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  1. SarahC

    S08.E03: Blessings Not Baggage

    Cheyenne is real immature and Corey is Corey, but between all the depressing addict stuff on this show, I find their pleasant car ride banter endearing. Nova was so adorable talking about her baby sister. I hate Amber. I dont think Maci was necessarily freaking out about the stutter. My daughter walked on the insides of her feet when she started walking, which is common in children learning to walk. I did take her to a specialist to make sure there was nothing more serious going on. Just because if there was, I would have rather caught it as early as possible than wait for a bigger issue. Seems like that's all it was.
  2. SarahC

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    I'm kinda sad because i liked Nicole and Chad together in the house. I don't follow on social media, so i was hoping they were still together. Bummer. Farrah is still Farrah and will always be. I still can't stand Maddie. Morgan really gets around. Angela and Jozea are still so extra and insert themselves into drama that has nothing to do with them. Janelle seems like a typical delusional girl getting cheated on. Everyone else was just meh.
  3. SarahC

    Very Cavallari

    Hey, have you guys heard? Kristen is running a God damned business here! I would've forgotten myself, but she says it about 5 times each episode. To me, Kristen just doesn't seem passionate at all about what she's doing, so it's hard to really care. It's a contrast from Lauren who had been focused on fashion pretty much since the beginning of her being on tv. I used to find Kristen very charismatic and easy to watch, but not anymore.
  4. SarahC

    S09.E11: Peace Gathering

    The whole situation with Aubree is just so messy and unfortunate. While i completely understand the reasons for the court order and why visitation is how it is, i wish there was better communication and support for Aubree to maintain a relationship with her fathers side. Instead of saying, "you can't see them!" Chelsea should try to talk to them and figure out how to make it work. I know they have done things wrong, as well. And it's not something that is just solved overnight, but everyone watching can see how hard it is for Aubree. It breaks my heart. My daughter's father was nowhere near the loser that Adam is, but he was not the greatest father either. After we split, even when he was in and out, i would refrain from saying negative things in front of her. I made sure she was involved with his family and even took her myself to their family functions when he would bail. Well, 2 years ago, he was murdered. He had started dating a new girl with a psycho ex who went to his house and shot him and the girl. When i got that phone call, every conversation i had with my friends about it being easier if he was gone came flooding in. The guilt was unimaginable. I cant fathom how much worse it would have been if i had let my daughter know i had those feelings. I am sure to her it seems easier if Adam would disappear, but i wish someone around her would be able to get through to her to stop being so selfish. Aubree loves her dad and his family.
  5. SarahC

    Siesta Key

    While i watched this, i felt like there was alot to say. Now that it's a day later, i got nothing except Cara shouldn't wear that dark eyeliner like she had while she was shopping with Garrett. It's too harsh. She looks way better with a more neutral look like when she was talking with Chloe.
  6. SarahC

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    This show made no sense and was awful. I cant say i enjoyed anyone except Panos, especially all the clips of him being rude to the cast members. "Stop! Coughing!" I'll definitely watch next season, tho. Also, lindsay has to be the most awkward dancer I've ever seen...and that includes myself.
  7. SarahC

    S33.E07: This Means War

    I was thinking the same thing. They are adorable together and Gus is a huge step up from meathead Zack...who is very attractive, but treats women like shit.
  8. SarahC

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Yeah. She definitely doesn't feel comfortable opening up with her feelings, or perhaps doesn't understand them herself. It probably doesn't help that Karl seems so overbearing.
  9. SarahC

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    I think this may be right. Every situation is different, though. A guy I knew had custody of a child he had from a previous relationship. He was married and had kids with a different woman. He died suddenly, and I don't know legally what happened, but I do know that the wife now has custody of the child and not the mother. But I know nothing of the mother or their situation, so she may not have had any rights to begin with. I just can't imagine the courts handing over custody to a guy who is only allowed supervised visitation at a visitation center. Although it is an important issue to think about. I am sure a lawyer would be more equipped to handle a discussion like that instead of Mary.
  10. SarahC

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    In Lala's world, her tragedy is the worst and ONLY one. So much more important that anything else that anybody in the room has gone through. What a small minded way to think about things. Each person has their own lives and own traumas. Also...at this age in life, not many people haven't suffered sudden losses.
  11. SarahC

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Kady is terrible. I guess John just isn't her 'type', but she should have thought of that before they built a life together and made him think that they were going to get married. Brittany was way aggressive, and I'm not surprised that's how it ended. Not that it's right, but it was the writing on the wall. I went back and forth from being annoyed by Karl and feeling bad for him at the bonfire. He's definitely too insecure in that relationship, but also I could tell he really loves Nicole. Not looking forward to watching Kaci beg that ugly ass weirdo Evan next week.
  12. SarahC

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Kail is such an awful human. Lincoln cant have his father at his party because they don't get along, but the guy she is so desperate for who doesn't even speak to her can go? How pathetic can she really be? I feel no sympathy for her crying about how he cant commit and how she runs over there when the boys are gone. Thats what happens when you try to trap a dude that doesn't like you. I really just feel bad for Aubree and that she has to go through such a messy situation on television. Adam and his family are horrible, but Chelsea and Cole are just so eager for them to screw up. Its not cute. I did laugh at Jeremy taking the doll away. Every parent has been there. Andrew is strange. I don't believe for a second that he was in florida or that was his mom.
  13. SarahC

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Thanks everyone that clarified for me. I couldn't find the post with the comments that said it was Naval Academy. But, for what it's worth, people there think Lala wasnt out of line, so that says alot right there.
  14. SarahC

    SURly Staff In The Media

    A Facebook page I follow is saying that Jax wasn't in the Navy, but a Naval Academy. I'm not real sure what the difference is, and I'm trying to find the post, but haven't come back across it yet.
  15. SarahC

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    Looking at the pictures, I think you are right. I noticed the ring at the bottom of the slit last night and remembered thinking that wasn't exactly what the original dress looked like. Exactly. Sheana wants everyone to ask her about Adam so she can be coy and act like she is 'just friends' with him. But...he's hanging out at her house making drinks for her friends when they come over? Come on now.