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  1. CoolMom

    House Hunters

    I think siblings sharing a room is a good thing but NOT 7 kids in one room. That's a bit much.
  2. CoolMom

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    I feel the need to defend Tessa. My sister and I were molested in elementary school. We shared a bed and a friend of my brothers took advantage of our trusting parents by harming us together in that bed. Over and over. We NEVER talked about it. EVER. One day a few years ago, I was talking about it and my sister was like "what are you talking about?". She had repressed the memory. She was confused and devastated as I recalled to her what was done to BOTH OF US. It took a while for her to come to terms with what happened to her and the fact that she had buried it somewhere deep inside herself. This is sometimes a self preserving action. Tessa may have repressed a painful memory because it was too difficult to handle; the brain does that to protect itself. Years of costly therapy have taught me a lot about this. It doesn't mean her recollection is made up, wrong or "dicey". Comments like this are why women are still keeping quiet about abuse.
  3. CoolMom

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    I am a Christian and agree with this sentiment 1,000 times over. I am NOT against using medical interventions if you have a fertility issue but it drives me batty when these same people don't acknowledge the fact that IF they hadn't their child(ren) might not be here because God hadn't answered that prayer without intervention. Don't even get me started on the ones who use medical intervention to GET pregnant then bash modern OB/GYN practices when it comes to giving birth because that's way OT.
  4. CoolMom

    Best Baker In America

    I think traditionally on this show they've been given enough time to complete the challenge before the bakers. For some reason that wasn't the case with this challenge, 2.5 hours was not enough time to complete a cake that "embodied" the characters they were given. Even the Little Bo Peep cake which was nice wasn't as well executed as we've seen these bakers do on previous episodes. The judges also commented that Forkie (is that right) wasn't dry enough and was cracking. That was due to TIME not skill. I wonder if someone in production made a mistake in the timing because as a whole this show like the British Baking Show has given proper time allowances for what they are asking the bakers to create. This is one of the things I enjoy about this show vs other American shows because we get to see well done completed creations.
  5. CoolMom

    House Hunters

    Our neighbor routinely washed clothes while she was out running errands. That is until her waterline for the washer burst causing thousands in damage to the house. Because the washer was upstairs the water damage was on both floors rather than just downstairs. They had to move out for 3 months because the floors and walls were so bad. My takeaway wasn't about having the washer upstairs just to not run the washer while I am away from the house.
  6. CoolMom

    S08.E01: Abby's Big Comeback

    I wasn't going to watch. I was done after a few episodes of the previous cast and Abby trying so hard to be the tough, mean but loving dance teacher from the past. She didn't have any chemistry with the last crew. But I watched because my teenage daughter wanted to watch (she watching all the old ones on Netflix or Hulu). I was kind of surprised that I like the dancers and not all the moms drive me crazy...yet. We saw a lot more dancing and not as much of the "crowd"/mom reactions which made me happy. Abby going on and on about jail kind of drove me crazy because she brought that on herself. But I did see glimpses of a "changed" Abby, while she was still "mean" or "tough" it also felt like she was enjoying herself and the girls. I didn't disagree with her telling the little girl that was crying toward the end that she needs to quit crying because other kids not only didn't have parents who could pay for dance but some were fighting just to live. I think some of our spoiled generation of kids needs to hear that (mine included). Re: Lily I always thought she was just a crier and a bit spoiled. When her mom said she was getting growth hormones that may have shed some light on her being emotional. I wonder if those treatments cause her to be overly emotional all that influx of hormones at once. Finally, best takeaway of the night: Abby fussing at Lily about the way she was removing her makeup of forcefully and out from her nose not in. OMGosh the best advice for a young person who has to be in make-up so much. Be gentle to your face!!
  7. The paramedics didn't drop the kids off to Miguel's house, Jack and Rebecca did. He refused to be transported saying he'd go to the ER after they took the kids and got them settled at Miguel's house. The paramedics cannot force you to be transported. I am guessing that since he came in on his own not via the ambulance the ER didn't think he was as critical as he would have been if the paramedics had been monitoring him during the drive.
  8. CoolMom

    Four Weddings

    I agree. My daughter honored her sister with her choice of flowers, those closest to us understood the meaning.
  9. CoolMom

    S05.E03: The Serpent

    They are also taken for other reasons sometimes.
  10. So freaking disappointing...
  11. CoolMom

    S05.E09: The Wolf Is Waiting

    To an ambulance chasing lawyer whose precious son was hurt, I am thinking it doesn't matter. But isn't this the t-shirt selling kid? If so, I wonder if his mom knew why he was punched vs the dad if the outcome would be different because didn't she make him shut down his t-shirt selling? Plus as Scarlett45 pointed out you cannot just go around hitting every idiot you run into if you could then so many of us would be walking around with black eyes and broken jaws. Which brings me to the fact that if I were the university, I'd want to see proof that this kid was really hurt not just his ego.
  12. CoolMom

    Dance Moms in the Media

    I don't know about others but my daughter's and I loved DM Miami's teachers, it was the spoiled kids and horrible moms that we didn't like. We thought and I still think the difference was NOT Abby's persona but the fact that the DM's girls knew each other going in. They might not have been friends or had a team but they were all at Abby's studio. The kids on the other versions were not only cast but they were cast from different studios from who knows where. I really thing Miami would have survived if they'd used the kids from that guy's studio instead of bringing in people from who knows where. Because he would have been great to watch with his actual dancers. ETA: Abby was always hard on the girls when they were dancing but you saw the love/caring she had for them in the beginning. She morphed into her roll as the super villain as time went on where she was just outright mean. I think the show is destined to be cancelled no matter what they do because as stated above with the Miami group: it will be all casted kids (like the minis) who have no real chemistry with each other and a teacher that is acting a part from the beginning. I learned her (or on TWOP) that a mom, Christy maybe, pitched this show to save Abby's studio. If that is true their original motive for a reality show was nothing like the new moms coming in. They wanted to HELP their teacher not be "stars" but as they all learned you don't get one without the other.
  13. CoolMom

    S07.E12: It's Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh

    When Abby and Kalani were talking about Kalani wanting to dance after Kira's blowup, Abby said she wanted her to dance because "we plan the dance for the cast that is there". Interesting. We also noticed that Elliana and Lilliana had a duet and Kalani had a solo as she was in her costume from a couple of weeks ago backstage. Sad we didn't get to see either of those dances because they were not part of the planned show. ETA: I cannot stand Cathy and her apples.
  14. CoolMom

    S03.E10 & E11: Day 87 / Reunion Special

    I caught that comment too. I hope that she doesn't have lasting issues with her weight/mental health over this time in her life.
  15. CoolMom

    Dance Moms in the Media

    They did this with Dance Moms Miami, it sucked. Not the teachers because I kind of liked them but the rest was a train wreck. I think the original appeal of DM was that these kids had been dancing together for a while and the dynamics of the kids and their moms. In the beginning, we saw more dancing and in my opinion more "organic" conversations the moms had in the loft area. That was what we liked. DM Miami didn't have that because most of the people, like the current DM's crew, were cast for their "part not actually people from the school. Sadly, I think this one's going to be deleted from my DVR after this season is done.