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  1. For people who are supposed to desire a "blessing" every year, they seem awfully excited about dropping those girls off for four days! Only 16 more babies to go Alyssa. Hilarious if they end up creating baby number four on this little get away. LOL. Hopefully they are starting to realize that producing a mega family isn't the best idea. It's really a shame those two didn't hold off on the babies after getting married so that they could enjoy some one on one time together. Then they wouldn't have to freak out over a 4 day mini vacation just to get to eat junk food, sleep and have sex with
  2. I just finished watching the birth episode for baby Khloe` and I will say, Whitney has the easiest labors and births. I'm super jealous. Those babies just seem to slide right out of her while she peacefully lays there. If I didn't know any better I would think she was getting a pedicure or a massage by the looks of her facial expressions. As someone who recently struggled with a birth, pushed for hours and had a 4:00 a.m. emergency c-section... she surely is "blessed" in the birthing department. Also, there is also no way in he** that I would ever want every family member I've ever known watc
  3. When Erin and Chad were discussing a new home, I like how Erin mentions she wants a "small home" because it's so easy to organize. Uh uh. I also think it's cute that she says they only need one more bedroom. Who are you kidding Erin? You are planning on pushing out at least 15 or more children, you need a massive compound to accommodate the brood you're planning. I don't know why these people beat around the bush so much. Just be real. You need a good sized home for your large/growing family. Chad is going to have to bite the bullet soon and get a mortgage. (Somehow, some way.) It has got to b
  4. Crack this case! I know this Erin’s birthday post but who is this Tikky lady?? She’s the one that sends Alyssa all the matching church dresses every Sunday. Is she a fellow fundie or leg humper. It looks her child might be pictured here.
  5. Yes! The terrible carpet is gone. That flooring made the room look 100% better. I think she also got rid of the tacky wall decal near their bed. In general, the remodel made the room look much cleaner and neater. I think Alyssa is a little bit of a hoarder...
  6. That would be pretty tight for a family of 5. Just hypothetically speaking....$40,000 minus the typical 20% in taxes and whatever else they pay in for health insurance leaves roughly $32,000. Broken down by month that's about $2,700 left to pay a mortgage, home & auto insurance, GROCERIES, electric, water, internet, gas for the vehicles, etc. That's not even counting what they spend on family outings, entertainment, matching clothing, hair and nail appointments, household furnishings, eating out or or the gazillion family pictures they take. I would imagine their insurance doesn't totally
  7. I think the tradesmen make way better money than law enforcement. Aside from Zack's assumed benefits (those are important!), I'd say a small town cop tops out at round 40K a year. I'm in a rural southern area like them and that's a little more than the going rate here. How he and Whitney are are raising a family of 5 on that and owning a home is beyond me. I don't think Whitney is selling houses anymore either. Who knows if she really ever did! I remember a few years ago Zack & Whit were getting a lot of flack in other forums for being so spendy. Whit was really showcasing a lot of new tre
  8. I so agree with all you have to say! I do not know how Chad supports that family... and you know Erin is going to have one every year until she can't anymore or it kills her. I'd love to know when they are going to move out of that cottage... The only thing I will say about Josie and Kelton is that of all the siblings I think those two would be the most likely to pay Chad something because Kelton actually has a pretty decent job. I could see him feeling obligated to pay another tradesman or at lease offer services of like cost to Chad for plumbing if they ever move their ever growing br
  9. Jim Boob and Meeeechele have definitely wormed their way back onto the TEE VEE. I hate that they are getting so much air time again. Lauren... I don't even know where to start. It was super uncomfortable in the beginning of the episode where Lauren was sitting on Josiah's lap just starring directly at his face. I think she was trying to do the fundie wife adoration stare but it came off so CREEPY/ unnatural/ forced/staged. She is one weird little girl. More proof that this cult produces some of the strangest people. I used to think that Lauren was the unlucky one who got married off to J
  10. I follow Alyssa on insta... does anyone have any information about the “friend” who sends her all matching outfits for her & the girls to wear every Sunday? Apparently she has a Instagram follower who sends matching sets & various other clothing items... where do I sign up for this sort of friend? All jokes aside... is she a “leg humper” fan Alyssa accepts gifts from or is she a close family friend? Tikky_pantilavillarreal. Very interesting.
  11. I follow Whitney on Instagram... she’s promoting the $500 adhesive wallpaper she just bought for the accent wall in baby Khloe’ ‘s nursery. These people certainly aren’t thrifting any more. Also, side note, I absolutely hate the name Khloe’ spelled with a “K” a la the Kardashian Klan. Her name choice is the worst by far in this new round of babies.
  12. Just watched the new episode and I absolutely cannot believe that Carlin was filmed turning her nose up at a church wedding! Even more shocked that Erin backed her up on it stating that a venue would be the preferable choice! Wow... have the Bates changed their tune. I thought the “white church weddin’ “ was the absolute pinnacle for them?
  13. @floridamom I'm in the same boat... I don't get UP either. Apparently the streaming service for UP allows you to watch shows but not the newest season... I'm also loath to pay for watching this show be it streaming or purchasing on Amazon. If anyone knows another way, please let us know!
  14. Anyone know when the new episodes will air? I guess it's technically the second part of season 8? I don't get the UP network so I'm forced to purchase on amazon or seek it out free somewhere online. I finally got to watch the new season promos and dear lord... Erin is just so CRINGE. She seems so fakey and try hard. Everything is just too much with her. Something about her personality irks me. LOL. Definitely not my favorite Bates.
  15. Erin & Chad are currently stacking children like cordwood...they are about to be four deep in one tiny little bed room. Where will they put the next one? You know she’ll produce #5. next year. Her room is cute for a neutral children’s room but I wouldn’t dream of putting anymore than 2 in there! Kids can certainly share but I’m wondering how many they plan to pack in before God tells them to find a bigger living space...
  16. @Jeeves I suspect they will save the professional pics & an interview for an exclusive with People (or a similar publication.) Sure the photos posted to their accounts can be shared without compensation. There will be exclusives... As for their motives, possibly she does view Counting On as a ministry. I just have a very difficult time seeing most of this family thinking that deeply or thoughtfully.
  17. I guess I should also clarify a bit... it’s not so much the pictures I find strange or wanting to clean herself up, it’s that they are peddling them around on their public/celeb page for “likes”. I’m totally with @Churchhoney on this. If I were preparing to deliver my dead child, the very last thing I would be thinking about is selecting attractive photos for Instagram or thinking of catchy hashtags. Professional pictures for your personal album to remember your child, wonderful. Insta pics you plan to peddle to People, US Weekly or incorporate into shilling Citrus & Lemon or
  18. The posed & glammed up pictures Carlin posted are absolutely bizarre. What a time to use social media for the “likes”. Maybe it’s just me but this seems like it should be a private moment of grief and not a posed moment filtered out for insta. I mean... did Carlin direct Joy & Austin to appear solemn and then fluff up Joy’s curls before the perfect shot? The 3rd picture of the smiling selfie is also very strange... These people are absolutely wacko.
  19. I said the same thing! What a time to sprinkle your social media with multiple emojis. Totally tasteless & tone deaf to the situation at hand. Jilly Muffin has the mental capacity of a 12 year old though... I’m not surprised by any of it. I could see her clapping & giggling after she made the post.
  20. How incredibly sad. I’m very sorry for Joy. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now. I don’t agree with much this family does or supports but it’s still a terrible situation to lose a much wanted child. All that being said... when you make a career of reproducing, I would imagine you need to try to prepare yourself mentally for a few losses. It would be very unusual to reach offspring in numbers of teens & twenties without miscarriage, stillbirth, or the possibility of some serious health conditions for mother or baby. Especially in this case where the family tradition is
  21. Looks like Katie has gotten on the influencer bandwagon. She’s shilling for Fabletics.... an interesting choice since she’s unable to rock those leggings sans skirts... these fundie women must be reeling in some $$$ because they are all promoting now. Bates & Duggars both. Carlin hit up Function Of (a personalized shampoo) yesterday & poor Jill Duggar is still pushing frumptastic clothes from Citrus & Lemon. I thought the headships were supposed to supply all the family funds??? I think they may be loosening the reigns. First Katie got a short haircut & now she’s shilling
  22. I do not believe for one minute that she was planning on birthing at the hospital. She just said that to appease the mainstream masses. Do they ultimately wish to have home births to save money? Would TLC provide them with insurance? I'm sure many of the these quiver full families lack insurance and try to cut corners by birthing "as God intended" unassisted. It also seems like a bit of martyrdom to suffer and risk possible death at home by refusing proper medical care. Someone is eventually going to push this too far and it's going to end in death. She's setting a terrible example. I d
  23. This might be an unpopular opinion but Jeremy is starting to noticeably out dress Jinger. He’s going to Brooks Brothers & a semi designer route while you can kinda still tell she’s hitting the racks at Gabriel Brothers & TJ Maxx. When they first got together, they looked like they meshed well appearance wise. Now, Jerm looks like he’s spending a majority of the clothing budget on himself. Don’t get me wrong.... I looove TJ’s & Jinger always looks cute but they are in separate leagues when it come to wardrobes now. I wonder how long it will be before Jeremy’s eye starts to wander lo
  24. @floridamom I’m so with you on the daily bath for kids. It’s necessary. Warm bath & clean pj’s before bedtime! I understand not fully bathing a newborn everyday but toddlers & young children need a good soak. Lol. I cringe thinking about them going to bed sweaty... I saw a table in their kitchen. It was a corner table with some booth like seating & a couple chairs. She didn’t have a separate dining room or anything though. I also definitely noticed the filthy carpet & all the clutter/shoes/crap in her bedroom. Ick. Alyssa for sure loves her clothes, shoes & make
  25. Where do these unemployed people get the money to build houses? Jill revealed on her blog that they began the building process many months ago. Who is funding their lives & the tuition to send D-wreck to law school & build a house? Did they dare go into debt & take out a loan??? How does one do that without steady regular employment? I need to know what they are hustling so I can replicate whatever it is they are doing. Lol. Maybe citrus & lemon pays better than we think.... ha.
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