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  1. Based on the synopsis of upcoming episodes (or the ones they were suppose to air before Lori's scandal), some people will be rich and others will not be. It brings division in the community.
  2. I saw the original episode of "Heart of a Mountie". Abigail was concerned about the early arrival of the mountie and how it might affect Elizabeth. Abigail recognized how it had shaken Elizabeth and encouraged her to stop avoiding him and meet him. She apologized for not telling Elizabeth that he would be coming so soon. Elizabeth accepted the apology and said that she knew there would be a new mountie sooner or later. Additionally, Bill was not overly enthusiastic about the mountie and complained about how he started a fight on his first night in town. However, Abigail said she observed tha
  3. Yes, that is primarily the role of the child's family. However, it quite often takes a village to raise children. Our role (watching this show) is minor but the support can have an impact on these young kids and their self esteem. It says to them that there is something that they can do that's worthwhile. To be honest many of the actors on the show are horrible at their craft (Erin is not the best actress and overdoes it quite a bit). No one on WTCH is likely to win an Emmy for their portrayals. Additionally, many people watch WCTH for different reasons. I personally watch it because it l
  4. .Just my thoughts on the character but.... I kind of think Abigail's and Cody's plot was very central to the time period. Because of the lack of technology and medicine, untimely deaths were a huge part of that era. After Abigail lost her husband and son, she did what most women did in those days. They stayed strong and opened themselves up to care for other children (orphans) in the community who didn't have a home or parents. I think the character of Abigail shows how to face death...you don't dig a hole and crawl in; you grieve, press forward, and open your heart to love other people.
  5. Wow...lol...Cody has got to be the most hated little boy of any Hallmark production. I hope they keep Cody because he does represent the younger viewers. But based on what everyone here thinks, maybe the name of the show should change to: "The We-Love When-Calls-The-Heart-But-Hate-Cody Show!"
  6. I actually thought about that but to have this kid adopted twice is a little unbelievable. Maybe he will wind up living with his aunt and sister, or maybe they (aunt and sister) will move back to Hope Valley so Cody can remain there.
  7. There's not much story line that could be covered in two episodes. I'm assuming they will resume somewhere around the point of the last episode. They will have to address the story lines they began in the first 3 episodes. The'll have to explain what happened to Abigail, the Henry Gowen-Abigail love interest, the new saloon owner and his shady background, why Rosemary looks so sad when the topic of babies arise, Faith's and the doctor's love interest, Jessie's love interest, and and the entrance of the new mountie. That's a lot to cover in 2 episodes.
  8. I can clearly see that they edited Lori out of the preview they aired last week. It is the same preview they aired before Lori's arrest. They wrapped up six episodes before the arrest and I'm sure they are going to continue edit and cobble together those remaining episodes.
  9. Wow! How can they renew season 7 when they have only aired three episodes from season 6? They are really stepping out on faith that the ratings for season 6 won't be lousy. I guess this is their way of making amends with the fans.
  10. Lol😂 It might actually be the most tactful way to deal with it.
  11. E-News has this to say about her behavior in public: " She was obviously extremely nervous and the actress side of Lori came out. She doesn't know how else to be in public... Moreover, the 54-year-old is not used to attracting attention for "something so negative," explains the insider. Now that the star is wading into what the source calls "uncharted territory" she is simply following her natural instincts. "Her natural reaction was to just smile and try to be light-hearted," the source explains." https://www.eonline.com/news/1029785/why-lori-loughlin-s-actress-side-came-out-du
  12. Lol. True! "They need to burn off the rest of the season and then make the changes they want to make." This is what most fans suggested. I tell ya, I'm about to the point where I really don't care anymore.
  13. Bob Saget Breaks Silence Standing by Becky. Bob Saget broke his silence about Fuller Housecostar Lori Loughlin’s college admissions scandal to reporters after leaving Ava restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday, March 28. 'Full House' Stars: Then and Now! “You know, I usually don’t do interviews on the street, but, uh, you know, you love who you love in your life,” he replied when TMZ asked if the Surviving Suburbia alum, 62, was still in Loughlin’s corner. “I just love who I love. Candace [Cameron-Bure] said it really good at the Kids’ Choice Awards — you love who you love. … L
  14. The only person I could see who's been successful at play period dramas, and who could pull it off, is Jayne Seymour: Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman. And she has a pretty clean image as well. However, she'd have to mask the English accent or either work it into the roll so that it's more of a Canadian/English accent.
  15. Agreed! BUT wasn't Anne Heche already in a couple of Hallmark Christmas movies: "Looks Like Christmas" and "One Christmas Eve"?
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