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  1. Shannah Banana

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    Me too, that's why I'm not gonna get all giddy about her leaving, because she will be back. It happened before, it will happen again, What really makes me giddy though, is how she left Bravo without a giving a damn...the same way they treat all the HW's they are ready to release back into the wild, without a damn.
  2. Shannah Banana

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    Gosh, I hope Cameron's job didn't give her bladder problems. If so, maybe she can get some workers comp for that 🙂
  3. Shannah Banana

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    I got a kick out of when the Three Musketeers made a beeline for the bar on set, and all the pretty bottles, only to find them empty. HA HA! What gets on my nerves about Cameron (besides she's a control freak) is she looks at her kid as a JOB. Yeah, kids are a lot of work, but I don't think you have to look at them as a JOB. I'm pretty sure Jason pays her quite well in room and board, and maybe the occasional trinket 🙄 Maybe someday she will shut up about it. Gawd.
  4. Shannah Banana

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    For some reason, I was really surprised when Andy went all in and quoted Thomas about ALLLL of Kathryns's addictions. Whoa. Then, showing her on WWHL with Patricia and she can get defensive all she wants, but she was clearly not sober. She was giving Austen the threatening voice alluding to him coming after her sobriety (or some such shit), he shut up, but everyone on those couches knew Kathryn was effed up, but are staying on the downlow about it. I think she said she could drink too, but she wasn't drinking that night on WWHL.
  5. Shannah Banana

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    Me too...well, I actually think I am going to ditch it. That's pretty serious for a HoWives addict like me, but this show has become far too dark and filthy to enjoy. I didn't even know what a train was, and had to go to the Urban dictionary to find out. I don't really think my life has been enriched by the knowledge either, it makes me feel a bit queasy knowing it. Makes me mad to ditch it too, because the best part is coming to the boards and chatting it all through. I do wish more people would quit this cesspool because Bravo won't change their ways if they keep their ratings. Oh well, I will somehow live 🙂
  6. Shannah Banana

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    If Jolie thought it was bad to have cocaine rumors out there about her mother, wait until she learns about her mothers "ALL ABOARD" train rumors. This show has really gone to the dogs (no offense to dogs, they don't act like the animals these bitches do).
  7. Shannah Banana

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    Chef Ana shouldn't have left a pan on a hot burner to begin with, but she sure was willing to throw June under the bus for not taking it off. Funny how that works.
  8. Shannah Banana

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    Haha, after Jwow had to jump Jack's dumb ass for not cleaning the rails adequately, the guest puked all over it and then he had to clean that up. Good timing, Ms Karma. If June's mind goes to a monetary quarter when it's a quarter past the hour, I wonder if her mind goes to a half dollar when it's half past the hour? 🤔
  9. Shannah Banana

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    I am totally late to this party, but I have read all the comments, which makes me want to comment 🙄 First and foremost, I have no idea why Gina is even on this show. She made a bad impression on me last season, and it hasn't improved this season at all. I find her annoying AF. I didn't care much for Emily last season either, but I do feel bad for her now. Shane is a little bitch, and it's hard to watch him break her heart. I have always hated Tamra. She has the meanest eyes of anyone on this show. Kelly seems like all she wants to do is make trouble for somebody. The new girl, I don't care enough to try and even spell her name, isn't exciting to me in any kind of way. I thought her mom looked ridiculous and hard as she tries, will never reclaim her youth. Vicki is a non-factor at this point. Steve is gross. Which leaves me to Shannon, who is the real star of this show. She got off her butt, took charge of her life, and turned it all around. She looks great, and seems to feel great too. I am really happy for Shannon, she is an inspiration, and I really like her girls. She's the only reason I continue to watch this dreck, well, her and my strange addiction to Bravo.
  10. Shannah Banana

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    Naomi wasn't feeling too happy with Cameron for messing with her man, Metool. When Cameron was sniffing him over, Naomi said he was being assaulted and he said it wasn't assault if it was welcomed. Wow. He's dissing Naomi, and Cameron is making Jason look like a tool too. Even more unforgivable was her dress was flat out ugly. I don't see the Hunter allure. At all. I come from the season disliking Madisin...if Shep and Craig weren't pushing so hard for her and Austen's demise, their union probably would have already imploded by now. I think Madisin is using him to secure her spot next season and then...??? That hard ass exterior works with muppet men. I'm not defending stupid Shep either. She won their argument when he lost his cool and looked like a demented idiot. But, she looked evil. I enjoyed seeing Ashley introduced to Mr Kale and escorted out...for once, she was mostly speechless. But, I believe a lot of what she said about Patricia talking bad about Kathryn. There was a time Patricia was Team Thomas, big time. When she called Kathryn to her after Ashley got the boot, it was pretty sickening how she drew her to her, as if to comfort her. It was really to cement the public perception that Patty was ever anything but Team Kathryn. I hate to call an old lady a liar, so I will leave it at disingenuous.
  11. Shannah Banana

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    I thought she was too nice too...like in, she doth protest too much kind of nice. She had to state her case to the world that Austen made up the whole chlamydia story. If it wasn't already evident to me by their behavior and choice of words over it, this clenched the subject for me. I feel bad for her though...I guess nobody wants to have that associated with them.
  12. Shannah Banana

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    She wanted to show her ass??? 😛🙄😬
  13. Shannah Banana

    S09.E24: Reunion Part 3

    LVP admits to taking the lie detector test two times. Lisa Vanderpump ✔ @LisaVanderpump Yes @Andy I passed lie detector we have the footage on iPhone and then when production heard of it they wanted to film it. So it was scary in front of camera crew, but yes I passed it twice. 3,823 9:11 PM - Jul 30, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy 867 people are talking about this I find myself very curious as to why she took it the first time?
  14. Shannah Banana

    S06.E11: Rocky Mountain High Part II

    Exactly and thank you. I'm not sure which one looks more lame...
  15. Shannah Banana

    S11.E20: Reunion Part 3

    I agree, it was meant as a jab. Not only did she call her a "turnip" she called her a "BIG FAT turnip." Dorinda can be a real asshole.