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  1. Indigo Luna

    S04.E13: The Seam

    If y'all need me I'll be in the fetal position in the corner mumbling incoherently...
  2. Indigo Luna

    S01.E05: Don't Speak

    This show is so over dramatic and soapy it truly reminds me of the old role playing forums I used to participate in on good ol' EZboards (Charmed Cafe anyone? had the same icon there as i do here) of yore. And I fucking love it for it. All I need is a thread of everyone's character with their info and stats and I'd feel even more at home. Truly makes me feel 12 again in the best way. Definitely my favorite episode yet and next week looks friggin awesome.
  3. Indigo Luna

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    Well thank god its not going to take all season to get their memories back! But damn that scene with Fogg and Julia, saying he finally got to be her teacher? The FEELS y'all. I can't wait for next week because Hale looks like he's gonna rock it as The Monster.
  4. Indigo Luna

    The Annual SAG Awards Topic

    Yay Black Panther!!
  5. Indigo Luna

    The Annual SAG Awards Topic

    I know and she was so good in Sharp Objects I wish that series would've gotten more recognition.
  6. Indigo Luna

    The Annual SAG Awards Topic

    Aww I really wanted Amy Adams to get that but congrats to Patricia!
  7. Indigo Luna

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

  8. Indigo Luna

    S04.E01: A Flock of Lost Birds

    Oh show I have missed you!! Such a solid start. I'm glad they didn't give us too much of their new identities before they started to figure out something wasn't right. I hate it when shows drag that stuff out. I think my favorite part was Fogg trying to make up for kicking Julia out of Brakebills for the sake of the time line. Its nice to see Julia be where she was 'supposed' to be, even if its not 'her' yet. That scene was really sweet.
  9. Indigo Luna

    S01.E02: So Much For the Afterglow

    ...as a massive Third Eye Blind fan I fangirled really, really hard the first time Liz brought up the fraudulent zodiac lyric and it got worse when I heard the How's It Going To Be cover in the background in the next scene. But the end with God of Wine? Ok show. You got me. I'm yours. The show is still a little all over the place but I'm gonna stick around and watch.
  10. Indigo Luna

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    Damn I was really rooting for Sharp Objects for that but congrats to American Crime Story!
  11. Indigo Luna

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    She was hilarious in The Princess Diaries.
  12. Indigo Luna

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    I love Taraji's dress so much she looks amazing.
  13. Indigo Luna

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    My favorite part of the monologue was when they made that dig at the movie Aloha for white washing and you heard Emma Stone yell from the audience, "I'M SORRY!!"
  14. Indigo Luna

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    SO happy Spider-Verse won!!!
  15. Indigo Luna

    S08.E06 Return to Murder House

    Thats because they planned on writing the fourth child into season one, but for one reason or another that plot got scrapped and we never actually saw it. It was just mentioned in passing a bunch of times. This was our first glimpse at it.