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  1. What about the 1990 version of Joker's Wild? Last time i saw that, before YouTube was on USA Network.
  2. Something that isn't TV related, but is to a certain degree- during game 6 of the 1986 NLCS, color commentator Tim McCarver left the booth during the bottom of the 16th, in order to cover the expected celebration in the New York Mets' clubhouse. As a result, play-by-play man Keith Jackson was on the air by himself for a short time. I remember my dad sitting in the living room wondering why no one else was talking besides Keith Jackson at that point in the booth.( i remember this game, because it preempted the local news, then preempted World News Tonight, then preempted Wheel of Fortune.
  3. A couple from the soaps... Jada Rowland as Nurse Carolee Simpson on The Doctors. James Pritchett as Dr. Matt Powers from the same soap. A non soap example would be Dana Delany as Nurse Coleen McMurphy on China Beach.
  4. If my grandmom was still alive then, she and i would have said the same thing. I mean, it was a shocking development.
  5. Oh yes.. I watched that ep on SoapNet and when Hope learned that her son was dead...i lost it too. 'NOOOOOO!'
  6. I've lost it a far number of times over characters on soaps dying. Isabella Beatrice Toscano Black on Days of Our Lives Megan on One Life to Live.
  7. I've got one from a soap opera, The Doctors, with Lauren White as MJ, after her husband dies... with Jada Rowland as Nurse Carolee Simpson, Philip English as Dr. Collin Wakefield and David O'Brien as Dr. Steve Aldrich. Does anyone have a favorite moment where a character cries over something(death, lost love, etc.)?
  8. Another thing about The Doctors; I like the new pop flavored arrangement of the Bob Israel 1971 theme, with a melody carried by vibes and electric harpsichord. I'd use that one, but have the voice-over be "The Doctors, a daytime drama series dedicated to the brotherhood of healing."
  9. I've always wondered about the "full figures" opening of The Doctors- Young and the Restless-influenced head drawings of each of the cast principals that would be arranged in a circle that represented an "O" in the word "doctors" in the new title modernized logo while the late Mel Brandt says "The Doctors will return in just a moment." Maybe they were trying to copy Y&R?
  10. I cant really place the voice, given that he was a NBC guy and that he was well known for a game show more than a soap.
  11. I don't ask this question, but who's this NBC announcer subbing for Mel Brandt on The Doctors in 1970? I think it is Bill Wendell, who was David Letterman's announcer, but cant be sure.
  12. The Doctors, to my knowledge, dint have copyright on the logo either
  13. I was thinking Sisters as well. Last time I saw that show was on SoapNet, in the early 00s.
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