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  1. I despise him, too. Awhile back he was pimping another diet book Shred, and told Wendy he was going to shred her. She had just talked about being able to fit into her skinny jeans, in Hot Topics that day. She told him too. I loved it. He shut up. Intermittent fasting is not a new concept. I think that is what his book is about. I tend to tune him out.
  2. Everything has been said and I agree with the critiques. One lingering thought, wearing those huge hats block the view for those behind her in church; that is not cool.
  3. I read a blurb where Jenny McCarthy said she had never experienced a woman yelling at her. It was Barbara; she said it was very loud. I am not surprised.
  4. She is the only reason I watch!
  5. Yeah, they live the principal my ass.
  6. There is no room in his big house to have another. I cannot imagine how much chaos that would create, especially with Robyn!
  7. I still fail to see why they have to move to Flagstaff. Not buying because Dayton is going to school there. They didn't follow the others to their colleges. Has anything more come to light? I have been busy the last couple of weeks and may have missed it.
  8. Barbara Walters said this exact same thing. Since when does Meg not want to rub elbows with Hollywood?
  9. Her name, Flicka, is a nice touch.
  10. I will watch it and keep my negative comments to a minimum. I am aiming to find the positive in everything I can in my life, not only TV.
  11. They had a chance to breathe new life into it but apparently didn't see the need. I am disappointed. I had hoped for much more.
  12. I had hoped this new incarnation would have a different spin but it doesn't, right down Hildi the shock jock of decor. It wasn't cute the first time around and it certainly isn't now. Laurie is old news for me too. Her I don't like her personality or her color choices OR her penchant for busy old lady prints. Genevieve designed a beautiful bedroom last season so I have hope that she will continue.
  13. I like Evan. I don't see him as a cad or bad guy. Their relationship was over before they arrived. Often men don't leave until they fall for another woman, fact. Kaci was insecure and pressured/nagged him to marry her, constantly. That drove her train and it derailed their relationship. I had no empathy for her and found myself rooting for Evan and Morgan from day one. I am so happy this show is back and Paradise Hotel, too! And in perfect timing. The shine has worn off most reality shows for me.
  14. Yes, I remember the same thing. Despite that she said she felt the best she ever had and that gave her doctor the information he needed to diagnose her.
  15. Coworkers, that is exactly it. ^^^^^^^^^
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