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  1. Yes meagain, everyone must agree with whatever you say, and you do not have to acknowledge , agree or respond coherently to anyone. I forgot to tell you that when I was telling you there is a Santa Claus. Love Dad
  2. Is MM starting a new trend? At first I thought it was just my screen, but nooo..., someone in the hair department applied yellow clip in extensions to her hair today! What a look.
  3. I had to laugh out loud when she talked about a journalist's responsibility to provide unbiased reporting and interviewing of guests. She sees herself as a journalist, so she has said, yet she oft times greets guests on the view with venom before they even sit down! Lol I love how Sunny just seems to disregard her when she interjects.
  4. I think a great way for TLC to save the Cesar trainwreck storyline is to have Dr. Phil have him on a catfishing episode. Expose who the Maria pictures actually belong too. Have her there On Skype to say who she is, where she is from and that it absolutely not her interacting with him . How much money he has actually sent? Who is actually using those photos as their own to snare him. See that the phone numbers actually originate in Nigeria. And watch him achieve ( his fake realization) that it isn"t real! Finally he can be released from his horrible acting job!
  5. Maria should not be an option in any of the questions as she doesn"t really exist.
  6. She is just being a rude, ignorant young woman today. She needs to grow up!
  7. She just said excerptttt, emphasis on the t. Lol
  8. Only a few minutes in and,... Whoopie is speaking craziness, Meghan's concealer on her face can"t hide her lies from show to show ( no democratic friends, today some of her closest, trusted friends are democrats), Abby tries to constantly explain nothing..., All is right with the world.
  9. She is so obtuse. They are talking to people who are trying to bring to the forefront that there is disparity in response to be a missing person if that said person is black. She then inserts at the end the fact the father is a veteran, as if the fact the missing woman is the daughter of a veteran , that her being missing should be treated differently..., when the segment was meant to highlight that every missing person deserves the same attention, gawwwwd!
  10. And how do you possibly really know any of the statements you made here? You are privy to her private life? You have access to her medical records? Facial edema and acne would be your prime indicators of heavy drinking? Just curious.
  11. Thank you Sunny! Miss M tried to sweep under the table her egregious error at the beginning of the show during her partisan, self centered, attempted, " gotcha response," to the opening topic. I guess little B ( producer Brian), and Big B (husband Ben) will get a tongue lashing for allowing her to stumble so embarrassingly.
  12. I should clarify, I did not like the guest"s views, and she did not strike me as presidential, but she is a guest on a talk show and I think, deserves polite respect in that venue, like her, her ideas or not.
  13. Meghan, can ask a circus performer, ( who in essence has a great story, great personal traits and dynamic traditions and history) but is an entertainer, not really of true relevance, a question more clearly and politely than she can a political candidate. And her under the breath comment about people running for president, so immature and disrespectful.
  14. Loved how Sunny didn"t even look Meghan's way as she tried to vehemently interrupt her. Sunny totally ignored her like she wasn"t there. Loved it!
  15. I hate the spewing of statistics, live or in reruns!
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