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  1. I've watched the first two episodes and am definitely going to watch the A&E Special about the scandal. The clips I've seen so far have really turned me into a huge fan of Monica Lewinsky. What a lovely and intelligent woman! I'm glad she survived. No one could pay me enough to live through my early 20's again.

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  2. 17 hours ago, peridot said:

    Monica comes across as unhinged.  Traveling long distances and waiting hours for a glimpse, staying in her apartment all the time waiting for a call, flashing her thong where anyone could see!?  I wish she was smarter about being caught in Bill's web.  I'm surprised she wasn't even trying to be discreet.

    Monica doesn't come off as unhinged to me. She comes across as a young woman with serious emotional problems and bipolar disorder, which I have been living with since I was 18.

    I was the same age as Monica when this scandal erupted. Here's what she and I have in common: hypersexuality caused by the chemical imbalance, poor impulse control, erratic judgement, extreme risk-taking, obsessive behavior, low self-esteem, mood swings, and compulsive eating disorders such as restricting and binging, weight fluctuations, and terrible sleep hygiene. Early onset bipolar disorder happens in the late teens to early twenties. Manic depressives can be charming, effervescent, outgoing, and bright. They can also come from turbulent childhoods and dysfunctional families. Monica's inner child was really running a 23-year-old woman's life, when every decision you make can impact your career and relationships.

    I remember when Monica did her 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, she said she was in therapy and on anti-depressants. I hope a mood stabilizer was part of her treatment. I listened to all of the tapes when they came out in the 1990's and I could hear so much that sounded familiar when she was irritable, tearful, and downright angry.

    When Clinton was "repenting" by seeking counsel from Billy Graham and going to church with him family, Bible in hand, Betty Ford said it right, he's a classic sex addict. Compulsive behavior can wreck a person's life and it also impacted Hilary's presidential campaigns!

    People suffering from the ups and downs of bipolar disorder and stress can easily be victimized by predators like Linda Tripp, because the chaos in our heads and personal lives interfere with out ability to use good judgement, discretion, and intuition. When that scandal hit, Monica's mom was terrified that she would commit suicide.

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  3. We have an update on Kail's defamation lawsuit against Briana:


    As we were the first to report, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus has retained high-profile attorney Marc J. Randazza to represent her in the defamation suit filed by Kailyn Lowry on June 25. Marc officially filed a notice of appearance announcing that he was representing Briana on July 23. A little more than two weeks later, he has filed a motion for summary judgment asking that the judge in the case toss out the lawsuit for multiple reasons.

    For those Teen Mom 2 fans looking for just the juicy tidbits, the lawsuit reveals that it was Chris Lopez who told Briana that Kail broke into his mother’s house the day that she allegedly assaulted him and was arrested.


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  4. Karen Lowry had filed a lawsuit against Briana de Jesus for defamation.


    The feud between Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus just took a legal turn!

    E! broke the news on Thursday that Kail has filed a lawsuit against her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star (and longtime nemesis) Briana, claiming that an interview Bri gave to a clickbait site last month has caused Kail and her brand harm. During the interview in question— which Briana gave to Celebuzz on June 9—Briana claimed that Kail “physically beat” Chris Lopez (who is the father of Kail’s sons Lux and Creed), and broke into and entered the home of Chris’ mother.

     And YouTuber The Grace Report is displeased that she's been "roped into this". 

  5. On 7/7/2021 at 8:15 AM, configdotsys said:

    To me, the "alcoholic mother" bit goes only so far.

    Kail is in desperate need of Al-Anon.


    According to court documents obtained by E! News, Kailyn is suing for defamation after the defendant "asserted that Lowry physically beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry's sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez's mother."

    Kailyn's legal team claims Briana's comments are untrue and they were made "for the purpose of causing Lowry harm...Defendant used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself." 

    But those are FACTS.

    I look forward to Karen Lowry being bounced out of court for this bullshit.

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  6. On 6/20/2021 at 12:38 PM, toodywoody said:

    Kail can just eat shit because she throws her friends away at the drop of a hat. Don't know why anyone would even want to be her friend any longer when she's thrown so many under the bus.

    Any friend from your youth who would help you move with zero amount of notice OR boxes is a good friend. I feel bad for Mark.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Umbelina said:

    So that's the moment where June decides he should not be on the earth anymore.

    I got chills when she was in the car with Luke afterwards and said, "I'm going to put him on the wall." in a calm, cold, matter of fact voice. And the end with Fred's wedding ring falling out onto the table with the satisfying plop! of his severed finger made my week. 

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  8. For Jenelle's next Disgraced Former Teen Mom 2 Trick: suing YouTubers: 

    According to The Ashley


    Jenelle is stating that Jon Yates  ruined her future business opportunities when he accused her of being fired from her failed-before-it-started podcast project Girl S**t earlier this year. John did a series of YouTube Lives in which he spoke to fellow “Girl S**t”ter Deavan Clegg about what allegedly went down behind the scenes of the project.


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  9. Well, Juh-nelle, when you treat your mother like shit and start another custody war, then you don't get a call on Mutha's Day

    Tik Tok is her therapist. 


    In the comment section of Jenelle’s video, one of her followers states that Barbara probably wants Jenelle to leave her husband David Eason. Jenelle insinuated that Babs is jealous of all the good times Jenelle has with David.


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  10. Since this is the media thread, I would like to share today's video from Fundie Fridays. 

    Jen Talks About TLC

    Description of her channel: 



    Hi, I'm Jen, I am fascinated by the world of Christian Fundamentalism. On my channel I talk about different topics while doing my makeup poorly. Disclaimer: I am an atheist and the opinions expressed on my channel are my own.


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  11. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the gullible couple who will be minding The Sex Pest. 


    The Duggars turned to them for help in particular because of LaCount’s experience within the prison system

    There is also a blurb about Covenant Eyes: 


    The court heard there was a program installed on Duggar's computer called 'Covenant Eyes' which aims to 'defeat' porn. 

    The Christian-based software monitors questionable online usage and is designed to help with porn addictions.

    It had more than 150,000 subscribers and says it is 'designed to help you and those you love live free from pornography', adding: 'Your allies will receive comprehensive reports of your screen activity, lessening the temptation to look at porn.'


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  12. 12 minutes ago, emmawoodhouse said:

    Emily is my fave. She's going live in about half an hour. 😃

    There's nothing like a real lawyer explaining things to us in terms we can understand. She's not going to monetize tonight's video. WOACB (I can't help myself, I watched her video) is pretty much panting about all the $$$$ she's raking in on Duggar gossip and freaking out about her chat being restricted. 

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  13. A law student on Reddit who is watching the hearing on Zoom is sharing the details. For the love of God DON'T read the redacted parts. They are still with the first witness from Homeland Security. The most infuriating points are:


    Duggar said he owned his phone but other family members could have access to it.

    Duggar declined to provide the password to the desktop or the phone to law enforcement.

    Duggar said that he owned the Macbook but that other family members had access to it.

    So yeah, he's trying to implicate his younger brothers, the reprobate.


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