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  1. jcn35

    Kids Baking Championship

    I agree with all of you that Jaxon was unlikeable in the last episode, but it seems that a lot of you are forgetting about the episodes before where Jaxon wasn't as bad. Also, I'm glad Jenna finally went home. She was likable, but her skills weren't on par with the others. I'm still baffled on how the judges sent Misha home over her the week before. Literally, next episode, it could be anyone that goes given the past episodes. I would of predicted Nyah if it wasn't for her doing really well this past week. I find it a bit stunning that some of you want Jaxon eliminated next just because of his behavior in the last episode. What if he goes back to being likable just like he was prior to this past episode?
  2. jcn35


    As someone who watched that show, the thing that baffled me the most about Rise's cancellation was how, despite the fact that NBC cancelled the show, they still renewed AP Bio, even though that show had lower ratings. And then later on, I discovered that NBC apparently even had more of an interest in shopping Champions (another show they cancelled that year) to other networks than they did with Rise, despite the fact that Champions ratings were the worst out of all of NBC's freshman shows that year. This stunned me so much to the point where I wanted to get a hold of someone from NBC involved in those decisions, and have them tell me the answers behind all of this. That was until not long ago, via a discussion I had with some folks about this, I've came to the realization that Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers being behind AP Bio, and Mindy Kaling behind Champions is likely the reason behind everything. Lorne and Seth are arguably two of the most powerful folks to NBC, and Mindy's pretty big to NBC as well. Rise really didn't have anyone powerful to the network involved. Would you all agree with me on this, or do you think there's something else to it?