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  1. No, show, I'm not going to suddenly have sympathy for the lying terrorist because of "lurrrve". They don't have as much chemistry as they want us to believe. Raelle acted like a selfish brat when she got told she couldn't bring her girlfriend to the wedding. Her whole storyline bores me to tears I'm so much more invested in Tally and Abigails stories.
  2. Really. A Sopranos style ending?! 5 years and thats what we get? I was loving the set up until they just left it in the air about whether the World Seed Crew™ ever reunited or got into contact with our Earthlings. I don't need everything spelled out for me at all but come on it didn't even fill up the whole hour! When the credits rolled I was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open and not in a good way. I checked the clock and there were still 5 minutes left until 11. Yes I'm bitter, ending a 5 year series on a cliffhanger just felt like a fuck you to the fans AND the cast. If anyone needs me I will be drinking tequila in the corner.
  3. I'm really digging the premise so far and I'm always a sucker for alternate history especially if we get to see a map! (Looking at you, Man in the High Castle). So far my favorite is Tally. Raelle seems to have that main character disease where her whole purpose is to further the plot that her personality takes a backseat. Hopefully its just pilot baggage and will get better as the episodes go. Abigail has potential too but I've always loved bitchy Type A characters. Totally called that the girlfriend was bad from the first scene. When she said she was Necro and that they kept them away from the rest of the units that definitely had me interested in what other specialties they have and how and when you get assigned. Reminded me of the Physical Kids Cottage in the Magicians.
  4. Diane Keaton is that person who peaked in high school, and for her high school was Annie Hall. We get it, you're quirky (and probably high off your ass) . Big love for Parsite!
  5. I'm begging the show to stop with the cringey band scenes...I know Ross Lynch has his own band and thats cool beans but please lets just stick with the demons.
  6. "How do you do, fellow actors!" I love how Steve knows about the meme
  7. I just want Gwendolyn Christie to step on my face I love her so much.
  8. Damn I was really pulling for Jared Harris. I hope Chernobyl gets recognized tonight.
  9. Oh boy I'm all in what an excellent pilot!
  10. Kendall's dress answers the most pressing question, "What if Rubber Man from AHS decided to wear a dress?"
  11. Every time I look at the actress she reminds me sooo much of young Joanna Garcia from the first season of Reba. In fact a lot of the cast kept reminding me of other actors just from looks alone I spent the first couple episodes deciding which of the cast looked like (Hughie is young Rainn Wilson and no one can change my mind).
  12. Ya know I never thought I'd hear Karl Urban making a speech about the Spice Girls or see Chase Crawford have a serious discussion with a dolphin but...here we are. The show has won me over. I always remember Chase Crawford being having a signature "Nate" look when he was on Gossip Girl where he'd look blank and confused (because Nate was the human embodiment of "bless his heart") and he uses it with The Deep and its hilarious and nostalgic at the same time.
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