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  1. Y’all and the world would’ve just had to label me, ‘cause when Dorit said “you’re just going to walk away, you don’t want to talk about” (or whatever) I would’ve said nah, bitch, I’m done talking to you.
  2. I SAID THE SAME THING!!! I was like… girl, you know them words.
  3. Bingo!! What was so wrong with him taking what he learned and using it to start a business so his family could have something? I guess he was supposed To stay under Rick’s thumb forever.
  4. If I was Sutton, I would’ve told her, we will don’t worry.
  5. I’d be bummed too, if after 30 years of not cleaning regularly, I had to clean. Hell, I’ve been cleaning all of my life and I still cry.
  6. I think that was at their house before MJ left.
  7. I need to know why Mike is bathing them.
  8. What exactly are people wanting Ericka to say? If I were her, I wouldn’t answer a damn thing either lol. I think she should really shut up. And Kyle and Dorit should know first hand ’cause they weren’t talking about their legal troubles either.
  9. I’m sure Sonja would trade “active” to be able to get out of that townhouse and into a high rise lol.
  10. “The vapors” took me out and took me back lol.
  11. I missed that part. Who was she talking about? Oh wait…. Was it when Dorit was saying how long they’ve known Ericka?
  12. I never understand this with any of these shows. You say it on camera, but then get mad when it’s brought up or back to the person it was about. Do they think these scenes will be left on the cutting room floor?!?! Surely they know as well as we do, it won’t. So why be upset?
  13. My thing is.. they’re supposed to be showcasing their lives. Unfortunately these “lectures” are part of a POC’s daily life and we’re in a time where realizations are finally being made by some. The things Eboni says may not reach some, but there are also some it does reach. I feel like if it was “lectures” about animal cruelty, no one would be saying enough is enough. POC deal with cruelties every single day. I’m going to always be here for it regardless of who’s bringing it up. More power to Eboni!
  14. Because she hasn’t lol. Shoes are definitely fitting though.
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