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  1. I am not sure how I feel about the dementia element. I realized at the end of last season in the hospital when Kate was having baby Jack, this was coming. My own mother had Alzheimer's & I have worked with Alzheimer's/Dementia patients for 14 years. I have strong feelings about how they portray it in media/movies/shows, etc. I was NEVER a fan of Still Alice, I feel like they sugar-coated it. I hope they do a good job with this and have consulted with people that actually know what this disease looks like. We shall see...
  2. Don’t forget BORING!! UGH...how did she even make it to finals
  3. I think I saw her in the Dallas Stars Ice Girls audition pictures from the weekend but I don’t believe she made it to their camp.
  4. I agree with you regarding VK...has to be a crash diet. I am not a fan of Kristen or Lily, both are boring.
  5. Hated her outfit this weekend...she was all one color (custome, hair, skin) UGH
  6. No on the dsig girls and only 3 dmd girls...very strange.
  7. Probably. The blonde next to her has something with the Stars logo. Probably Tessa
  8. Yes. All the DSIG made it back today
  9. Could be an issue for Malena! Looks like that girl was marking it. Not a smart move!
  10. I don’t think so. I think she’s married so probably married name. She’s very pretty
  11. She’s my least favorite of the DSIG that were there today.
  12. All the DSIG & AAIA girls made it to semis too. Interesting showdown for finals coming.
  13. She's pretty, fit & a good dancer.... Not to mention experienced pro team. It's a great small group of excellent candidates...good thing since there are basically 7 (maybe plus 1 or 2) spots available.
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