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  1. neuromom

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    I heard that too and wondered if Klyden was born female, went through the transition, and perhaps that is why he believed so strongly in having Topah go through the same thing. I wonder if we will see ramifications of that? also chuckled at Dr Finn being a great counselor for couples when she needs parental counseling (from Isaac) herself! I was pleased that there was SOME true fallout from the Topah situation..and I was clapping when Ed deemed Bortus for neealy killing the crew. And literally 30 seconds later, he turned Bortus into a hero, and Bortus goes back to Klyden. Sorry, but Bortus was RIGHT in tendering his resignation. He shouldn’t be there. But , he’s a main character, so he’s not going anywhere. and how is it that the porn program kept running even after Isaac did his anti-viral thing? Shouldn’t it have “turned off” or at least “rebooted” or something. Nice to see that Raiders of the Lost Ark is still a classic hundreds of years from now!
  2. neuromom

    S02.E01: Ja'loja

    When Ed asked Cassius “do you love her?” And he said “yes, very much”, it was right after they were talking about Cassius’ failed marriage, so for some reason I thought maybe it was a slip and Cassius was saying that he still loved his ex wife very much, like Ed loves Kelly. Claire still bothers me. Didn’t she choose to have her kids without a father? I seem to remember she is an INTENTIONAL single parent. I’m a single parent of two kids, and it’s not easy. And I intended to have two parents (my ex left) and my teen son is having “dad issues”. I figured it was only a matter of time before Claire’s kids had some similar issues. Her “I didn’t think it would be so hard” just had me shaking my head. This is the life SHE chose. It is nice that Isaac can provide some support for the kids though. I did feel for Claire though when the other parents immediately came to the defense of their “precious” child. I’ve seen that a lot in my line of work. And as mentioned above, why did no one ask the third kid about what transpired?
  3. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    I also finally got around to watching this. The scene the show posted on Facebook, of Cassius dying, actually was the FINAL SCENE. Probably the ONLY scene worth watching, as watching Pride running in circles was anti climactic. And so now, Cassius is FINALLY gone, having redeemed himself to some degree. And Amelia and Angel of Death are HOPEFULLY gone for good So, was Amelia the baddie all along? Or was it the MIA Thompson?
  4. neuromom

    S03.E07: F-O-- FOLLOW T-H-R-- THROUGH

    Yes, I’m in CA and am my som’s IHSS provider. It’s a Medi-cal program. Because of his severe disabilities and his need to have “protective supervision”, he qualifies for the max 283 hours per month. It’s defintrly been a blessing, as I gave up a high paying career and retirement for him. But, believe it or not, even the max hours doesn’t cover when he needs assistance when he is up throughout the night at times. Def makes me nervous for his future, since I anticipate the system may go broke at some point. And it took me 8 years to finally get him ON medi-cal, so it’s certainly no slam dunk. Maya was fortunate to find Kenneth.
  5. neuromom

    S04.E08: Manager's Conference

    So, isn’t Mateo’s fake social going to catch up with him when he files his taxes? And Cheyenne pretty inconsistent...comparing the American Civil War with the one in Syria, like she had no clue of real world events,,,,and then talking about drones and IUDs. Keep Sayid and get rid of Mateo. I never liked him anyway. His friendship with Cheyenne only made him slightly tolerable.
  6. neuromom

    S04.E07: New Initiative

    I guess winning the bet was more important to Dina than what the actual prize was (the Scotch) since she paid for Garrett’s ex girlfriend to show up. Though I don’t know how much Scotch costs. Good on Jonah for coming clean before the end of the episode. I thought they might drag it out.
  7. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    Good Point! I like her to. But now that she is in the opening credits, I think she’s probably pretty safe for now. Except, I guess they could sideline her like they do to Patton.
  8. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    Jimmy was the best thing about the episode. I am surprised Pride hasn’t had his ass fired. Poor Steven! Having to cover for his absentee boss, because the guy insists on micro managing his old team. And why? Because his brother was a witness? Let the team handle it! Seriously, Pride shouldn’t have received this promotion. He shouldn’t have been able to pass any psych that was given to him. Aside from the psychological issues, I doubt he was really up to the task physically. at any rate, when he got the phone call from Chris and he was THANKFUL because he got out of a boring meeting, I was pretty pissed. He left Steven holding the bag (love Reggie Lee!). And apparently he really doesn’t appear to LIKE his job. Somebody FIRE HIM PLEASE!
  9. neuromom

    S03.E06: C-E-- CELEBRITY S-U-- SUITE

    I was concerned about JJ taking thr wrong meds. It was a heart med. I don’t know what the side effects are, but no one really seemed that concerned. I thought maybe the meds were anti seizure meds? We don’t know JJs entire medical history, but I do know a few kids at my son’s special school with CP, who take anti seizure meds. i guess I’m a little sensitive on the meds since my son was on them for seizures for 18 months. Didnt work. God awful side effects . He’s been off meds for over 9 years now. My dad had some weird side effects to some BP meds, which he is weaning off of. So, I was strsssed for JJ the entire episode. Ray was creepy this episode. Billy was downright annoying. And with the current climate of the opioid issue, and deaths related to prescription drugs, I was really disappointed that Billy would write illegal scrips to play around with drugs.
  10. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    I got a chuckle at the scene in the professors office, when the student berated Pride for profiling Yasmine for being Muslim....when the entire group profiled Pride the moment he walked in the door because he was a federal agent. Yasmine’s snarky crooked smile just made me want to knock her senseless. I like Hannah, and I hope she has a REAL GOOD reason for not seeing her daughter! Because , as a mom, leaving her kid behind..and then returning to town and still avoiding her ..is not very endearing to me.
  11. neuromom

    S04.E06: Maternity Leave

    Someone named Cheyenne who named her kid Harmonica and wants to be judgemental about Parker...Amy should have told her and Mateo to “shut the f up”. i did not know the rules about births and baths, since my second son was born in a birth tub and everything that needed to come out came out right after. I loved the Amy and Sayid bonding. And I personally would have LOVED that closet to pump! I was working 12 hour shifts as a dispatcher , so not only was it hard enough to get up and take a break to pump (911s don’t ever stop ringing), but I was relegated to the telephone room adjacent to the dispatch center, where I was sitting amongst wires and computers ..and the “bell” that chimes every time a 911 call came in! My milk supply definitely suffered because of the stress. I was actually jealous of Amy!
  12. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    I really enjoyed that episode! And as an herbalist, I was fist pumping when Pride spoke about his stance on pharmaceuticals. I wonder if that was Scott interjecting some of his really feelings? And, he went with an herbal tea, which worked! (Yea, Pride, it’s just Herbs, no magic!) I like Jenny. I hope she sticks around. I also enjoyed Zaire in the cafe/herb shop. I’m enjoying Tammy this season. And I really do like Hannah too. Really creepy story with the black market organ harvesting. I wonder how common it is here in the US?
  13. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    I like Tammy too, since they toned her down. I hope they keep Jimmy around too. He’s quite a character ! im really liking Hannah! Yay that she’s in the opening credits. Should be around a while. I’m really tired of the “timekeeper”..or whoever she is...who keeps popping up. Can’t Pride tell her to “take a hike” or something...she keeps saying it’s “his” dreams and “his” choices and all. He needs to choose to have her disappear. She’s annoying.
  14. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    Yep. Me too! After ignoring the IRS issue for three whole episodes, they certainly wrapped up and tied up in a nice little bow in less than an hour . oh...any other Trekkies catch that the director was Lavar Burton? Pretty cool! (He directed Scott in several episodes of Enterprise )
  15. neuromom

    Season 5 Discussion

    Yay! Reggie Lee! and the female MI-6 agent was cool. I liked how in the end she really was one of the good guys...just a little gray because her job IS being a spy! And the “nerdy” part of her personality seemed legit to me. oh, Pride. Can’t you just focus on your NEW job? Hannah is being VERY patient and understanding with him. I lime her. But we all know that at some point , Pride will recuperate and decide he’s better off in the street. Fingers crossed that when that happens , Hannah doesn’t get thrown under the literal bus.