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  1. Every time an animal is killed on this show, there is a disclaimer on the screen saying that the contestants must follow local game hunting laws. I don't know specifically about BC, but mountain lions and grizzlies are legally hunted in some US states and areas of Canada. If Clay was disappointed that he didn't get a chance to shoot the mountain lion, I'm assuming he knows that they are fair game. I can't imagine there would be any fat on a lean big cat like that, but protein is protein. I understand that may bother some viewers, but legal game = food, and may make a $500k difference!
  2. Yep, welcome to PA in October! It can be 70* one day, snowing the next, and then sunny and 70* again the following day!
  3. I am so over this show's (and all others like it) audition episodes. I guess having a sob story is now a requirement to be considered for anything. I am tired of all the "woe is me" backstories. I just want to hear them sing and be rewarded based on their performance alone. It's so obvious that the show has hand-picked all these contestants beforehand, no matter how surprised Katy acts when they step onto the stage and share their story. Just once, I'd like someone to come out and say they've had a normal, happy childhood with a supportive family, and not subject us to loads of excess bag
  4. That overtime challenge must have been tougher and taken longer than it seemed. When they were first getting instructions on the tugboat, it was morning, wasn't it? And they didn't finish up until after dark. No wonder they were exhausted and hurting! Felt bad for Tara getting defeated on her own turf, so to speak.
  5. I've noticed the crickets all this season. I live in Western PA, not far from Nemacolin. Trust me, we don't hear crickets in October.
  6. Victoria, you are not literally a queen, and Marylynn is not literally toxic! I live in western PA, not far from Nemacolin. Actually, I was stuck at home dealing with COVID for 4 weeks while the filming was going on. I watched quite a range of weather out my windows during this time... there were some warm, sunny days, some crisp fall days, some rainy days, and yes, even some snowy days. Hey, it's October in PA. You get what you get! Surely the producers could have prepared the ladies (and their wardrobes) better!
  7. Am I the only person who did a double-take when Taysia said, "If you'd have told me a week ago that I would be the Bachelorette". Wait just an ever-loving minute! Didn't she have to quarantine for 2 weeks like everyone else? And what about the 4 new guys who showed up in the limo? They acted like this was a last-minute surprise for them as well. If I ever had any doubts about the show being pre-planned or set up, they all evaporated with this episode!
  8. I still have so many questions about the Island of Extinction. It seems to me that it will present a considerable disadvantage to people, based upon how long they have to spend there. Especially poor Reem, who will have suffered the longest and the most. She was forced to start to build a shelter ON HER OWN. She had to start a fire ON HER OWN. She has dealt with complete isolation, and the mind games that come with it ON HER OWN. The next person to show up (and all subsequent others) will never have to deal with those same circumstances. They will have the luxury of having someone else
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