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  1. damnman


    I was very distracted, Missy and my daughter could be twins! I kept looking at hubby saying it is weird to watch our daughter on TV.
  2. out of all the celebs this week I enjoyed Xibit the most, he's always so happy (good drugs???) in any program (other than acting) that he's in. I'd add him to my list of celebs I'd like to drink beer with...
  3. What strikes me most about Stahl is through the season you saw how completely unhinged he was becoming. When he was first introduced he was very well put together but his obsession with Harley and ensuing pursuit of her and Woz you could see how it was affecting him physically, right down to the reddened eyes. I also had a Holy F moment when the kid shot Woz. Bets on it being the IA guy that saves Harley???
  4. what was the Claire Huxtable comment that Cookie made?
  5. When Herman was going on at Molly's about Casey and Dawson, undying love or whatever it was a loudly proclaimed "barf" in which Mr. Damnman turned to me and laughed
  6. Did they ever mention what it was the kids took? I thought for sure the cleaning ladies had something to do with the deaths.
  7. When I got my lower back done my artist said "oh you want a California Bumper Sticker?" that's the one and only time I have ever heard it called that.
  8. Can't stand the new FBI agent (sorry this is harsh but wow she is just not very attractive), she adds nothing to this show. I like Percy and LaSalle better when they were the teasing City Mouse/Country Mouse not liking this trying to make them happen, its not happening, there is definitely a friend vibe not a romantic vibe. Hate Sebastian. Miss Brody!
  9. I LOVE this show but unfortunately I seem to be in the minority...
  10. It was actually the "voice" of Jack Lord's that I heard and figured out who was talking to Steve, then I frantically grabbed my phone to google if Jack Lord was still alive, then I saw the CGI - yeah not so much! (hubby was killing himself laughing at me) I absolutely hate Danny. When he starts his yapping I usually end up yelling at the TV "shut up you harpy b*tch!" (hubby always kills himself laughing when I do this) - poor hubby lol
  11. I felt for Andre when they showed him grieving, poor baby I just wanted to give him a hug. Please have Andre go full-out evil. He's been Lucious' right hand since a child, you can't tell me he didn't learn a thing or two from his dad and I think that he could/would be worse than Lucious. Terrance is doing an amazing job with the character, as is Taraji, I can honest to god feel that chemistry between the two actors.
  12. I'd heard so much about this show that I decided to DVR it to see what the hype was all about - WTH did I just watch???
  13. Alicia yes yes yes! Miley not so much and I mean that in EVERY way. Hubby looked at me and said "I cannot stand her", I think he might be out for the season already. When Darby mentioned that her family moved her to LA at age 8 I turned to Hubby and said, "hurry, grab the Granddaughter and lets go to LA so we can ride her coattails, she's only 7 we have one full year on Darby's mom". God that was painful and I have a real problem with the "indie" singers, that affected pronunciation is just awful. We was amazing but count me as one that was totally caught off guard by her speaking voice.
  14. I thought at first that both Rhonda and Anika went over but on second thought I think that Andre is the one that went over. I love to hate Lucious, THAT is acting! And as much as I want Cookie away from Lucious you cannot deny the chemistry those two have together. The banter between them and that look that Lucious gets after bantering with her...
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