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  1. James McArney's character name has been listed somewhere. I can't find it right now, but it wasn't Duncan Innes. I think he'll be one of the smugglers probably. As long as we don't get an announcement for Duncan Innes, I'm hopeful they will save Murtagh and I would be delighted. Duncan Lacroix has made the character so much better than the book character and he's my favorite after Jamie and Claire. I would be very sad if we lost him. A clue might be: Duncan's beard comes and goes lately. He had it until after the Ardsmuir scenes were filmed, but then shaved. Right now it is growing b
  2. IMO it's trolling. So many of the posters have never ever commented on the show before and now they're spamming the Outlander boards with exact the same postings (word for word btw), and provoking reactions of the viewers. I think it's way over the top. Brianna is supposed to be a brat and I thought Sophie did a good job portraying her as one. I thought her accent was great, but I'm not an American, so maybe I can't hear it? And I also thinks she looks very much like Jamie. My daughter, who is an unspoiled non book reader took one look at her and said "that's Jamie's daughter!". Also she
  3. Actually she denied being of Mexican ancestry recently on twitter (about a month ago). She says that is one of the wrong things that reappear all the time in Wikipedia no matter how often she deletes it. She is actually of Spanish ancestry.
  4. Ron Moore told some fans at a football game last week, that
  5. Duncan shaved back in May. We haven't seen a newer picture since. Maybe he'll let it grow back. It's a long time till September! And remember he could be gone for a while, without Jamie knowing what happened to him so it could also be, that he will start much later than Sam/Cait..
  6. He wrote: Season 1: The Garrison Commander (1.06) By the pricking of my thumb (1.10) Wentworth Prison (1.15) Season 2: Not in Scotland anymore (2.02) Prestonpans (2.10) Hail Mary (2.12) I liked Prestonpans and I thought Wentworth Prison was okay, too, even though for me it was harder to bear than "To ransom a man's soul" and I don't rewatch it. The Garrison Commander was blatant fan wanking over BJR though and the most boring episode of season 1, next to the whole invented storyline with the duel of the Duke of Sandringham, which was awfull
  7. Not cast, but the writers for S3 are known: https://twitter.com/TheMattBRoberts/status/748035654873980929 No Ira Stephen Behr any more! Sorry, to be happy about it, but I really didn't like any of his episodes. IMO it showed that he wasn't a fan of the books.
  8. Here's the scene in Episode 1, taken from the script. You can read it here: http://www.outlandercommunity.com/
  9. I'm sorry, I'm probably getting in trouble for posting in this thread, but I have to: she says she doesn't know the "strategy". She knows of course, what every English subject knows, because they learn it in school. Which would be the date when Bonni Prince Charles came over from France, she would know that the Jacobites won Prestonpans and when Culloden happened. That doesn't mean though she knows how the war was lead and what caused the outcome.
  10. I was very disappointed by this episode. It left me completely cold. For me the most disappointing episode of the season. I was expecting pent up emotion, agony and I got one boring subplot after the next blown up unnecessarily. All the changes in the story seemed unnecessary. Why not leave it as it was? What I hated: Why wasn't Jamie with Claire at Alex and BJRs wedding? Why did BJR have to be persuaded by Claire to marry Mary? Why was it Claire's idea to press BJR for inofrmation and not the other way round? Where was Jamie in all that time? Why were Jamie and Claire sepera
  11. I think that's not a fair description. I'm one of those, who think that there isn't enough sex scenes this season. I'm not a "perv" though and I don't see the story as a "background" or a way for them to "have sex at various places". Sex is an essential part of Jamie's and Claire's relationship in the books. A way to connect and to be really intimate with each other. It's like a special kind of language between them and some of the most beautiful scenes in the books are actually sex scenes. They left out so many of those beautiful, heartwarming and funny moments this season, because they
  12. They did film Falkirk. At least the church scene, because it's in next week's preview, so all the talk about chosing Angus over Rupert IMO is just trying to confuse us. I think Rupert is going to die next week.
  13. I wonder if Rupert will survive next week and then be the witness? I meant to have spotted him with a bandage around his head in the background of the kirk scene? Diana wrote the episode, so I'm really curious if she will do changes from the book!
  14. I thought this episode was brilliant. And I say that as someone who isn't too much a fan of Ira Behr. I thought it was all so emotional. I cried through the whole battle, I think I actually cried more than I did in the "Faith" episode. Graham McTavish was great in this episode. Dougal really is an intriguing mix of a hot headed and a cold blooded bastard, in a good and in a very bad way. First the scene where he tried to ride into the moor? I cheered for him along with all the men. But then the scene with the English officer? I was disgusted!! I was sad about Angus and I was ac
  15. My choice for Lord John is Allen Leech. I think he looks a lot like Oscar Kennedy, who played young Lord John. Also Allen Leech has remarkable blue eyes, which are his best feature and I always imagined Lord John not being overly pretty, but with very pretty eyes. He's 5'10 which is pretty much Cait's height and (as I've seen in recent pictures) back to his old shape of season 1-3 of Downton (he got chubby in the last two seasons of Downton) which IMO would match Lord John's description in the book.
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