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  1. Kelly88

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Randall can't buy you claasss!
  2. Kelly88

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Reactions in no particular order : - Brit looked really pretty this episode in all the scenes in Mexico and at Sur. She was especially cute when she was in her pajamas reading the guest list - I could watch that exchange re the puppy shower with Raquel and Stassi on a loop - wtf was up the lighting/ angles when Raquel and James were in his car??!! It made me think of Cash Cab. I don't recall any prior scenes in cars looking that distorted, low budget and almost green screenish? - What exactly is going on with Raquel's eyebrows in her talking head? She's two plucks of hair away from a full on unibrow. - Scheana calling anyone else needy and selfish is rich. - I don't know what is worse- Scheana's voice or Jax's permanent wide eye expressions? They both make me irrationally angry. - I'm beginning to dislike Lisa more and more each episode rather than simply each season. - It was very sweet and mature the way Brit handled Billie and Raquel. I do believe she is a kind person and I respect that she almost always tries to be diplomatic when a cast member or group of cast members is stirring up shit. She doesn't misrepresent anything when relaying information and calmly corrects someone who does.
  3. Kelly88

    S07.E10: So Vain in Solvang

    Ariana's oh so cute reference to Ariana Grande explains her style lately of oversized sweatshirts and knee high boots. James' mother....don't know where to begin with that. Hey lady, since you don't appear to have a job, how about you be a mother and notice your son is a wreck. He has lost a job he cared about, he's drinking too much, crying all the time, under enormous pressure due to YOUR issues and dating a girl who is either dim or doesn't blink. Guillermo can such a dick. Me thinks that the real issue with LaLa's sudden sobriety is that she embarrassed Randall in front of some of how oh so important friends and not in an endearing Pretty Woman way. He decided she would no longer drink. Aw, Scheana. I felt bad for her. Half of the fun of girls trips is that the roomies stay up late and gossip about the other girls on the trip. I hate girls trips and I'm glad that was over in college. I have vacation and travel panic. I put on my sunglasses and quietly sob into my Diet Coke on the plane so as not to make everyone else miserable.
  4. Angelina Jolie's PDA with her brother was vomit inducing enough ....and Whit is no Angelina. Hunter looks like he is dead inside.
  5. I definitely think she's lost some weight. I would be skeptical as to how much DIY photoshopping was going on in her SM photos, however, it shows to me on the current season as well. Close to 400 seems a reasonable estimate for Hawaii. A few people mentioned that when she was sitting in the RV they actually thought she has gained weight because of her abdominal rolls( I really wish I could come up with a more artful and kinder way to say that). I think that is actually a loss in skin elasticity due to some weight loss and getting older. A few weeks ago it was speculated that she is diabetic and not just borderline and that is why she has lost weight. It wouldn't be good for her whole message to say that so I think it's why she doesn't want to talk about the weight loss or claim to care.
  6. Kelly88

    S07.E09: Tom and Tommer

    I find every scene in which Raquel speaks just doesn't make sense. It's probably a bit cruel because people cannot help if they just aren't bright but when your boyfriend takes a good 20 seconds to reassure you that you aren't dumb.....it's not looking good for your relationship or your aspirations to join MENSA.
  7. I'm very curious as to her income just on the show alone. I'm skeptical she has pulled in much from all her side projects and endorsing- BGDC apparel, etc. I imagine she makes more than her friends and significantly more than she did prior to the show where it seems unclear based on her statements whether she had any sort of job. It doesn't seem as though her lifestyle has changed much other than upgrading her car. Same house, same clothes. I highly doubt she is careful with spending as she lacks impulse control which. Where she is spending all the money is what really interests me.
  8. Kelly88

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    Totally agree. In the scene where Buddy and Chelsea return to find the RV "vandalized" her facial expressions and body language speaks volumes. You can practically see the wheels turning that she wants out and doesn't know how to break it off with him. Quit the purported new job and get on a bus out of Greensboro ASAP. I just watched an episode of Vanderpump Rules and despite the fact this show is far more wholesome and there is virtually no redeeming qualities to any cast member on VR, I still find Whit more annoying.
  9. It's way too early for me to be seeing that much of Whit's tongue.
  10. Kelly88

    S07.E08: A Housewarming Divided

    "Raquel, do you want some chicken?!!" I laughed for a good five minutes and during his entire interaction with Scheana. It illustrates perfectly how trying to have a conversation with her can be like pulling teeth because she is so vapid. Ariana, you are not the first nor the last person to be bisexual. That doesn't make you a special snowflake. I agree Tom S and Ariana aren't going to last much longer and it's for the best. I don't know why I have such a soft spot for him. His whole earnest " you're my special treasure and I cherish all these little quirks and things about you" melted my heart a bit. Kristen and Stassi both looked really cute at the party. Would love a long shot of Raquel's face after ," Raquel, I'm sorry I called you a twat. You're welcome."
  11. Where I live it's pretty on trend right now, however, in subtle brunette shades. You're right that her reddish/pink ends are pretty 2015ish.The half bun half down thing was a big thing about two years ago. I do think her hair is looking better than it has for a while. Of course, we get photo where it's styled by professionals and she's not sporting her trademark ratty, greasy half-assed bun. One of my side jobs while I'm in grad school is at a hair salon....the more you know(insert shooting star graphic and chimes).
  12. Kelly88

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    Just watched the episode and feeling the need to get all "salty" before I have time to read all comments. Apologize for repeating any observations. - " That's entrapment." Oh Todd, please don't ever change. - Whitney really stepped up her choreography now that Todd left BGDC( dripping with sarcasm) - Does Whitney research ANYTHING??!! She didn't know that you use your arm strength to scale the wall. No, Whit, a bunch of hot dudes just give you a boost because you're so senshus. - Buddy. Wow. Still trying to collect my thoughts. The discussion in the kitchen revealed a lot about his emotional state that we probably never saw in his relationship with Heather and not even factory his substance abuse into that. - Showing up at Harper's party with an injury. Classic Whitney. - I'm amazed at how Ashley takes things in stride given she has an infant, works and struggling with anxiety. - Does a sprained knee preclude one from spraying a little dry shampoo and smoothing serum in their hair and working it into a presentable bun, filling in your eyebrow and swiping on some lipstick? 5 minutes and done. Maybe I'm just superficial. - Totally agree that Buddy was angling hard for support from Whit. However, I think he wanted her to offer a room rather than money. - Whit is less informed about addiction than any layperson. She couldn't even take the time to read WebMD for one of her supposed best friends. Hey, at least she knows what "blow" and "trigger" mean now. - I can't figure out her endgame with Alaska. Supposedly it's to redeem the Hawaii debacle by completing all these physical activities. However this week and the previews for next week seem to provide evidence she is laying the groundwork for excuses to not attempt them.....so is this so she can just romp around Alaska taking selfies in a cute puffy coat? How is that redeeming herself? - A nice thing: The photo shoot was a sweet idea. I initially thought it was going to be an " Uncle Whitney and Harper " shoot. Progress.
  13. She really expects us to believe she reads anything beyond Dog the Bounty Hunter and other such drivel....clearly no one gifted her Class With the Countess.
  14. Kelly88

    S06.E06: Fat Hating is Real

    I totally agree. I cannot see how his SM post in makeup said anything about his sexuality. I certainly hope it didn't come across that way. I've seen speculation for a while that he may gay and I didn't know if there was something I wasn't aware of such as having a boyfriend .
  15. Kelly88

    S06.E06: Fat Hating is Real

    Agree with all of this. It is not an uncommon personality trait by any means for people to give up or not follow through on their commitments. I often think Whit sees things as so black and white that she overestimates what her body can handle given her current health. What does drive me up the wall is that it seems we have to hear as nauseum about how she is never one to give up or back away from a challenge...yeah, ok. I would have some respect for if as in the 8k, for example, she said " Dad, I don't feel my body can handle this right now. What if we agree I will do what I can or we commit to a certain number of hours exercising a week together?" She ask starus laying the groundwork immediately after committing to something with one injury or another. The part that irks me the most is in any situation when she follows through she makes the lives of her family and friends complete HELL.