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  1. I’m being Tarikable now, but I cannot hear Tarik without thinking I’m watching The Cleveland Show. I want to tell him about the joys of Propane! For Real though, I think Hazel could pass testing for an Austronaut. She is stone cold lying and looking him dead in the face without blinking. I just cannot with these two.
  2. Aculifter

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Mmmm diamonds and dirty fingernails
  3. WHERE to begin, Once Upon a Time in La Favela de la Can’t Find One Size Larger Ever😂🤭 this little, ain’t-her-first-battery-rodeo Queen (any one of the 3 you’re still probably right) was born. 1) She was picked up at the airport. Bitch be grateful. 2) Vegas and Brazil are the same temperature, just the humidity is different. Shut up already. Put the weeendow proper. 3) Fishing for compliments with a telephone pole will get you no where. Now onto the second minute😂 Pure judgement on my part, don’t know her, but there’s a pattern, and she fits it fairly well. Debbie, is highly characteristic of many alcoholics, I’m not wasting your time as you all have done a great job with the textbook descriptions. Not to mention both the face and voice of stank scotch and cigarettes. I think Colt-yyyyyuh, may at some point, have made an application to Dr. Nowzardian, because he has some traits. He thinks he’s the bag of chips, but he’s closer to the crust on the queso crock. Now, I honestly don’t know who is playing with the full deck but these conditions exist: Second arrest for Larissa. If he is found the aggressor, she gets to stay on the VAWA act and can carry on with her “career” in the last two pages of Hustler. The arrest came AFTER filing for divorce, after he’s alleged to have cheated on her (🙄M’okay Mr.Playboy) and after he very specifically withdrew not only his undying love, but his sponsorship. Even that is okay. Because Flaca Favela “tsk, ju gno, already hhhed a goFundingme page to staying in dis Kuntrree.” Which, if her IG is any evidence, will be a-gone in about 15 minutes if she’s in khuntrol of eeet. One, I can stand corrected, of only 4🤔 divorces in the history of the whole train wreck? Totes off topic, We have filming permits for feriners every day, no WONDER these people come off with huge chips on their shoulders. They’re unpaid and completely dependent on these asshats for surprisingly long periods of time, Being filmed at all times is a lot harder than it looks, I cannot imagine going through that, not speaking the language, a questionable relationship, boredom, AND social media blast (of which I am a part) I’m humbled they have a brain cell left. (I still hate Johnna more😂)
  4. Aculifter

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Also a MP, you would NOT believe the FLK tests that have to be run these days with whatever they’re mixing meth with other than normal ingredients like battery acid🙄 And to those not in the know it’s genetic testing for literally “funny looking kid,” NOT THIS ONE, just when you notice someone comes in on meth and the baby doesn’t look or act like the other 300 you’ve seen this week. It says more to the general state of affairs than to a judgement wins over tactful snark. The only thing wrong with that baby is he looks like Andrea’s can o biscuit feet screaming at the straps of her “designer shoes” because his Felonious Monk mama doesn’t know how to hold her own child!
  5. Has anyone explained WHY DA HELL they were wearing Lei’s at Tito’s👀 Seriously, I need this addressed. He would have been the Recipient of Chief Slapaho and worn that alfredo-whatever at least into the burn unit...I fantasize, wouldn’t hurt a flea, but he boils my blood
  6. Aculifter

    Angela & Tony: Photoshop Of Horrors

    I thought mountains protective as well until they started whipping up the Roanoke Valley the last few years, but I have to ask, before trains, what did tornadoes sound like😂😂?
  7. Aculifter

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    Marcellino is the double rows of Viking paddles on The Douche Canoe, as I think his energy keeps all other douches adloar😂
  8. Aculifter

    Angela & Tony: Photoshop Of Horrors

    I'm certain I'm not the only one thinking "unrealistic expectations" about all of these people. I have a neighbor in jail, and I write him, and I know more what to expect than these fools. But I guess it's like interviews after a tornado, they always get the one in curlers going "OHHHH DAMNNN GUUUURL IT SOUNTED LIKE A TRAIN." I've come late to the party but I'll catch up quick. I'm SO GLAD I'm not the only one snarking these idiots🙄
  9. Aculifter

    Angela & Tony: Photoshop Of Horrors

    LA as in Lower Alabama😂 she's "fitty-grit" like coarse sandpaper
  10. Aculifter

    Season 1: Where Are They Now?

    Did anyone come out of this season with their hand in the shape of Johnna's neck?