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  1. Can't stand Victoria... her hair looks awful and she needs to stop yelling.. She was bursting everyone's eardrums on the feeds the other night with her nonstop hollering about everything. I don't understand Tina and her casual attitude about personal hygiene... If your feet stink up the room when you take your shoes off... GO TAKE A SHOWER!!.. or at least go wash your feet.....but nope not Tina she just acknowledges that her feet smell like rotten cheese but she crawls into bed anyways and hopes the covers with contain the stink...ugh!!!
  2. I so want Ro to Go! He keeps telling vic that he's a cool, calm person as he runs from one person to the next ranting and raving about his name coming out of people's mouths.... 🙄 IT'S BIG BROTHER THATS WHAT HAPPENS! Ro hasn't shut up about it for HOURS!... He's such a whiney little bitch!
  3. Omg... Ro and Kyle and the endless GLOATING... Jesus enough already they're so in love with themselves. *barf*
  4. I like Victoria but I want her to go take a hot shower she always looks like she needs a bath, those huge fishnets on her legs with her toes being strangled...jeez put on something comfortable..ugh! Austins mom jeans are horrible Not a Keifer fan at all he bugs the shit out of me...he can go home the sooner the better
  5. That's the saddest asparagus... they look all limp and greasy
  6. That pic looks like Janelle has a cocaine mustache... So she convinced herself that the huge mcnugget growing on her lip was just a scar from cold sores... How dumb and out of touch with reality is she?
  7. Sorry my quote box is acting up.. When my kids were babies we chose to give them pacifiers because you can take away the pacifier when they reach a certain age but you can't take away their thumb. We let them have their pacifier until they turned 2 and then we told them that only little babies have pacifiers and they were big kids now and didn't need the pacifier anymore.... that method might not work so smoothly for other kids but it worked great for us.
  8. I wonder if Jer watched the Liberace show or if that was too sinful since Liberace was gay.
  9. All of jessa's kids are a little too worried about food for my liking. Spurgeon was literally hovering over some pan fried fish like it was a brand new toy, he stood there sniffing and SNIFFING the fish as he drooled and exclaimed how yummy it smells and how he can't wait to eat it. Henry steals and sneaks food all the time, then he finds a corner to hide and eat it, we've seen him sneak chicken tenders and crackers, he dropped a candy in the dirt and dug around until he found it and ate it, one night they were having fried chicken and Henry was given 2 small pieces, he worried the whole time that he might not get more, he kept saying "I want more chickens", we've also seen him gobbling peppers out of Jana's garden like he was starving and even Ben knew it was ridiculous because he told Jessa that they needed to take the kids out and get them some food. Ivy is much like Henry and seems overly worried and greedy if there's food involved. I had a friend years ago and her kids remind me of the Seewalds, they came to visit us from out of town and stayed at our home for a few days...the first morning hubby and I made breakfast, I was standing at the stove frying up a big pan of bacon and their kids wouldn't leave me alone, all they kept asking was "is that bacon for us?" so I said it was for everyone and they said "but will we get to have bacon or is it just for the adults? and all the while they were literally surrounding me and their faces were at the same height as the stove top so I told them they needed to go play and we'll call them when it's ready but they wouldn't leave, they just kept obsessing over the bacon, counting the pieces and asking how many pieces they could have.... It was bizarre. Hubby was outside using the BBQ to cook eggs and pancakes and they did the same thing to him, asking how many eggs and pancakes they were allowed to have... Meanwhile I'm finished with the bacon and started setting the table, I put a pitcher of milk at each end of the table and then they started obsessing over the milk and wanting to know how many glasses of milk they could have....while this was going on our kids were playing and couldn't care less about the breakfast....I thought my goodness these kids must not be getting enough food if they're that obsessed. Children who grow up in orphanages are often obsessed with food because they never get enough and they're always hungry.
  10. During the Lehi years Christine should have told the family that since she's the one who's home all day looking after a dozen kids that she needs better accommodation. Janelle was at work all day and Meri was gone a lot too, why did Meri or Janelle need to be upstairs?..all they did was sleep there, the kids all ate at Christines. I really wish that Christine had stood up for herself.... What would the others do if Christine had walked out the door? Who will look after all the kids? No way would Janelle or Meri stay home and look after all those kids....I bet they would have moved Christine upstairs real fast if it meant losing their babysitter, nanny, nurse, taxi, cook etc... If you don't value yourself don't be surprised when you're taken for granted.
  11. Exactly....When Christine said that I wanted to scream, it's not magical, it's just having standards and expecting a certain level of respect. Robyn won't take any shit from kody, she lays down the law and tells him what's gonna happen and he does what he's told. Christine never stood up for herself or her kids and became a convenient door mat for everyone to wipe their feet on, she never capitalized on her actual importance to that family.... She should have said she'd walk unless things changed...then who will look after this flock of children?.... They would have realized real fast what her real worth was to the family. It wasn't just Kody taking her for granted, they all took her for granted..... She even admitted that she treated Janelle's kids better than her own and now she's sad about it yet she still hangs around and takes their crumbs. If you don't stand up for yourself don't be surprised if people walk all over you. This season is all about repairing Robyn's public image, she's desperately trying to fix everyone's relationship with Kody so the public won't hate her so much... Robyn couldn't care less about Meri or Christine and their relationship with Kody other than the way it reflects on her.
  12. He probably has corkscrew pubes.
  13. With all the medical debt she has from Truely and Ysable I doubt that Christine has much left over for herself or any enjoyment.
  14. Quite convenient how Kody became Mr Christmas after it became apparent that Christmas is a big deal to Robyn and she won't allow her children to be cheated out of the celebration and gifts.
  15. Jim Boob probably did it because it's cheaper to eat straight out of can, why waste money on heating when you can eat it cold. Jessa is so cheap that eating straight out of can would be right up her alley
  16. Exactly.....It's like Amy Rollof of "Little People Big World", she sticks her name on her merchandise... her mugs and other items have her name on them.... I don't want "Gather with Amy" on my mug or a shirt with "Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen" printed across the front. I also don't want a shirt or mug with "Strive with Janelle" 🙄
  17. Christine got basement accommodations in the Lehi house because she was 3Rd wife and she accepted it and stayed sweet because as third wife the first two were higher up the pecking order... BUT THEN Robyn comes along and rather than getting 4th choice accommodations for herself and her kids like Christine expected..... Robyn was moved to the front of the line, no making due, no squeezing her kids into a basement..hell no..And now Robyn and her spawn are living in a million dollar mcmansion while Christine is still being told to quit complaining and be sweet. JMO but I think that's why Christine is pissed off, she didn't complain back in the day because she thought that being the last wife meant compromising but now she's sitting there jealous as hell of Robyn and it irks her to see how Robyn never has to make due or compromise. Plus Robyn got to be legal wife as well so everything that Christine believed has slowly been proven wrong and she's only now realizing what a chump she was and how her kids suffered because of it.
  18. Polygamy.... They really aren't cut out for it no matter how many times they say otherwise.
  19. She sure is fat for someone who goes to the gym and lives on salad... 🤔 I'm just say'n
  20. Exactly, she smudged her stats.... They must have been pathetic if she took the time to remove them 😂
  21. I don't think so because Meri has made similar comments in the past and it didn't have anything to do with sister wives..... In fact I think all of them have said that they think it's kinky, weird, yucky etc to kiss another woman unless you're gay.
  22. When I see things like that video... I wonder if maybe he's f*cking with us... but then I remember that this is Tom were talking about and he's actually that in love with himself.
  23. I still can't believe that people hand over their hard earned money for advice from Janelle....If she can't even motivate herself and she looks fatter than ever what do they think she can teach them? I just watched an episode from last season with Janelle and my god she's HUGE!.....She really needs to take the bull by the horns and do something before she drops dead from all that fat around her middle.
  24. Me too, they all look so happy and the pup looks right at home with the family. Going on walks and playing in the backyard will be so much fun for the boys with their new companion. I love that they got a rescue pup from a shelter ❤🐶
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