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  1. I couldn't agree more regarding the irony. Oh, how The Woke do stumble ... all over themselves. Now can we stop with the hypocritical lecturing and make it about the food next season, maybe?
  2. Right? It's almost like Padma just got the job because of her looks or something.
  3. So ... are we only allowed to criticize certain people and not others?
  4. Glad Guthrie is gone. Maybe my ears will stop bleeding now.
  5. Week 41: 3/5, one * (ETA my * as I just figured out what that is!)
  6. No, some context is needed, please - I was responding to the poster who lauded Dawn for her honesty about the missing element. Wrong. She didn't "admit" to it. The producers in all likelihood ratted her out and she had no choice but to address the omission. She's pretty good at it by now.
  7. Ummm ... pretty sure the producers let the judges know that she screwed up. Again.
  8. Dawn's food is amazing but ... if she wins, this show has lost ALL credibility.
  9. Because then I'll have to say "the fix was in" to be grammatically correct.
  10. Dan (the winner) was really funny, genuine, and comfortable in front of the camera. He would make a great Top Chef contestant. So sad about Taylor.
  11. Right? If for no other reason but to escape the moniker "Dog Lady".
  12. Ugh. This episode was painful. I've never understood the Cult of Brooke. And all the fake tears at Judge's Table was positively cringe-producing. OK ... only one more annoying-as-f*** contestant to go. Please get Jamie off my TV screen.
  13. Yeah! What's with all the religious content lately?
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