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  1. Really Robin!! Wtaf. What do you expect? Surely you should know that time has to be shared and how would you know they miss him as he never seems to leave!
  2. I remember she wanted to be a doctor and had to return to Utah because she was definitely going to be a plural wive. I wonder if she still sulks and throws tantrums when she doesn't get her own way.
  3. Christine used to be my favourite but that woman is grating my nerves... mid life crisis comes to mind. Talk about flip the script
  4. I think by now its damn obvious they are not moving anywhere soon. I cant understand for the life of me why they bought these houses. Surely if you have a dream you make sacrifices. Get the utilities sorted first then get some caravans set up or temporary accomodation, then build one at a time. Why the hell does Robins kids need their own rooms... its ridiculous. She is the most selfish of them all. She needs to remember where she came from. I can't stand her
  5. I think they would be better off with their father! But they might have to share a room.
  6. The most telling time was when Kody and Robin married for real and it was "just paperwork" they couldnt hold back the glee, it was so sickening to watch. Robin was gushing
  7. Well Denise should say that she doesn't approve or condone the conversation not lie about her daughter saying it
  8. Denise is a frikn liar liar pants on fire her daughter thought it was funny, so that was total bullshit, shes shady af. I guess we know what Erica was doing aged 14 then. Kyle get over yourself and save the excuses for your immature behaviour. Sorry won't cut it. Dorit is jealous she used to go on and on about her best friends LVP and Kyle and now she has nobody. Saying Kyle has more fun with me, what are we in Kindergarten This is just getting boring now, please get to the part we are not allowed to mention ASAP
  9. I didnt think I could dislike her more... until this season.
  10. How was the "Is this skirt too short?" "Yes. .. " Good Im wearing it anyway... then fawning in the mirror. She really is in awe of herself.
  11. I know whats the big deal? If I was Teddy I would be like wtf... thanks mate 😂🤣
  12. I am so over Kyle this season, she is so up herself, the way she talks to people. And always with the deflecting. Who the hell does she think she is? Then playing victim with the water works. Hopefully this is her last season shes not up for the Queen bee role, maybe share a spliff with Lovebean before these dinner parties and just chill tf out!
  13. On Foxtel here in Australia they repeat them all over and over so I have seen every episode and every season at least 10 times lol. I liked the earlier seasons so much more they seemed more real. Its amazing to me how they have changed in appearance and the clothes they wore. They always looked so dowdy with those long tops then the strapped t shirt things over top.. that was hideous. Imo Robyn was conniving since day one too and she used to talk so much in the couch scenes... still does. Man she loves the sound of her own voice!!
  14. I don't think had enough material for a tell all... whats to tell? Plus how many kids did we see this season.. so they couldn't even include that, and doubt that could question Sobbins older kid about her break down?? It would highlight how shit this season really was.. Just wanna also mention how miserable Robyn and Christine were this season honest downright ugly with their bitching and moaning. Its like Robyn has been switched with a whole new character. No more looking adoringly at Kody, she now looks like she just drank a cup of sick instead of the usual cool aid. That honeymoon is
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