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  1. This is absolutely a felony crime. Extortion for sex. Threatened with two unwanted options (basically sex or death) and forced to choose one. Re: Canada’s knowledge of Nichole’s biological father, I’m 99% sure that at some point Luke said to Canada FBI guy “Waterford isn’t even her father!” and FBI guy said that they knew that. I think Canada was (until the end of this ep) treating Serena like a “forced” adoptive mother. Like, Serena was also a prisoner in Gilead and was forced to “adopt” this baby and she just happened to form a connection w her...how is that her fault? BARF - we and now FBI guy know better...
  2. I agree, and I do know that her airfare and hotel were taken care of. Also she is back at a full time job now... I’m just thinking back to my mid/late 20s and realizing that I would use my credit card for the “extra” expenses to be in Paris with my BFFs if my hotel/air was free... I do prioritize travel though :-)
  3. I thought the Charles/Liza relationship had to stay a secret more because it would put a spotlight on her - and her AGE! A) I doubt Charles would be dating her if she was 27 - does he want everyone to think he’s dating someone that much younger? B) Liza would certainly end up in the press (how did she not after Kelsey’s Glamour Award?!?!) and someone would out her as a liar. So she would definitely have to come out as 40 to make the relationship public...
  4. So I will be the odd one out and say that I loved this! So much of it is unrealistic, obviously, but I think more of it (ie the friendships) is eerily accurate. RE: Jane’s trip to Paris - I always thought that Jane’s job more/less allowed her write from anywhere. She could have said she was thinking about writing about Paris FW. Also, at 25-26 y/o she likely has money in savings for travel - as there are costs in addition to the fight and hotel. RE: Sutton/Oliver/Richard - I do think it was pretty unrealistic, but not totally out of the question. Sutton had just proved herself as an amazing fashion asst; she did tell Oliver that they were in love and he made her feel special and perfect; Oliver was impressed that she broke up with a guy like Richard for her career; and I think Oliver is at heart a romantic. If I was Sutton, I would have just called Richard... but Oliver basically said her job/future career was secure and she should go - she is still fairly young so she went for it. RE: Jane - the two hot men falling at her feet to solve her egg-freezing problem is totally unrealistic. Her choosing Pinstripe (which will happen) is very realistic to me, and a choice I think is right for someone in their mid-twenties, as long as she doesn’t get pregnant or marry him! (“ducks”)
  5. I’m in Chicago - for me / those I know, it would more be about the reconciliation between believing in the science of medicine (I.e. this person lives or died because of this heart valve) and then also believing so strongly in a religion that you pray before a meal/believe God is somehow also powerful. I think the Dr actually explained well that his religious views are more about faith (in humanity, in love, healing, friendship) and meditation than about a powerful and judgmental god. I have a cousin who is a literal rocket scientist and also believes in God’s will above all else and supports the “rightest” policies possible. He has never been able to make me understand! FYI I have no religious views or oppositions - a non-scientist being of any religious variety/supporting any beliefs makes sense to me.
  6. I’m sure it was someone else’s home and car that was given to a commander when that person(s) was forced into slavery - I’m going to fanwank that it was the neonatal doctor-Martha’s home to chill out and spin fast cars in the snow after long hours of surgery saving babies ;-) Imagine how many beautiful homes are out there... Also I see the car as another joke of Gilead - like Jezebels, or like June’s face when she saw all of the medical equipment being used to save cmdr Waterford and even baby Angela. How is that tech is ok to save a privileged person, then but not ok for perpetuating the birth of babies (in-vitro or in childbirth), which is supposed to be the entire goal of gilead. You also know for sure that if a Martha was the only one who could save a Commander’s life, they would let her help straight away. Every commander probably has a stolen hot rod in his garage to jerk off to... All.Lies. Many parents and pediatricians dealing with babies in the 1960s-70s (even 80s) - would disagree! I was born in 1980 and my mom said (if driving alone with newborn) she just bundled me up on the seat next to her, and if I rolled on the ground she picked me up...
  7. I found myself thinking at the end, “man, June was SO close - she had Hannah and Nick there and she was not in labor... it would have been a great setup (by nick) for a getaway.” So...maybe it was? The “shooting” or “kidnapping” at the end could actually be part of it, and Hannah and the Martha should still be very close by...
  8. This!!! “When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time.” (Angelou) A 30 year old plus year old woman does not change who she is, I’m sorry. Maybe slightly, she grows. But no 180... She has committed to a space and that’s just who she is. June should know better.
  9. This was my take-away as well. I never got the impression that Lydia had anything to do with the baby’s death. Only that she was stumbling through a very unexpected and somewhat uncomfortable conversation. I think it’s the precarious nature of an unstable society that one can simultaneously be high in the power structure and on the brink of having your hand (or other) cut off. Add me me to the list of those for whom there is no redemption for SJ. The day she realized that Gilead was being created with much more extreme versions of her initial intentions, she should have bailed and moved to Canada to start speaking out against. She still would have been complicit but not nearly as much as she is now. That said, if she had decided to run while in Toronto, she would simply need to get some modern clothing and let down her hair in order not to be heckled. She would barely be recognizable. I believe the reference was to the ep’s mention of a remaining American government, publications and of Hawaii (and Alaska?) still being part of the democratic US.
  10. Yes, this was me at 27 years old. Stage 1 but HUGE family history, so I opted for the double mastectomy and hoped for no chemo. But alas, even with clear margins and no evidence of lymph node issues, the doctor recommended chemo based upon the family history and my young age (I don't think my oncotype test came back particularly high/dangerous). Chemo was zero fun, but at least I "knew" that I was going to survive BC and would likely be killing any other cancer cells left in my body! Going through chemo not knowing if you are not going to live...I cannot even imagine the emotional torture on top of the physical pain... ETA: Mine was also a "one stop procedure," sort of... When they removed the breasts, they put in little saline "balloons" and filled them up over a few months while they were in my chest (to stretch my skin, as I had to lose the nipples). Then they swapped the saline balloons out for nice soft silicone implants :-) This was 10 years ago so things may have changed a bit.
  11. Umbelina, you and I should hang out lol! On topic, yes, yes and yes. I am in business and have carved out very solid/senior positions for myself, but it seems that religion and politics are WAY behind...
  12. The "faithful" in Gilead = true Christians similar to how those who call themselves ISIS = true Muslims. Not at all. It is this gross misunderstanding in today's society that sadly makes many people consider all Muslims "terrorists." Both ISIS and the Gilead-faithful are fanatics who have started a new (completely immoral) religion. Gilead just based it on some (hand picked) versus from a Christian bible in an attempt to sound familiar to/fool Christians. They could have started with any current or historical religion and any theology. Why take the time to create something brand new when you can steal from an established theology and horrifically bend it make your own rules? This book/show is the opposite of anti-Christian - it is pro-Christian, pro-Jewish, pro-Muslim, pro-Buddhist, heck pro-Athiest/Agnostic etc. Those with true morals would never torture people the way the Gileads do... Unfortunately, you are correct - few will understand this (I refuse to say "make that leap" because it is not a leap, its common sense if one is at all familiar with religion and morals).
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