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  1. I live fairly close to the Getty, but have only been a few times. I should go once everything is normalish. I thought the same thing after seeing all the restaurants in last week's Jonathan Gold episode.
  2. I did enjoy when they panned a few times to the audience, and they kept getting shots of the most unenthused, annoyed looking woman. She was not into it.
  3. He was partly responsible for Malcolm getting voted out? Oh wait. No. That's what he did that pissed me off. Never mind.
  4. Nooooo! Sweet, smart Yul. When Wendell was talking back to Probst, it made me think (fondly) of Penner. And Penner makes me think of Yul, so I'll say noooo! I find myself really liking the foursome of Denise, Jeremy, Tony and Kim (however long that's lasting). And the duo of Sarah and Sophie. The rest can suck it. I came in really liking Wendell, but not much anymore. And I hate both Michele and Ben (I like to imagine Aubry or Cydney and Chrissy or Devon in their places on this season). Adam is a little more tolerable and amusing to me so maybe he can suck it a little less. And I'm just going to assume that Rob's getting back in because that's how this show works. I'm still rooting for my girl Natalie though.
  5. I love Sandra so this was painful even as I knew it was coming the second she gave it to Denise. Good for you. Denise! Now I'm sad I won't hear Tony call her SON-dra anymore which I always got a kick out of. I was hoping Yara would be one of the losing teams just because I wanted Ben or Adam out. Also, I really love the Sarah and Sophie team and hope they stay together for a while even if Sarah's closer to Tony and Sophie's closer to Yul. Oh Yul. I'm really rooting for a woman (not Michele) to win the game because it's been so long, but if Yul wins I will be more than fine with that. Because Yul. And Penners. And Yul. The Michele/Wendell scenes are not fun. I'm just going to assume they broke up because Michele tried to rap at one point.
  6. I need the reunion! I need to know what Cochran and some random Ozzy-loving 10 year old will have to say about things.
  7. My mom decided to watch this season knowing only 4 players (Ethan, Rob, Amber and Sandra). She did watch part of Adam's season and possibly Nick's but apparently doesn't remember them. Anyway, after every episode she would basically only talk about Rob. How he was playing, how he was doing in challenges, etc. I'd tell her there were so many more players than him and ask if she liked anyone else and she didn't really have opinions of anyone. She watched this episode tonight and she thought it was good. I asked her, now that Rob's gone, who she would be rooting for. She replied: I like the guy with the hat. Ugh. Freaking Ben.
  8. I've been reading the back and forth on Michele with interest, but I just don't like her. I'm willing to revise my opinion as the game continues, but if the final was today, the only way I'm rooting for her to win is if she's in the Final 3 sitting next to Ben. And maybe the mountain that almost killed Ethan. I think I was just rooting so hard for Aubry or Cydney that season that Michele was such a disappointment as a viewer. Natalie is such a badass. Can she come back in the game now?
  9. Yul sometimes calls Sandra "Sondra" too, right? Like how Tony does? I don't know why I find it so funny, but I do. It's not quite Fransesskwah funny, but still. Count me in with the people who love Tony and find him entertaining. In fact, I love pretty much everyone on that tribe and hope they keep winning. I hope Natalie comes back and soon. I don't know how long they're dragging Extinction but hopefully it'll be over before it goes too deep in the game.
  10. Sophie played against Coach, Ozzy, Cochran and a Hantz so it's a miracle she got any airtime at all honestly.
  11. I was really hoping tribal convinced a majority to vote for Ben who is just terrible. And to a lesser extent, I was sort of hoping for a Parvati vote just because that would be a great shakeup. But alas it was Danni. Three women in a row. Hopefully, the pattern ends next week. I thought I liked both tribes evenly and then they were competing and I realized how much I was rooting for Yul/Sandra/Wendell and all them over the other team and I realized it was no contest. The other team has Ben and Michelle (two of my least favorites), plus Rob and Parvati who I'm hoping leave soon. WTF was with Denise wanting to give the idol to Parvati?! That seemed random. I don't want Rob to win again. Or Parvati. But weirdly I would be absolutely fine with the Queen staying Queen.
  12. You can wear it to dinner with the Kushners!
  13. Well, that sucked. She was one of my favorites and I did not see a first boot in a season that included Rob, Amber and Sandra. Once they all decided Rob was safe, I was hoping it would be Adam. I hate EoE, but, since someone has to come back, I wouldn't hate it being her, this time avenging herself.
  14. Natalie is one of my favorite winners so of course she went first. I blame Ben. As if I didn't hate Ben enough, what could've been a relatively painless (for me anyway) Rob first vote out was ruined by him blabbing to Rob immediately. Freaking Ben. Should be Devon or Chrissy playing this season instead of you. Have I mentioned I don't like Ben? I also would've been ok with Adam going first. And I'm sorry Adam, but you're no Malcolm. I love Yul and never had a problem with Sophie so that may be my new duo to root for. In the first challenge, when it was one of the men rounds, Jeff was really excited about the four strong men, not commenting on the four strong women who went before them. Never change Jeff.
  15. Ok. That's true. I guess, even without thinking about the upcoming season, I wanted to hear from more people. Maybe I just needed a 2-hour show.
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