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  1. solea


    I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I don’t like horror so this may not be my thing. And the pacing, or dialogue, or editing, something was off. Can’t put my finger on it. Yet it’s intriguing enough I may try to watch between my fingers.
  2. solea


    The senator is at home for hours and never once unbuttons his jacket or loosens his tie. *eyeroll*
  3. solea

    S01.E02: Crash Course

    Am I the only one that caught two “Buffy” references? The Sergeant says to Nolan “Once again with feeling”. It’s not “Once More, With Feeling” but close. And also the pursuit through a cemetery. I liked this better than the pilot. A little less self-conscious. I’m still not sure if I like the humor/drama balance. I still think it veers too much into goofy rather than funny. I think we’re going to find that the fabulous house belongs to Nolan because he won the lottery in PA.
  4. solea

    S01.E01: Pilot

    The rookies had a jam packed couple of days. Pilots can be cringey in that way but it was likable. I tuned in For Fillion but thought he was the weakest link. I can’t put my finger on why though. I really liked the rest of the cast. Especially jerk TO Tim and Lucy. Happy to see Melissa O’Neill again.
  5. solea

    S04.E04: Talk

    Ah ha. You’re on to something. I thought it was weird that such a slow location would even still be open for business. It didn’t occur to me it was a front, but it must be. Like all those mattress stores. And Jimmy will likely get involved somehow.
  6. solea

    S04.E06: Baby, Face Killer

    I’m ok with the character of Jaq, I guess, but wish they’d gotten a better actor to play him. He was mostly bland and just self-consciously awkward. Next to the rest of this stellar cast it was excruciating and disappointing. I wonder too. What did she say? She’s not going to Q’resh? They seem to be flirting with a redemption arc for her but I hope she doesn’t lose all her imperious snark.
  7. solea

    S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    Makes me think of her trip to the courthouse. A one liner and never referred to again in the episode. Which is a dead give away that something important happened there. Is she incorporating in order to handle the expansion workload? Or… Did she apply for a marriage license?
  8. solea

    S03.E13: The Hyenas

    That’s what I was wondering. I can see her glomming on to who or whatever she thinks might be a money maker. But Billy was so clearly a loser. BTW what did she write on Craig’s chest? Pope’s weird behavior seemed weird for weird’s sake because I had no idea why it was all happening. And the blood on his hand? There was a lot of sex and bare bums in this episode. I think the only people not having sex were Deran and Adrian. Have no idea how J will take it all but I will greatly enjoy watching him try.
  9. solea

    S03.E12: Homecoming

    I’m confused about what J did or didn’t do or what Morgan did or didn’t do in regard to a property being sold. Are the writers trying to keep us guessing or did I just not get it? Deran’s “what should we do, kill her?” Was such clunky and obvious writing. Something like, “She’s never going to leave us alone or let us have our own lives.” *Pope stares meaningfully at Deran* This would have been at least somewhat more subtle.
  10. solea

    S04.E02: Johnny Dangerously

    Davin describing John as a hug wrapped in a puppy was made of win. Considering all the different story threads going on I was still able to follow what was happening. That’s good writing/directing/editing.
  11. solea

    S03.E09: Libertad

    So…is J playing Smurf somehow? First he’s glaring then he’s giving her cash. I don’t think it’s just about getting back on her good side. Still wish Mia would go away. And at first I didn’t like Billy, but now I’m sure it’s because I can’t stand Dennis Leary. Would Smurf try to get Lena back? She always acted like she loves her but I thought that was about manipulating Baz/Cath. I think the show would be better off without Lena. A kid just drags it down.
  12. solea

    S03.E06: Broke From The Box

    Agree. I think hers is the most realistic storyline. And though she makes some frustratingly dumb choices she’s not unintelligent. Frankly I find Craig’s idiotic antics more annoying. The writing this season is not as tight for sure, and yet with Smurf in jail and Baz dead it’s not surprising that the Codys would be adrift. I just don’t think the writers are portraying that with much intention. I wish Mia would go away. The actress is not remotely convincing as a badass. But I suppose she’ll be around until we found out why she shot Baz. I wonder what the endgame is? Does J wind up taking over, taking off, or end up dead? I find his dilemma engrossing and I wish they’d spend more time on it and show us a bit more of his interior life. Finn Cole plays it so close to the chest (which worked really well for season 1) it makes me wonder if the writers have a clue.
  13. solea

    S04.E01: The End

    Jones was dying of a fatal gut wound, and now she’s ok? Does adrenaline and radiation cure stab wounds? Plus I thought she was outside the splinter beam yet she is with everyone now.
  14. solea

    S02.E10: Chapter 18

    I noticed that too. I have no idea. In fact I mostly don’t know what’s going on, but even in my bewildered state I still enjoy it. Why didn’t Syd immediately question why she was dragged into an abyss by a hook where Melanie was waiting with images of David’s activities, and why/how Melanie was there at all? I mean she did eventually but very weakly. I know the world in which they exist is weird and surreal, but even so, this warranted way more skepticism by Syd. I like the Cary/Kerry character(s) but I don’t find Kerry to be credible as a fierce fighter. There are ways to choreograph and shoot a fight scene to make it more believable. They really skipped on that, it seems, in favor of a giant pink drain stopper. Speaking if fighting… Syd, who is not a fighter at all, decides she wants to take on a Minotaur, and swings at its…horn?
  15. solea

    S06.E10: START

    I rather like how open-ended the finale was. The fates of all the main characters is far from certain. Are P and E truly safe? There is still a faction that undoubtedly knows that P&E betrayed them. Will Henry continue at private school and will Stan pay for it? Will Paige go underground (she has a new identity and at least Stan thinks she went with her parents) or will she try to live openly hoping Stan doesn’t betray her? Will Stan be able to live with his decision to let them go? Will he always doubt Renée? Or will he try to out her? Is she or isn’t she? For a show with a lot ambiguity this was a appropriate ending.