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  1. PentaHookUp

    Future Judd

    Anyone else wondering how the writers are going to write Judd now that his Doppelgänger is no longer front-and-center? Will his character still be as interesting without the audience being able to “knowingly” chuckle when he does/says something utterly outrageous?
  2. Another one-of-a-kind baby name to add to the 😖 list: X (first name) AE A-XII (middle name) Of course, I could have edited it into the previous list; but, surely a name that has managed to out-unique them all deserves its own space.
  3. Yeah. When it comes dialogue, some of those lines are real zingers. As for this being the finale, it does seem rather weird having a 9-episode season. But, since shows start, stop, split, and have other varying lengths...why not a 9-episode one? Even so, it still feels strange.
  4. At first I blamed Matt for giving them the code. He may have given them the means; but, yeah, when it came to actually doing-the-deed, the idiocy of their action was all on them.
  5. 1. Judd got bitch-slapped. 2. We lost "in-your-face" Iris from the ship? 3. We gained "revved-up" Rav on the ship. 4.The cruise was unintentionally extended to 8 years. 5. Karen had to face the fact that she is not the "Ms Perfect" she thought herself to be. 6. Billie admitted that maybe, possibly, perhaps she might have been feelings just a tiny bit warm-and-fuzzy where the Comedian is concerned. 8. Judd got bitch-slapped.
  6. I think it's because Karen was tasked with collecting the stuff from the passengers and crew…that’s all. Billie had told Karen earlier (when Karen had hassled her for a contribution to the effort) that, in spite of what she seemed to think, she was not in charge of the operation. I think that Karen…just being Karen…was sure she was in charge despite what Billie thought. So she (with that numbskull husband in tow) took it upon herself to jettison the stuff when it reached the required weight.
  7. Thanks. I had never heard of the "space elevator" concept before. I did some "light" reading and it seems that the "roadblock" turns out to be the need for a material that's both strong enough AND light enough to do the job. So, yeah, considering they have some viable candidates now…and are working on others…you’d think that in 40 years science would have licked the problem. Of course, even if they solved that problem, other obstacles could have popped up somewhere along the way.
  8. Giant transport and cargo space ships...I can see. But, what is and what would the purpose be of a "space elevator"?
  9. And, yet, over the course of the season the rating ticked up from 5.6 to 6.2. Go figure.... No need to deprive yourself of all the other wonderfulness that is HBO...just don't watch this show.
  10. I think because Avenue 5 only would be within earth's orbit for a brief time.
  11. Yes. I was sorry to see Iris go. The Comedian would have been the perfect choice. Or let Mia sit on Doug's lap and send them both. Neither Collin nor that fake Comms Tech deserves to go anywhere near a shuttle...they belong in the airlock! As for the Tech, too bad there is nothing for that kerchief around her neck to get caught on as she is being spaced.
  12. My favorite exchange of the episode is the one between Rav and the Pilot regarding the return trip to Earth on the two-seater Shuttle: Rav: …”I don’t wanna have to fight you for a place home.” Pilot: “…OK, look. I’m the pilot. I’m going home whatever happens. The passenger is either you or Mr. Judd; or both of you if one of you has eaten the other.” ------------ My favorite line of the episode is from Billie to Captain Clark as they try unsuccessfully to convince the passenger that they actually are in space: Billie: “These people are so dumb. I’m just hanging out
  13. Yeah. Probably for Rav it's a case of "no good deed". I was watching a movie the other night based on Jim Jones and the "Jonestown Incident”. It appears human nature is what it is. Be it 40ish years ago…now…40 years from now.
  14. For me, his not being funny would be near the bottom of my Airlock Priority List. I think I’d even put that “Green-Shirt” who would not let Former Fake Captain Ryan eat ahead of the comedian. As for flirting with Billie, I don't know; that may not be a bad thing. Billie looks as if she really could use some stress release. If that's the case, then it's probably good he couldn't do anything. Because, if I remember correctly, Sarah/Sarah said that the Control (whatever it's called) at the Captain's station is just a prop that she moves around as needed.
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