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  1. Judois

    S01.E02: Funerary

    I think he's her brother. I'm so glad I'm not alone in loving this show. The colors. The costuming. The acting. Everything works.
  2. Judois

    Unpopular Opinions: Total Crackpot Thread

    That isn't what I meant. I meant that it was a lazy affectation for Sorkin as a writer. It happens at least twice an episode. And it isn't the "I'm sorry" or "What did you just say?" which bothers me. It's how he uses that as a dramatic effect. It was not meant as a personal attack on actual people.
  3. Judois

    Unpopular Opinions: Total Crackpot Thread

    I'm not sure how many of you notice this on your rewatches but on my 2nd rewatch now I'm noticing just how much Sorkin uses "I'm sorry" as in the person not hearing what the other person said. Does anybody ever listen? It drives me nuts. Such a lazy affectation.
  4. Judois

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I gave up on this show about two episodes ago. I'm sick of how any storyline Kate has is about her weight or Toby,whom I can't stand,or both. She had one episode where she was working and that was a while back. As one who is obese I can tell you I have other things in my life going on. I'm also not just a cheerleader for my siblings.
  5. Judois

    S01.E11: The Right Thing to Do

    I think I fell out of love with this show over the long break. The writers wimping out on killing off Toby,who I don't like,did not help me like this episode more.
  6. Judois

    Jeopardy! Season 33 (2016-2017)

    I could only come up with Mad Men. So glad that Cindy did,too,and made a gutsy wager.
  7. Judois

    S04.E09: Hamilton

    This episode was the absolute best and I'm not even a Hamilton fan. Lin Manuel-Miranda was so charming and funny and knew his stuff. I loved everything but his interactions with Derek were hilarious. Especially right at the end where Derek is basically laying on top of Lin eating fries.
  8. Judois

    S05.E17: Andrea, Alex & Andrea

    Lord. I think I've finally reached my limit on this show. Famous You Tubers? Really? God,I'm old.
  9. Judois

    Jeopardy! Season 32 (2015-2016)

    Yay! Bonnie! I can't believe those other two couldn't get Watson. So glad she did to get rid of the swayer.
  10. Judois

    Jeopardy! Season 32 (2015-2016)

    I can't remember exactly what the question was but it was DJ. Malavikia answered,Alex paused and she said a different answer. He then said he needed something else. I'm throwing up my arms yelling "It's Double Jeopardy! She doesn't get that many answers."
  11. Judois

    Jeopardy! Season 32 (2015-2016)

    I hate to be one of those people who is proud of their ignorance but I have no idea who Chrissy Tiegan is. I think I've heard her name but that's it. I am really liking the champ,Kelly
  12. Judois

    The West Wing Season Two: What's Next?

    Ugh! I hate Ainsley in "17 People" and all her idiot ranting about the ERA. I usually like her but I actively disliked her in this episode.
  13. Judois

    Jeopardy! Season 32 (2015-2016)

    I got FJ but kept thinking that had to be wrong because it was too easy. Please make Alex never say "You go,girl!" again. He sounded stupid and condescending.
  14. Judois

    S04.E10: Norman

    Freddie Highmore brought me to tears. When he put the gun in his mouth,I wanted to hug him. Yet he scares the ever living crap out of me at the same time.
  15. Judois

    Catfish In The Media

    I tried to find an answer but couldn't. Why do they call her Kim in the episode?