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  1. Heart beating, but broken. Tour de force acting.
  2. I watched it twice after midnight. I think we’re in for a very good season. The kilted Scot is back! Jamie is such a warrior!
  3. In my opinion, Nick is severely disturbed. I hope Bella (a tad less disturbed) is viewing this aberrant behavior, taking heed of the red flags and has put that stupid, ugly necklace on eBay, puts the cash down on a car and drives far, far away. I’m manifesting the Universe to keep children away from this pervert.
  4. Sis is a complete dullard. I see vacancy signs behind those eyes. Jessica’s convos are more effective than Ambien.
  5. Just my theory...Jack shaved to look a little feminine so that Christie might be more attracted to him. He’s got it bad for her. YMMV
  6. I believe public hot tubs are essentially human soup. Considering the habits of these HGs and their various skin eruptions/maladies, imagine what’s in that broth. Shudder.
  7. There is no way I would ever subject my child to Nick the “therapist”. I have worked with some skilled child therapists during my teaching career. They don’t behave this way with others...even under pressure.
  8. These twits need a comeuppance and a tall glass of Karma STAT!
  9. Good heavens. HT today had me sitting with mouth agape in horror! Then laughing hysterically. The abyss of her acting abilities is so very deep!
  10. Hoo boy, now the $tallion is going to have those oxygen tubes jammed up his flaring nostrils again. Well, DD can even make those look hot I guess.
  11. Congratulations, Scott Clifton. You earned your acting chops today.
  12. You can see from my screen name where my loyalty lies. Very happy Robert Carlyle is still on board, I can count on him being terrific. That said....not really feeling this reboot. I will give it a chance, after all Colin is there too, but it has to put more Robert on to keep me. Pretty slow for a premiere.
  13. I don't think it is possible for me to care less about the Lizzie story. It's a cure for insomnia.
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