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  1. Badlands

    S02.E05: The Kennedy Curse

    Since the coin changed to Nixon, I guess that means that in the alternate timeline Nixon was elected president in 1960 and then assassinated. Obviously, he wouldn't be on the half dollar in 1964 if he was still president (or just former VP). I liked the gas station clerk's response when JFK asked where he could find a payphone: "Probably at a museum."
  2. Badlands

    S02.E15: The Car

    The tickets said the Benedum Center. Bruce played there on his solo tour in 1996. Bruce did have a concert the night of Jack's funeral (1/31/98), but it was in New Jersey and wasn't billed as a Springsteen show, as it was a benefit concert he did with Bon Jovi and others for a slain police officer. The original episode title was "Across the Border," which is a Springsteen song. They must have changed the title to "The Car" in the last few days.
  3. Badlands

    S01.E02: Champs vs Stars: Parkour All Obstacles

    There aren't many football fans who worship TO. He's regarded as one of the biggest douches in NFL history. If anyone else had his stats, they'd be a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer, but TO has been snubbed twice already due to his many controversies. CT didn't handle the situation the best, but I still enjoyed him going after TO. Otherwise, the season is a complete trainwreck. I'm ambivalent about Jenna, but it was sad to see her challenge career end in this episode. Poor Ashley.
  4. Badlands

    S01.E06: Career Days

    I love this show, but the inconsistency with the timeline drives me crazy. In the first episode, the Big Three were celebrating their 36th birthdays. Thus, when they showed the scenes when they were born, it must have been 1980, right? Well, in an EW interview, the creator said it was 1979. That would make the modern day scenes to be 2015, but okay. Then, last week they were talking about the possibility of having kids during the Steelers - Rams Super Bowl, which took place on January 20th, 1980. Kate mentioned she was conceived during the Super Bowl, which would mean the Big Three would have been born in October, 1980. All right, maybe the creator just misspoke when saying it was 1979. However, tonight when the showed Randall's report card, I believe it said he was born in June of 1981 (I erased it, so I can't go back and check). So that would make it a 17 month pregnancy and make the modern day 2017. Also, they showed a flashback last week of Rebecca watching what appeared to be the 1969 Super Bowl with her family as maybe a ten year old child, but she would have been 18 years old in 1969 (in a 1980 scene, she said she was 29 years old). Am I overthinking this? Yeah, I thought so.
  5. Badlands

    S04.E10: Lake Hollywood

    I had to go back and watch it with closed captioning on. Ray said, "I've got it... all of it. I'm gonna pay you back everything I owe you and more."
  6. Badlands

    S32.E06: Play Or Go Home

    I don't see the shooting challenge to be overly favorable to Scot's team (in fact, he probably had more of an advantage in the other challenge). He was a center, who took the majority of his shots from less than 3 feet from the basket. He was a 71% career free throw shooter, which isn't too bad, but probably similar to what your average high school point guard (like Nick) would shoot.
  7. Badlands

    S01.E02: The Trainee

    According to this Entertainment Weekly article, he does adlib some of the lines. Also, the Costco, Reagan and Arby's obsessions were his idea. http://www.ew.com/article/2016/01/28/louie-anderson-christine-baskets
  8. Badlands

    S01.E01: Who Are These People?

    To be fair, it wasn't very popular in the UK either. After drawing 1.28 million for the premiere, they were down to an average of only 600,000 for the final 7 episodes (equivalent to 3 million in the US). On NBC, the premiere drew 5 million with a 1.2 in the demo. That's not bad for an NBC show, but we'll see what happens in the following weeks. Since it's a joint production between NBC and Sky 1, it was cheap for NBC and they'll likely air all 10 episodes even if the ratings tank. With NBC struggling, it could even be renewed if it doesn't drop too much in the demo. I found the premiere intriguing, but I'm not sold yet.
  9. Badlands

    S07.E15: Episode 15

    According to a Forbes article, the IcyBreeze guy, Dave Yonce, had a stake in Solarwinds worth $562 million. That would likely make him wealthier than all the sharks except Mark.
  10. Badlands

    S03.E12: Exsuscito

    The show was renewed last month and was never in any real danger of being canceled. It's Showtime's third highest rated show (behind Homeland and Shameless) and has double the ratings of renewed shows like The Affair, Masters of Sex and House of Lies. I like the interpretation, though.
  11. Badlands

    Late Show With David Letterman

    I was hoping to see Springsteen as a surprise guest on the last show, as he was on Dave's last "Late Night" show on NBC, but it's probably unlikely. I'm a big Dylan fan, but last time I saw him in concert, he was horrible. A few times, he was playing one of his classic song and I had no idea what it was until a few minutes into the song. Hopefully, the Late Show appearance will be a lot better.
  12. Badlands

    S01.E09: Episode Nine

    There are 11 episodes, so two more.