couldn't handle portraying an age-appropriate character with long-lasting connection and family ties to Salem. If so, she'd probably interpret Stephanie (many people suggested it before) the same way as she did with Sarah. Charlie's actor seems to be lot better at emoting than Robert Scott Wilson and Paul Telfer combined lol.
  14. Jay looks happy, romantic and full of life in the flashback which speak volumes about quality of Days back then. The Justin/Bonnie part would be more fitting if JE is brought back as Adrienne. It's a shame how TPTBs treat their beloved Supercouples. From what I read, LG was struggling with Sarah at first, then TPTBs convinced her to add her own personality (wackiness) to the character. The feedback from the writers was said to be "positive" so she kept on. On the contrary, LG's comedic timing is rather unnatural and uninspiring. This is a major blow to the character of Sarah and Xan
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