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  1. I feel Tim Doyle was prepared for this in that, having read the detailed description of the last episode, he wrote it as a closing “just in case.” The name of the episode is “Irish Goodbye” and without giving away spoilers the episode comes full-circle from the pilot.
  2. Tim Doyle tweeted it was the “new bosses” at ABC who , from what I can figure out had histories with some of the other show runners/creators whose shows were saved that were not doing as well as TKAA or not as well received, (this from when the bosses were at FOX) and saved those shows based on that. Tim tweeted that ABC’s decisions on the matter were “like high school with money.” Also,ABC owns the rights to TKAA, so I don’t think Tim can shop it around. Another network would have to go to ABC to buy it, and I’m not sure ABC would be willing to set a good price.
  3. I’m so sad. I was so hoping for a season two. I really felt that given a second season the show would catch on. I’m gonna miss that crazy family.
  4. However, Lawrence did make the comment that Frank takes more time in the shower after episodes of Batman that feature Catwoman- so pretty sure Frank is right up there with Lawrence and Eddie- and you know Joey is at the head of the pack.
  5. First-the soap opera doc was the doctor from “Vietnam!” And his opening line was “...about three months in that cast.” LOL. I Tweeted that last night and Mr. Doyle Tweeted back that I got the Easter egg! Speaking of Lawrence : Vacuum attachments???? I had the urge to Purcell myself! LOL. And Mike’s facial expression- best ever! Peggy and the washer- genius!
  6. You can buy the single episode on Amazon.
  7. Me too! Too funny- and I think a bit of satisfaction for Lawrence - I’m sure he’s still miffed at Frank over the hair. Which actually grew on me this week. I still like it longer- and hope it comes back, but I could get use to this. Well, other than the fact that his shirt looked like one Davey Jones wore on the Monkees. And the hair... wait a minute! One thing is bugging me. Lawrence cut his hair last week, it’s still shorter this week. But boy was suppose to be in a cast for three months but was only in the cast for the hospital scene. That does bug me. If most of the episodes are suppose to be in the summer of ‘72 (except for Christmas and Valentines episodes) Lawrence should still be in a cast.
  8. Not Lawrence’s hair!!! Manta- just like the show, it will be back next season.
  9. Might need to take this down...but your comment got me to thinking about this pic. Lawrence without the hair. Anyway - I noticed that his hair was WAY better in the first episode, but after that they have the WORST wig for that poor guy. You'd think they'd put a bit more into it.
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