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  1. CarolikesLemons

    Total Bellas

    I thought that was strange also, don’t we want Nikki to do well? I felt like this episode was really trying to show how different the twins are but I feel like we already know that. I do have a question about WWE- when do the competitors are told if they are going to win or lose? Nikki seemed to really thought she had a chance of winning the belt but (not to be mean) I never really thought she was going to win it from Rhonda? Brie’s and Bryan’s relationship seems strange these days ( granted I didn’t watch Total Divas when they were just dating) and I agree with Tatum, like half the time I feel like Bryan really thinks that Brie is dumb and there are times when he treats her more like a daughter than his partner which weirds me out (also Nikki had this with John and that also weirded me out) , do we know about their biological dad, he isn’t on the show so I’m assuming they are not on speaking terms ( or perhaps he just doesn’t want to be on TV!! )? I’m not buying that Bryan was attached to the Phoenix house as he seems in charge and not particularly close to Nikki so why would he move? Doesn’t make sense to me.
  2. CarolikesLemons

    Total Bellas

    I agree with Warm Skull- no one is trashing Brie because she is a woman, I was annoyed at her as I felt that she didn’t train as she should have and then hurt some one else and then she didn’t take responsibility for it. I bow to your post Tatum!!! I completely agree with everything you say. Nikki is much more supportive of Brie than vice versa, Brie always seem to be in constant competition with her and she probably felt like the second-rate twin and kinda hates Nikki for it… I mean just her general meanness this season to Nikki is so well mean, LOL. I always felt that Brie was thrilled being the first one to get married and have a baby. I find their relationship somewhat fascinating (perhaps its because I’m an only child). Sometimes I joke that Brie has middle child syndrome as Nikki was the best at everything and JJ was the only boy and got attention because of that (my mum calls him a mama’s boy LOL so that could be something too). Makes me wonder if Brie actually knows who she is because it doesn’t seem like it. And Nikki – not cool to wake your sister after midnight to tell her about your date, just wait a few hours LOL.
  3. CarolikesLemons

    Total Bellas

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who feels this way! Relief. I do give Brie praise for how she dealt with Bryan’s depression, I really thought that was wonderful and she does really seem to be devoted to her daughter. I think she needs to just concentrate on that as it seems to be her passion and her businesses. Not to be shady but when she said she had to choose between SmackDown and Raw- did anyone believe that? As I thought that their storyline ended with them losing to Miz and Maryse at Hell in a Cell? I felt that her storyline was ending or WWE management decided with her mistakes to just focus on her Bella Twin return? Not sure…hmmm….. But you are right lightninggirl, once Nikki became single again, I felt like Brie became threatened (perhaps not consciously) that Nikki could get married with her own baby at some point and they would be equal maybe? I wont rant about my armchair analysis and bore you (my mum gets that already!LOL) I started to get into back into wrestling through Total Bellas and I liked Brie more than Nikki who I thought was annoying but I’ve flipped now and really like Nikki now! But they are not the brightest bulbs lol all those Bella Blunders! (I loved how Nikki mentioned that on her date hahaha!)
  4. CarolikesLemons

    Total Bellas

    Hi All, I’m a long-time lurker and loved all your comments so decided to take the plunge and write a quick comment. 😊 But please delete if it’s inappropriate. I have long thought (and I do like her!!) that Brie subconsciously feels like the second-best twin and due to this she feels like she always has something to prove and hence why she takes on so much that Nikki does. There are times when (even in this season) she seems really mean to Nikki (I do know that Nikki is no angel) and seem to lord it over Nikki that she is married with a child and its something that Nikki really wants and hence her breakup with John Cena. I agree with Tatum that Brie is an adapter and I think even JJ in an earlier season even makes that comment to her. I feel that Brie would be happy being a full-time mum and that’s fine but her complaining about taking too much just annoys as she chooses to do all these things and there are really single mums out there struggling to make two ends meet. In saying that, I felt awful for Brie with the Liv situation as I felt the hate was way over the top.