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  1. And the sounds she was making while sweeping…the grunting and sighing! She must really be out of shape from all that “sleeping in and doing what she wants.”
  2. I’m sort of surprised they let Myrla do her chat with Dr. Pepper while she was so hammered. Even by the time she met up with Gil, she still seemed tipsy. I guess it’s low risk, since they appear so happy and stable. Oh, and since Gil didn’t bring up sex when Pastor Cal asked if there were any questions he would need answered before Decision Day, it’s possible that they are intimate but not telling? Otherwise, it feels obvious he would have answered, “Yeah, what if we aren’t compatible in the bedroom since we haven’t done that yet.”
  3. I came here to say this. 🤔😳 And I agree about Kim conveniently omitting mention that she is Barry’s second wife. She also didn’t mention that Ms. Gay has managed to keep all her children alive. Ok, that was mean but so is Kim.
  4. When Jose read his flash card that said, “I promise to always check on my wife, morning, noon and night, to be sure that…” my brain filled in “to be sure that she is still locked in the closet where I put her.” I know he was trying to communicate ultimate care for her safety, but it gave me a controlling vibe. He still doesn’t understand that it isn’t just her safety he should care about. It is that he CAUSED her to be unsafe.
  5. All of these dates with the deep talks while eating…I end up watching them chew and chew, or try to pack their cheek so they can talk, then clear teeth with tongue. Ugh, it’s creating second hand stress! If it were me, I’d have the talk first, then dig in when the cameras were gone!
  6. You just know when the doctor asked her to cough (in order to test whether it would help her ovary drop lower), that she peed a little right onto his hand. And the fact that the doctor is worried about her ovary “being too high to reach for egg retrieval” was a subtle commentary on the amount of FUPA he will have to navigate.
  7. I don’t think she quit her real job. I specifically listened for Ashley to say, “…and so, despite the pending promotion, I quit.” She stopped just short, never actually said she quit. However, I am loving the hate Whit is getting from viewers over it!
  8. And the venue’s website (Bear Flag Farm) has at least one photo of the couple on their site. It does look like a lovely place for a wedding.
  9. She is ridiculous! When she showed up at the hot tub, I couldn’t get past thoughts of the kids’ safety. Did she leave them in the room alone? I wasn’t watching closely, so hopefully this was addressed and she isn’t that stupid. Updated: thanks to Readheaded’s post, I’ve learned they were with the hotel babysitter. Whew.
  10. After last night’s episode, I am sure Shakeb, Laila (and her ever present visor!), and Emily are actors reading a script. I also had been convinced Matt and Kelly were the real dysfunctional mother/son duo, and had hired Kim to play the role of divisive girlfriend…until I saw the below spoiler on Instagram. In fact, Kim’s entire Insty is an interesting scroll. Huh, who knew they are one big happy family!
  11. Indeed. His “tidbit” was right there on the floor! 🤣🤣😲
  12. I loved what Ryan shared on Unfiltered regarding the male tantric expert’s…um…wardrobe malfunction!! I was dying laughing when he shared the detail of what was exposed throughout their session - the images clearly landed on the cutting room floor. It made putting up with JO for 30 minutes worthwhile.
  13. Agree. She seems a little too giddy to get the details. When Rachel and Jose didn’t respond right away, Viv just kept pushing and pushing…”What’s your favorite part? Is it the intercourse ? The kissing?” Geesh, like it was a slumber party and the girls were brushing each others’ hair.
  14. I know it’s a fake storyline, but the thought of Whitney being responsible for a newborn makes me laugh, cry, and cringe all at once. My daughter and her husband just had a baby last month, so it’s really fresh in my mind how much WORK babies are. Whitney wouldn’t make it past the first night before she would be bellowing for someone to “take this thing” so she could go back to being self-absorbed.
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