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  1. Can someone confirm something in the book for me? Somehow in the time between two episodes ago (I think it was when he was wiping the oatmeal off her glasses) and this one, I've now gotten to the point where I only care about Frances and Tony and their scenes. I don't know if the writing just seems better in their scenes or the chemistry between Melissa and Bobby is just working or I just felt in a shippy mood but it almost feels like a different show than the other characters. I was thinking about their kiss scene last episode and it goes from funny to sweet to romantic to heartfelt b
  2. On the BvW finale. Does anyone else find Monica Culpepper exhausting? I did like a lot of this season. I liked a lot of the new players - Ciera (I know it's unpopular, but I find her scrappiness endearing -- SHE VOTED OUT HER MOM), Katie, Caleb... I liked how badass Tina and Laura were. I go back and forth on Tyson but he was fine here. I like that Colton and Rupert were gone early. FU Brad Culpepper. Get your llamas ready. Cagayan is next!
  3. I wish I could remember where I heard this, but I once heard/read that the first half of every drug commercial is telling you what it does and the second half is daring you to take it.
  4. Why the hell do I keep watching the Frances/Tony scene? This show is not that great, but that scene makes me happy.
  5. I didn't realize I'd love the Tony and Frances scenes so much, but I just do. Oh another thing I liked about the episode was when they were all (minus Marconis) in the water and Tony was freaking out about them getting out of the water. I also don't remember anything about Lars from the book (which I read a while ago), but I like him here too.
  6. I've skipped Samoa, Redemption Island and One World and I plan to skip Worlds Apart. I did watch SP just because I do enjoy Sophie, but she's very overshadowed by Coach, Ozzy, Cochran and the Unstable Hantz. BvW is in the middle for me. I go back and forth on Tyson, but I remember the season having enough intriguing people and memorable scenes (FU Brad Culpepper coming up soon) to be somewhat enjoyable. And it's Hantz-free! And Colton leaves early, but his much better fiance (RIP) sticks around for a little while. There are two future seasons I'm wondering about rewatching - KR and
  7. Life's too short to rewatch seasons you're not enjoying. I couldn't make it through Caramoan. I made myself watch to the Philip exit and then decided I was out. I just don't like Cochran that much. Started BvW yesterday. Much better.
  8. I like the cheerleader movies, but I like all high school movies so I'd be thrilled with switching it up to any of these students mentioned. I just wish the plots weren't all about murder. I miss the days of cheerleaders with eating disorders, drinking problems, bullying, etc. It was a simpler time. Now they all are too repetitive - starting off with either a body being found or a girl running in the woods followed by a "Two days/three weeks/one year earlier" note. And then murder. Did anyone watch The Virgin Sinners? It was one of those movies that originally aired somewhere else
  9. I like Hali too. I thought she was one of the few likeable people in WA. I just went to wiki to remember the tribe members because it was a long time ago, and damn so many people I like. Malcolm, Aubry, Hali, Tony, Sandra, Michaela, Ciera,... so few duds on that tribe (Caleb)...if only they had been challenge winners at the beginning. I'd be happy with any of them winning.
  10. Game Changers had so much potential to me and then they put all of the people I like one tribe (Cirie being one of the few I was rooting for on the other), and they lost, and then JT. Ugh. That tribal council still irritates. I don't dislike Sarah though and glad she won of the finalists. I'm of the belief that Brandon shouldn't have been cast once let alone twice. And really were people watching SP and thinking, "Yes, the unstable Hantz rambling about God, melting down at every tribal council and acting extremely creepy around Mikayla... he's my favorite and needs to return as a favor
  11. I finished it minutes ago and it's one of my favorites. I love the relationship between Malcolm and Denise so much that parts of the finale were hard to watch (and that's even knowing how it turned out and knowing they're still close today). And I just love Penner. He's one of my favorites. But in addition to having three of my favorites (the three mentioned above), this season is just hilarious. Carter's "Hey Penner. Katie or Penner?" Jeff Kent's Obama comment. Angie's cookies. "SISTER!!!" Dawson being straight up odd (one of my complaints is I wish the Kalabaw women got more of an edit
  12. Did anyone happen to watch Nobody Will Believe You? I'm a sucker for the teens in trouble genre, but this was the most scattered, incoherent mess of a movie. Perfect angel girl (expert pianist, graphic designer, dancer, saint) moves to a new town. There are mean cheerleaders, a creepy piano teacher, a creepy guidance counselor, his creepy daughter (who I don't even think was supposed to be creepy), sexting, murder, tasing, several scenes with mac and cheese... It reminded me of the Kristen Wiig/Will Ferrell Lifetime movie. I don't think it was supposed to though.
  13. This may or may not be embarrassing (it is), but Lex was my first Survivor crush. Africa Lex, not ASS Lex. I never really had a thing for tattoos either before or since (not against them, just neutral) so I don't know what it was. I thought he had really pretty eyes. Nicaragua was bizarre. I know I mentioned one season where everyone talked about age, "As a 25-year-old...", this one was very location-specific. "I'm from North Carolina so..." "She has this South Dakota charm..." etc. It made me laugh how uneven the teams were to start. All 10 people on the younger tribe seemed reasonably a
  14. I'm watching too. I just save it for Monday nights for some reason. It's a good, Monday-night show for me. I think this was my favorite episode of the season. I also loved the Nicholas and Suze scenes. They play off each other well.
  15. There are many I've loved over the years including Cirie, Malcolm, Sandra, Courtney, Yul, Yau-Man, Earl, Aubry, Natalie A. just to name a few. But right now, after rewatching two of his seasons (still have Philippines to go), I might have to say Penner. He's fun to watch, both smart and a smart ass, talks back to Jeff, kicked ass in a challenge while injured, and seems, despite the smart ass-ness, just a good guy. Plus he was on Arrested Development which is a plus in my book. I'm rewatching Nicaragua now. What a completely bananas season.
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